Monday, March 29, 2021

Bumps in the Road - Group I

As you may be aware, I've scarcely posted a thing in the last month. Life's just too insane for me to get around to posting anything much. You may find this a common occurrence, as I do at many of the blogs I frequent (some of which lie dormant longer than I have), or perhaps there are some out there who are still chugging along regularly. Bravo for them! As for me, this month nearly signaled the demise of Poseidon's Underworld. But I'm going to continue to keep trying. And what better way than to excavate some bulge pics I've had tucked away. This is one round, with more still to come. Our cover boy is Burt Lancaster during one of his western films. These photos are wildly random, but many have not been seen here before (or perhaps anywhere online before!)

This is Bill Williams during an episode of his series The Adventures of Kit Carson. Can you make out a resemblance (or two!) to his son William Katt (by Barbara Hale of Perry Mason, not pictured)? 

Friends (and rumored to be more than that!) Guy Madison and Rory Calhoun. Not sure what, if anything, can be made out here. Probably just a fold in Madison's pants. But...

Rory was often good for a bulge sighting!

There's a whole post here on Ken Clark, who played the hefty Stewpot in South Pacific (1954), but it was written before I had this fun wardrobe test shot.

I wasn't able to identify the man on the right in this still from the obscure film Daring Game (1968), but it's a revealing portrait.

Also from 1968, The Mercenary (retitled on this still.) That's a hirsute Franco Nero hanging out of the car in some painted on pants.
Robert Shaw is dressed left for Swashbuckler (1976.)

Space: 1999 is frequently the place for some bulge-watching and Nick Tate is a generous contributor to the cause.

Another great bulge provider is Dack Rambo, seen here in Good Against Evil. Not they best quality pics, I'm afraid, but all that was available to me.

We just adored Battle of the Network Stars back in the day. And here we have Dan Haggerty of The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams being helped after a little injury.

His attendees are Kristy McNichol and Miss Joyce DeWitt.

I'll try to give you your fill of western actor Robert Fuller (who later costarred on Emergency!)

Here he is next to John McIntire on an installment of Wagon Train.

Prior to that, he starred on Laramie. It may be his name on this photo, but it's costar John Smith whose pants are grabbing all the headlines in it!

Whatever one's taste, the show seemed to have something for everyone and was a good example of the blond/brunette buddy syndrome.

Behold the lovely Miss Diahann Carroll, appearing on deliriously foxy Tom Jones' variety show. His face is handsome to begin with...

...but, mercy, those pants when he stands up! Carroll seemed to know a good thing when she saw it.

Work it, Tommy!

Later, he took it to the next level during a spicy duet ("Hot Legs") with Tina Turner.

Exciting number... though I didn't really notice Tina's legs. Only Tom's third one!

Charles Van Eman was one of Susan Lucci's playthings on All My Children for a while before spending one season on The Colbys. His white pants have an interesting shape in this "Very Hot Shot."

Most of you know screen adventurer Errol Flynn, in this instance appearing in They Died with Their Boots On (1941.)

He also had some snug pants on!

I was amused by the guy on the ground at crotch level. Seems wise.

This couple consists of Miss Ginger Rogers and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. The movie was Having Wonderful Time (1938.) Don't send me postcards, that's the actual title.

Here, Doug is trying to reach Ginger.

And it eventually works out in his favor.

I finally got around recently to watching The Pride and the Passion (1957), which had a few instances in which Cary Grant showed some bulge.

At one point, he questions two of his men, who also have some intriguing uniform pants. (By the way, that's costar Frank Sinatra at far right in a Phyllis Thaxter-ish wig...)

Skipping into the far-flung future now of 1982, we find Tim McIntire as a troublesome prison inmate. The movie is Fast Walking, which starred James Woods.

I don't think this prison issued undies to its inmates. Ha ha! Tim's parents were famed movie and TV character actors John McIntire and Jeanette Nolan.

Unfortunately, McIntire's career was cut short when a serious bout of alcohol and drug abuse led to a fatal heart attack at only 41. (I know... I somehow seem to always be the bearer of bad news!)

Now an episode of the venerable detective series Barnaby Jones. We already posted about this ep for another reason, but now we turn our eye to guest star Bill Beyers, who is sporting some painted-on jeans.

He and guest star Ed Harris are running a drug operation at a rehab center (!) His jeans at the right are so tight that you couldn't fit another molecule in them.

The other pair are looser, but very worn in the crotch. (Kids... just know that there was a generation or two before you who used to deliberately scrape and scour that area of their Levi's in order to make them more flimsy and revealing... Truth!)

Beyers had been on a short-lived sitcom called Joe & Valerie and, after this, would be a guest on several hit shows like Quincy M.E., CHiPs and The Incredible Hulk before starring on the glitzy daytime soap Capitol for five years. Later, he joined the cast of Santa Barbara. Sadly, he would be gone by age 37, one of so many young men to be claimed during the AIDS crisis.

This nice-looking young man is one David Mason Daniels. Ironically enough, he too worked on Capitol at the time Beyers did, though I didn't know that when I nabbed these pics.

The film is the horror flick One Dark Night (1982) and we catch Daniels in the locker room.


By 1986, he had left acting and later became an active part of Habitat for Humanity. He's still with us today.

Lastly, I give you a blink or you'll miss it moment from Ben Gazzara, who helped supply some of the anatomy in Anatomy of a Murder (1959)!

::::BONUS PICS::::

Looking into Bill Beyers a little further, I found this publicity pic from Joe & Valerie. It could almost serve as an alternate universe cast photo from Taxi, with Beyers in Jeff Conaway's part! That open shirt was soooo 1978.

Giiirrrrrrl.....! It's amazing that a pic like this would be found in a supermarket mag aimed at preteen and teenage girls. (Whose brothers then stole them in some cases! LOL) Till next time....


normadesmond said...

There's NEVER a bad time for bulge!!

joel65913 said...

A lovely return I must say! I also have to say I was wondering a bit if all was well when George Segal passed away and their was no "Disastrous Demise" post for him what with his starring role in Rollercoaster.

As always with these posts a nice varied selection. Particularly enjoyed the Robert Fuller collection. By the time he was on Emergency while still good looking his hair had become something of an unmovable mass but in these snaps he's in his prime.

Oh the infamous "The Pride and the Passion"! Cary was very open about hating the film and his part in it. Going by the description of the film he seems a perfect fit but he is stiff in the movie and appears uncomfortable in his costumes. He's great though compared to Sinatra in one of the worst performances ever put on screen! Between the wig and that accent...Phew! Sophia Loren looks amazing but she's miscast as well.

Those two caught my eye at first glance but all the gents are quite fine and generous with their displays!

hsc said...

Sorry to hear you were close to ending the blog recently, and I hope things will pick up for you.

You are truly appreciated for these bright little moments in this crazy world that you provide for us with your postings!

I'm not 100% sure, but I think the unidentified actor on the right in the "Daring Game" publicity still is Perry Lopez, an actor of Puerto Rican descent who appeared in supporting roles in movies and TV for about 40 years, from the mid-'50s until the '90s:

A said...

Thanks for the post, Poseidon. It's great to hear from you.

As Norma said, it's always time for a bulge. This post made my day, anyway.

Hope all is well.


bitter69uk said...

You've been missed! Glad to see you back with this wondrous post.

Gingerguy said...

You came back big, I have now seen Dan Hagerty shirtless-grisly! What a smoking hot couple Tom Jones and Diahann Carroll made. He is amazing in the period and it's a little shocking how he really put his sexuality out there in every one's face. I have a theory (knowing a little bit about fabric) I think there are so many noticable bulges in western movies due to the style of the pants and use of sueded fabrics.
I know how crazy life is now in general so it's great to see this post.

BryonByronWhatever said...

Even an occasional post is better than nothing! Keep up the good work.

Shawny said...

Thank you for the bulges Poseidon! The Ben Gazara bulge made me do a double take. Over all I feel kind of dirty clicking and zooming into all the pics. Haha! You know you have a great blog when you can get your readers to do that... said...

Hey Poseidon,
Glad you had a few more bulge pix "tucked" away!
With all the older stars we baby boomers grew up with passing, you could just write full-time on their disastrous demises.
And I hear you about trying to blog during these crazy times. I work with 3rd graders and with all the Covid restrictions, I'm fried by the end of the week. And do most of my writing on the weekends. Hard to keep up! And I see bloggers who are on hiatus or just done.
I selfishly hope you don't become one of them. Though I've done a few big posts as tributes, I try to keep most of my posts more specific and shorter. It makes it far less daunting and still keeps me blogging.
I hope you find something that works for you, because you know your stuff, and you make it really fun!
Cheers and a big hug,

Poseidon3 said...

Hello, my angels! Thanks for your comments, encouragement, etc...!

Norma, I agree! Glad to see you're still wading around the Underworld. ;-)

joel65913, as an indication of just how lunatic things are for me, my discovery that George Segal had passed was your comment! I read it late in the evening Monday and that was the first I knew of it... He's sort of an honorary member of the DMC since "Rollercoaster" (which I do have a tribute to here) is only a fringe disaster movie if at all, though it clearly follows the formula. As for "Pride," Frank just didn't want to be there at all and if I recall correctly he left the location before they were done with him! I doubt he and Cary had much in common... I'm glad you liked this.

hsc, thanks so much for your wonderful words. Trust me, I studied and STUDIED that "Daring Game" photo as well as many pics of Perry Lopez and determined it was not he (him... whichever! LOL) Somehow it just wasn't adding up. And in the few pics I've seen of him from "Daring Game" his hair is completely different and he's dressed in shredded rags, practically.

A, I appreciate it! I'm glad you liked these pics. I do have more. Hoping I'll have some free time soon for Group II!"

bitter69uk, thanks a lot! It feels nice to be missed...!

Ginge, I love that you're crushing on Dan Haggerty! I used to love watching that show (would probably hate it or roll my eyes now) and he was so sweet and appealing. It blew my mind to see him in his bodybuilding days beforehand. All slick and hairless! And, yes, Tom was a fox at that time. What a face... what a voice... what a bod!

BryonByron, thanks!! I'm glad you enjoyed this. When I finally get my head screwed back on straight, I will try to be more frequent with at least the "quickies" I was doing for a while.

Ha ha! Shawny!! I hear you... I feel guilty, too, sometimes, in dredging these up - and I think about their families or what-not. But it's not like I'm insulting them! Often just glorifying them further or in some cases bringing them to light for a new, appreciative audience. Many times we are drawn to a performer because of their looks or physique and then wind up appreciating their other talents along the way as well. Are you familiar with "Avenue Q" and the song about the Internet? ;-)

Rick, I have admired the way you've stood your ground amidst all the pandemonium and continued to post. I remember that when you had the time, you were preparing some in advance. (I just never had that time!) No one who doesn't actually run a blog, especially one with so many pictures, can really understand what it can sometimes take to keep it up. I used to do it in-between tasks at work, but that's OUT and, like you say, when the ride from hell is over, I only want to crash/veg out and not be anywhere near a computer. I appreciate your encouragement very much. Take care! said...

Hi Poseidon,
Well, I hope you keep on going, you've got a great history going with this blog, and following. Maybe do "Poseidon Lite" during the crazy times.

On a lighter note, the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture of "South Pacific's" "Stew Pot" was, I know where the meat is in THAT stew!

Those pix of Tom Jones with Diahann give me a Captain Kirk vibe!

When I was a kid, I thought Robert Fuller was a hunk, as he was in westerns AND Emergency.

And seeing Guy and Rory all butched out in their outfits looked like the beginning of a retro porn film...

See how inspiring you are, Poseidon?!

Cheers, Rick

Poseidon3 said...

Rick, we're clearly of a mind when it comes to Ken Clark. While doing this post (harried, as always) I absentmindedly typed "Stew Meat" in the caption!!!!! Ha ha ha ha!!! Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Wishing you the best. Glad to see the bulges. Granted, even without the bugle your post are truly entertaining.

Dean W. said...

Great pics, thanks! Plus, seeing Nick Tate again reminded me that he's always been big down under!