Thursday, October 28, 2021

Oh, The Horror....!

If you haven't noticed, I basically dropped off the face of the earth this month, blog-wise. It's been a wild ride (and not the fun kind!) I blinked and October was nearly at an end. I'd been chugging away pretty well for a while, but then the wheels came off. I'm not going to dwell on the negative or bore you with the details (a perturbed - and now former - reader once took me to task for complaining too much about my lack of time, which I guess was true. But I felt I needed to explain any large gaps between posts!) After today, I truly can't say when my next entry will be. Just know I haven't given up. I simply cannot post with my usual regularity. I did snatch away a little time, though, to put this up. It's not a representation of all horror movies I enjoy, but more of a small selection of guilty pleasures. Some posters, photos and captions from five scary movies that I happen to like a lot. To all of my loyal Underworld visitors, I wish you a Happy Halloween!

Berserk! (1967)

Doesn't matter how many times... if this is on and I stumble onto it, I'm in for the duration! There arr precious few Joan Crawford movies that I am uninterested in watching multiple times. This one is a colorful, zesty, campy hoot! (Oddly enough, some of the more dull bits are the ones in which we watch lengthy circus acts! But that's the biggest problem on repeat viewings.)

Joan's still got "that face" and is virtually always lit in ways to emphasize it. I like her cruller bun 'do, but the less said about her long fall the better. But then there's humpy Ty Hardin on hand to help perk things up.

Not only that, but the deliciously bitchy and tart-tongued Diana Dors is also around. The two have some fun repartee here and there. The inset has a hysterically juxtaposed image. No way was Joan's character smiling while Diana's gave Ty a try! (In real life, the ladies got along well and Joan was fond of Diana, less so the comparatively ill-prepared Judy Geeson.)

La Crawford was proud of her figure and called upon pal Edith Head to whip up an appropriate ringmistress costume (otherwise, the clothing in the film was her own!) What's really a hoot, though, is seeing the difference between the heels she has on in the costume shot versus the little flat slippers she sports in the inset. (Presumably, this was to be a medium two-shot, but a still photographer caught the moment...)

As seen in this publicity shot, Joan was initially set to costar with arch-rival Bette Davis, but negotiations fell through....! Ha ha!! Relax, I'm just having a little laugh. Anyway, Miss D. shows up in a bit, too.

The Devil Within Her (1975)

It took me years and years to finally see this one. A belated rip-off of Rosemary's Baby (1968), there were many, many like it. Naturally, we gravitate to Miss Joan Collins, however.

Things begin happily enough between Collins and her husband Ralph Bates as they welcome a new bundle of joy into their lives. Note Eileen Atkins on hand as a nun.

It's not long, though, before their bouncing baby boy is wreaking havoc all around.

You really haven't lived until you've seen Collins terrorized by an angry dwarf! And though these particular shots don't emphasize it, she looks lovely throughout, especially in one sequence with a turban-like head-wrap.

I can never forget once reading Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide in which he reviewed this movie. In a backhanded compliment he referred to Collins as "uncharacteristically excellent!" True enough, a fair share of her feature films didn't turn out to be immortal classics, but like most enduring divas, she's usually worth watching nevertheless.

Burnt Offerings (1976)

An update on the venerable haunted house genre, this one features the presence of the aforementioned Bette Davis along with crazy-eyed Karen Black.

I mean, just look at that face! She's not given enough to do in the movie, but (again!) it's rare to watch Bette Davis and not be captivated on some level. I wouldn't dare spoil it for you, but the way she looks towards the end of the movie... well, it's positively curdling! No vanity involved there, anyway!

Another big plus is the presence of Oliver Reed as Black's husband. Trim, tan and handsome, he has a couple of key scenes centered around a pool. (In one of them, he begins tormenting his son horrendously... but the poor kid is so annoying to start with we can only drum up a certain level of sympathy!)

I can recall being thrilled at the prospect of Black from Airport 1975 (1974) and Reed from The Three Musketeers (1973) being paired as husband and wife, though they really don't seem to go together particularly well.

A fun bonus is seeing the home's owners, Eileen Heckart and Burgess Meredith, two talented veteran performers.

The Sentinel (1977)

The '70s were so much about all-star casts and this one has an impressive one, though most of the action centers on comparative newcomer Christina Raines. Raines, a print model by trade, rents a reasonable brownstone only to come upon some seriously out there neighbors.

John Carradine is scary enough. By the time a passel of others show up at the end, it's unforgettably creepy. (And controversial, too. The films director used - or exploited as the case may be - people with actual deformities to help enhance the atmosphere of the finale.)

About as disturbing is the sequence with lovers Beverly D'Angelo and Sylvia Miles in which Raines is greeted with the sight of D'Angelo having fun with herself during the conversation!

It's a great chance not only to "spot the star" from the roster of known names, but also to spot rising stars such as Jeff Goldblum (with his original teeth) and Christopher Walken.

For our money, though, the thrill is a sleek and vaguely mysterious real estate agent played by Miss Ava Gardner. By 1977, so many people considered her "past it," but I've always greatly enjoyed seeing once-breathtaking actresses performing as mature women. (This, of course, being before so many began turning their faces into rubberized, immobile masks with inflated lips. No thanks... Well, okay, I'll still take a little Faye Dunaway now and again! LOL)

Friday the 13th (1980)

I'm gonna bet that not too many of you saw this one coming...! But I can't help it. I love the low-budget, early-'80s atmosphere before action and horror got so polished (and, to me, more fake looking despite "advances" in technology.) I love the unstudied, carefree way characters cavort around with so little regard for what we might see.

I'm quite ashamed, however, that I didn't know until LAST WEEK that the young man on the far right, Harry Crosby...

...was the very same Harry Crosby whose father was the legendary Bing Crosby! This was Bing's second set of children (the four sons from his deceased first wife Dixie reportedly receiving a much harder time of things than the three shown here.) Der Bingle passed away in 1977, so he didn't see Harry in Friday the 13th (nor did he witness Mary Crosby sleeping around on Dallas and eventually shooting ol' J.R. Ewing!)

Even this "contemporary" horror movie has the added bonus of a vintage actress in the mix. Betsy Palmer (who'd costarred with Joan Crawford in the delicious drama Queen Bee, 1955) was a longtime TV panelist on I've Got a Secret. Her usual perky persona was little to be seen in her portrayal of Mrs. Voorhees!

The era of the first few Friday movies was Speedo time, and star-to-be Kevin Bacon trots around in one. (At one point something seems to be stirring in there, lurking... Ha!) Maybe the lakeside setting is what made me go for these more than for the equally enduring Halloween films.

::::: Bonus Posters :::::

Foreign posters are so often far more vivid than those for the U.S or U.K markets. This one is no exception. Thing is, the artwork at the bottom... Um, this is absolutely derived from Die! Die! My Darling! (1965) and is based upon Stefanie Powers and Yootha Joyce in a confrontation scene in that!! So I hope no one was marching up to the ticket counter for a refund when that moment didn't roll around in Berserk!

Lastly, I had to share this striking depiction of Crawford's startled eyes. Someone really put his or her heart into this artwork.

I'll be back as soon as I can be with more movies, TV and stars. Thanks!


IndyAdam said...

No apologies needed for this reader. Stay well and post when you can. I look forward to every new Post.

jobj69 said...

No need for apologies at all, Poseidon! Just sorry that things are so crazy for you - you continue to take care of yourself!

I enjoy checking my bookmark to your blog every few days - a bit sad when there is not a new post (though I always remain on the site and revisit favorite posts) - but then to click one day and see a new headline is always such a joy! Especially this time, seeing, "Oh, The Horror...! and the photo of Joan's shocked face, knowing exactly when this moment occurs in Berserk! (I, like you, have to watch it every time I come across

I couldn't agree more with all of your selections here and the reasons why you love them. What would we do without guilty pleasures - especially in these times!

I have seen all of them numerous times - with the exception of The Devil Within Her - I caught that during its initial theatrical release when I was a senior in high school. I don't remember much beyond the evil dwarf character and his putting a curse on Joan. I will have to give it another look!

Finally - love the foreign posters! I have always been a fan of the artwork - the garish colors, the overly dramatic illustrations which, as you point out, often contained scenes that were not even included in the movie, just there to stir up interest and get people in the great!

Happy Halloween to you!

SonofaBuck said...

Ditto to IndyAdam’s comment. Grateful for any new post, all of which are “worth the wait.”

Happy Halloween, my friend! said...

Hi Poseidon,
You're always so good-humored about explaining what's going on with your blog posts, why would anyone criticize that?
Anyhoo, fun round up of your guilty ghoulish pleasures.

While "Berserk" falls into my "one-time only" viewing category, there are some amusing lines, and seeing Joan in full diva swagger. Always thought high heels were instruments of torture, but your pix of JC with/without show how they flatter the gams.

Totally agree about Ava's aging. Always thought beautiful ages better than pretty, and Ava was BEAUTIFUL. Bone structure ages well, and a few lines never detracted. And as far as I've ever read, Ava never went the plastic surgery route.

I also blogged about "Burnt Offerings," a childhood favorite. How amazing that Anthony James as the creepy chauffeur stole the show without a word af dialogue?

Take care, Poseidon. Whatever and whenever you have time to offer us, I'm always in!


A said...

Hi Poseidon!

It's alway wonderful to get a new post from you, and while I check for new posts often (sometimes daily, I'm afraid), I'm not quite on the same level as your "perturbed - and now former" reader. Which does seem like the premise for an opening scene in one of these horror movies).

In truth, I'm always impressed at the amount of content you put out when you are on a roll.

I'm am always so glad you are able to post when you do.


PS - I haven't seen "The Devil Within Her", but Joan Collins as a nightclub dancer?

BryonByronWhatever said...

No apologies needed, but... Before dismissing Lee Montgomery (brother of Belinda) as the son in "Burnt Offerings" check out some pics of his hairy-chested hotness before he left the business for 20 years in 1987. Woof.

Gingerguy said...

Everyone's a critic, I for one am thrilled to see a new post and checck weekly. This is such a crazy time for me too that it's a pleasant surprise to see a new plunge into the underworld. I love Berzerk, for some reason remember Diana being chubby in this, she is not at all and is a great nag and sneaky tramp, things I adore! Berzerk and Strait Jacket have problem daughters in common. Joan really is a scream, both as a hard nosed business woman and in the love scenes in her trailer. Sentinal we saw as a family (!!) my Dad took us to everything in the 70's and the lover Sisters freaked me out! I did see Friday the 13th and while no Halloween, it did have it's moments. I kind of remember the Crosby kid being talked about then but don't think he did much else. For me horror movies are so much more enjoyable when the reveal is delayed for as long as possible to let imagination do all the work. Those posters are fantastic! Joan has a face that fascinates. Happy Halloween and hang in there (but not like they do in Berzerk)

Shawny said...

Hi P, really, I can't ever imagine lasting a week doing a blog. So I have no expectations at all. I'm very grateful for what you do. Post as you please.

David Kenilworth said...

No worries about the time gaps. It just gives us something to look forward to.

BTW I do not know if you have seen that 40 out of 41 episodes of Bracken's World are now on YouTube. I have the 41st which I will share when I get back to America early winter.

Perhaps a retrospective of BW is coming? I would be happy to draft if you give me some guidelines. I know some of those episodes by heart, having made audio tapes during the original run in 1969-1970.

Huttonmy710 said...

Hello. I am not sure what to make of Betsy Palmers performance in Friday the 13th. The Razzies for one were darn clear she gave one of the worst performances when they nominated her as worst supporting actress in 1981. I imagine if Razzies existed a decade earlier they would have nominated Joan Crawford’s performance in Trog.

Berserk (save for Crawford and Dors) was hardly terrible but could've stood for some fixing/fleshing out such as the daughter subplot (with her turning out to the killer) and maybe a more suitable leading man like the originally thought of George Nader. I don't know what it is about Hardin (he certainly isn't a bad actor) but (and I feel bad to say) maybe it was the age/experience difference of him and Joan.

Sidenote: I have the Blu-ray double feature, this and Strait Jacket on same disc. I noticed an odd cut when the inspector is seated with Joan at the party. Its just as he's about to explain what's in the paper in front of him (if I remember it was where his men would he stationed during the circus show) when it abruptly cuts to a strike of lightning. Such an odd cut. Wondered if anyone noticed that too. It didn't seem right.

BrianB said...

Every time I see a new post here it's such a delight because I know it's going to take me away from my troubles for a few minutes (unless it's about a movie magazine and then it takes a little longer reading all those gossip articles!) and when you excuse yourself for lack of posting I think just how grateful we are you take the time to entertain and educate us all with your knowledge and enjoyment of show biz! And like others I can find something in the side menu to read as well. Usually the bulge posts!

I've only seen one of the movies here (Berserk) because I never sought out horror movies but there is a lot of interesting tidbits here. I love seeing stars who became popular in bit parts before they hit it big. It tells me that they put the work in to get where they are. Well, I'm sure some of them took short cuts!

I would watch The Sentinel just to see Ava Gardener, she looks wonderful in that shot! And for some reason I've always been fascinated seeing John Carradine change over the years. I try to imagine him at home being a regular guy after a long day on the set!

I'm probably one of the few in my generation who has never seen Friday the 13th. I was 27 when it came out and was getting past "scare" movies. I don't think I was ever aware of Betsy Palmer being in it. But I loved her in I've Got A Secret when I was a younger tyke!

Thanks to Shawny for mentioning Bracken's World! I only saw a few episodes when it was on but can't wait to look back at it!


BrianB said...

Sorry, David Kenilworth mentioned Bracken's World, not Shawny! I've had a cocktail!


joel65913 said...

There will always be malcontents who leaves a sour taste behind, but do not let some jerk with a bad attitude spoil your day. I'm terrible at keeping up and commenting but I'm always delighted when I get a chance to drop in and see a new post no matter if there is a gap in between or not!

This is a fun one. I prefer Strait-Jacket to Berserk! but both are better latter day Joan than the unfortunate wrap up Trog. I cannot say I was a huge fan of the cruller bun hairstyle, it looked painfully tight, but I guess it made it easier to blend in the adhesive pulls on her face to give her that taut look! I agree however the fall was a bad choice.

I've come to love Diana Dors though the years as I've seen more of her films. From what I've read she was pretty matter of fact about her looks-saying "The figure was fabulous, but my face was never much, little eyes and lips like rubber tires, I did well because I was the first and only British blonde bombshell" So when those looks started to lean towards the frowsy she didn't try desperately to hang on and have herself lifted and tucked into unrecognizability but pursued her very real talent for characterization. She was a real knockout in her youth and quite a skillful comedienne, but she gave some lovely performances in a more dramatic vein later, her final posthumous turn in "Steaming" is wonderful. However very few of those skills were called upon for her part in this slasher, but she dresses up the movie with some flash.

I had not heard that Joan and Judy Geeson hadn’t gotten along. I'm also surprised that Judy was unprepared. She was a rising actress at the time, had been around for a few years and has had a lengthy career afterwards so perhaps Joan put the fear of God into her and she shaped up afterwards!!

I thought "The Devil Within Her" was terrible, my main takeaway was when I realized that was Eileen Atkins as the nun! I think I even called out "Wow is that Eileen Atkins! What's she doing in this drivel?" But we all must start somewhere. I will say that Joan Collins did not bow to the material but gave a professional game performance. This sort of fodder was where her career mostly was in the 70's so being a journeywoman performer and a pro she kept plugging along keeping her chin up and it did ultimately pay off.

Bette in those final scenes in “Burnt Offerings"!!!! Talk about being committed to the work, especially since she and Karen Black hated the sight of each other by the end of production (although it seems that animosity started right away). Oliver Reed is in his burly prime here, though I don't think it lasted much longer thanks to his prodigious alcohol intake.

Oh, I detested "The Sentinel"! But I think that had more to do with the truly atrocious lead performance by Cristina Raines and what a total idiot her character was. My one pleasure was playing Spot the Star either past, present or future. Totally agree on Ava Gardner, since she was always just who she was she owned her looks as they aged and softened but like Oliver Reed the amount of booze she put away did not help. At least she remained recognizable unlike say Lana Turner and Janet Leigh who both visited the plastic surgeon five or six too many times. It's a pity Ava never thought that much of her acting ability, true there were times when she was just walking through her paces, even then though her star quality held your attention, but when she connected with the part and tried-Show Boat, Night of the Iguana and some others-she was electric.

Friday the 13th was such a trendsetter, but I am not a fan. It was such a big deal at the time it came out I went to see it out of curiosity (and I was somehow induced to go to Friday the 13th 3-D where I lasted approximately ten minutes!) and I heard Betsy Palmer was in it (LOVED her from her game show appearances when I was a kid-it was NOT a fruitful reacquaintance to see her here!) but it thought the whole thing was transparently dumb and gross.

joel65913 said...

Oops looks like I got a bit carried away and had to split my comment!

I have to say at this point that I am amazed I have seen all of these since I am most definitely not a horror guy. There's no real mystery to it actually, I watched them for their female stars. It's the curse of the completist, you sit through utter trash that any other time would have you running the other way. The ONLY possible explanation for me having seen the dual tragic swan songs of Veronica Lake (Flesh Fest) and Miriam Hopkins (Savage Intruder) and of course the aforementioned Trog! Seeing them does help soften my stance towards other less than stellar wrap-ups like Merle Oberon's scattershot and messy "Interval" or Lana's "Witches Brew" and see them as just disappointments and not blights on otherwise distinguished careers.

Those one sheets for foreign markets are so much better and more impressive than their American counterparts! Though both are far superior to the pathetic things they put out now that show zero lack of imagination or effort. I don't think it was just in horror where the overseas artisans excelled either. I've seen many posters for famous films geared to both markets and the foreign ones are almost always more vivid.

Keep up the great matter how long between they must be. Life will intrude whether we like it or not!!

Unknown said...

I figure you post when you can. People who want more or steady post should do it on their own. Sending health and respect.

Huttonmy710 said...

The last time I checked Veronica Lake's Flesh Feast it was utter garbage with no redeeming qualities to be had when compared to Trog. As Crawford stated in a 1971 interview (in conjuction for the showing of select films of hers at the AFI), she had never played a scientist before. The only disappointment she expressed in the interview was the film being double billed with a Dracula film.

Huttonmy710 said...

I don't know if Davis and Black hated each other but there definitely was an issue but more so on Davis' end.
Here is a quote from Davis, "Karen Black changes her makeup in the middle of the scene, so nothing matches on the screen. She sleeps all day (Black was pregnant I believe so maybe that's why?), never goes to rushes and you can't hear a bloody thing she says on the set. When I made movies you could hear me in a tunnel."

Poseidon3 said...

IndyAdam, thanks much! I appreciate it.

jobj69, Thanks for the great comments. "The Devil Within Her" is surely one of the lesser seen and known of these flicks. I have a fascination (as did many people, apparently) with women having demon babies! LOL Remember "It's Alive" (whose commercial petrified me as a kid) and the one with Barbara Eden inseminated by an alien (!) "The Stranger Within."

Thanks, SonofaBuck!! I hope you had a great Halloween weekend.

Rick, I didn't go on about it in the post above, but it was actually even worse that I described. Not only was I taken to task over the complaints with work, but I was also described as "self-promoting" (because maybe a dozen out of over 800 posts had something to do with my actual life/self on a blog of my own creation?!?!) and then the kicker: because I was gently teasing about an actor (one I actually rather cherish!) doing a nude scene, I was accused of body shaming... :::sigh::: I welcome anyone here who wishes to come, even a certain amount of dissent, but there's no inescapable tether drawing folks in against their will. People need to do as I do and visit where they want and skip the places they dislike. Oh, and learn that the world is not completely aligned to cater to the exact requirements they happen to wish for... Too many people trying to impose their will onto others who don't happen to see things the precise same way. So good riddance. I don't think Ava Gardner had anything done (and if she did, it was minimal!) I think she preferred to pull things up into a tight bun or under a wig. She had this sad preoccupation with a little injury on her cheek that left the slightest bump and it caused her to think of her looks as diminished by that. As if...! Even if she wasn't spring fresh at the end, her expressions were ALWAYS worth watching. Love her in practically anything. And, yes, Anthony James was petrifying! Forgot to mention him.

A, thank you so much for your continuous support! LOL "The (Ex) Fan"! Yes, when I get going it's like an out of control boulder. Ha! I can't stop... As for JC and her Terpsichorean talents, you'll have to check it out for yourself! LOL

Poseidon3 said...

BryonByron, I will look up Lee Montogomery as you suggest! I had to deal with him in a Clint Walker film, too, and just never warmed to him. Even his more famous sis, who could be very effective, sometimes grated on me. Maybe in her case just amazing overexposure in the 70s and 80s. ;-)

Gingerguy, I ALSO had recollections of DD being heavy in "Berserk!" and in truth she's huskier than in her hey day, but she's not huge or anything. I guess a severe corset can work wonders, though! Over the years, I've grown to adore her and always like seeing her pop up in things. (And talk show appearances of hers are also delightful!) Thanks!

Shawny, I appreciate it! Creating a blog with google blogger is a cinch. They have templates that make it so simple. But MAINTAINING it for the long haul, in this case more than a dozen years, is the challenge.

David, I appreciate it. I am still awaiting "Bracken's World" on DVD in its original splendor with all the sharp picture, sound, color, etc... as when it was first aired. I may croak of old age before that happens, but I will keep hoping!

Huttonmy710, I thought Betsy did quite well! It was unexpected at the time for her to get down and dirty like that after years of sunshiny TV work. For her own part, she did the movie solely so that she could buy a new car! (Funny how we don't think of people who've been in show biz for decades needing to bottom-feed in order to afford transportation!) She figured no one would ever see it. Instead it became a phenomenon!! I do have to say that Joan and Ty did NOT form a very believable couple in "Berserk!" Those sequences are campy in the extreme with the lighting, the dialogue, etc... I'll have to take a look at the cut you're referencing. Perhaps just trying to give a little jolt rather than sticking with exposition? Thanks!

(An incredible *third* part to come!)

Poseidon3 said...

BrianB, thanks much! If "The Sentinel" ever comes on, you can see Ava in the early sequences before the horror really ever gets underway. She's so breezy and sleek in her line delivery. No one else comes to mind to spoke quite that way. Maybe due to her being stripped of a southern accent by MGM, then aging into her own style? Jeff Goldblum always freaked me out because he was one of the thugs who kicked off Charles Bronson's "Death Wish" which I unfortunately saw at age 8! But, yes, it's fun to see up and comers paying their dues in early parts.

joel65913, I enjoy "Strait-Jacket" very much, too. I think JC is very effective in the moments where she has her own grey-streaked hair and is still tender from her stay in the asylum. The camp factor goes off the Richter scale, though, when she starts in with that wig and dress (and bracelet!) get-up! Ha ha!! Love the reflections on Diana Dors. I enjoyed reading all of your takes, but I really have to agree about poor Christina Raines. She seems so nice and all, but I could never get on board with her acting style. Her voice was always flat and I am a stickler on voices. I am obsessed with late-career forays into horror by once-glamorous stars, but somehow have still not witnessed Veronica's and Miriam's turns at bat!!! I'll have to correct that soon, even if it is painful to witness. I found "Interval" once on VHS and couldn't believe my "good" fortune! Still have it at home with 24-hour armed guards around it. LOL Thanks!!!

Unknown, I appreciate (and agree with) your comments! Thanks!

Huttonmy710, thanks for the extra info on Davis & Black!! Sometimes in the lunchroom I will overhear "The Bold and the Beautiful" and I positively HATE the way some of the people whisper their dialogue. People do not talk that way in real life most of the time, so it's not like they are making any strides in verisimilitude by performing that way....!! Paging Susan Flannery!! LOL and I am far more forgiving of "Trog" than most people. Sure it's a comedown, but she's still giving it her level best most of the time. The direction was tacky no matter what she did and it was just mired in amateurishness, unfortunately. My own biggest disappointment was that John Hamel's beautiful body wasn't exploited to the degree it should have been! Ha ha!!!

I really, REALLY appreciate the outpouring of support from all of you. Times are rough, I cannot lie, but it's not forever. I'll be back asap!

Forever1267 said...

I was hoping to see "The Sentinel" again this season, but alas, not available on any streaming service.

"Burnt Offerings" freaked me out as a kid (about the same age as that "actor"), especially the Chauffeur. I only recently discovered he was veteran character actor Anthony James, who was a bad guy on every. single. TV show we grew up on! Creeeepppyyy!!!

Donald Lam said...

Whatever you post and whenever you post is a real treat. I hope that things get resolved. Take care!

John Berry (he/him) said...

No don't apologise, especially when you write about some of my favourite films when you come back! I honestly think Berserk is unfairly neglected although since it's definitely a campy classic it would be hard to see how mainstream it could get.
I do think that Friday the 13th Part 1 is a great classic and bears repeat viewing. You mention the Speedos but not the tighty whiteys and I think the latter suggest this was never expected to be an enduring classic.

Poseidon3 said...

Forever1297, I felt the same way about Anthony James as a kid. He was on so many shows and was SO creepy to me! Apparently, he was quite a nice guy and an artist in real life, but very effective as a cretin on screen.

Donald Lam, I appreciate it very much! Thanks!!

John Berry, thank you! I didn't write about the undies in F13, but I did choose a photo that gave a glimpse of them. ;-) That's part of what I meant when I referred to the carefree way that the actors cavorted around. Take care!