Thursday, April 11, 2019

Tapping Into More April Showers!

Poseidon's Underworld began seeping its pictures and posts to the surface world in the summer of 2009 and from April of 2011 until now, we've marked this month in our own special way. This is the ninth time we've used the coming of real April showers to put forth some male celebrity showers that caught our eye. To see all the prior ones, just click the tag "showering" in the column at right. Today's poster boy is the late Mr. Burt Reynolds from the obscure movie Fade-In (1968) - I'm not even certain he's entering or exiting a shower, but oh well! It's harder and harder to find examples that haven't already been covered (or uncovered as the case may be!) here, but we did manage to crank out a few. So grab your soap and let's take a look!
Charles Farrell in the rarely seen 1934 film Trouble Ahead.
Patric Knowles is on the receiving end of a shower nozzle in Storm Over Bengal (1938.)
Singer and actor of the 1930s & '40s, Kenny Baker. (The song on his shower curtain appears to be from a song of the 1930s?)
A cheeky shot of one Bruce Cabot (of King Kong, 1933, and countless westerns and other films.)
A family that showers together....
Slightly less fun in the full-view crop version: Harriet, Ozzie, David and Ricky Nelson.
French leading man Jean-Paul Belmondo.
If you've been wandering through the Underworld for a long time, you know our fondness for makeshift outdoor showers like this one. The movie in question is 1960's Wake Me When It's Over (which generally applies to most of the film, too, in truth!)
On his way to the shower is the film's star Dick Shawn (shown with costar Ernie Kovacs.)
Seen here with Shawn is another costar Jack Warden.
Ginger bear Warden figures into our next April shower as well, from the very same year. This series of shots is from the desert adventure Escape from Zahrain (1962.) In it, Anthony Caruso, Yul Brynner, Warden and Sal Mineo have been traveling across the blazing sand and finally get to a refueling station where they can hose off.
Caruso is first to get sprayed down by Brynner.
One of the great miscarriages of justice in the film is that Brynner operates the hose and never gets wet himself!
Still, he delights in hosing down his fellow escapees.
The pics are more potent (IMHO) without seeing their pants. It looks like Warden might be pulling his open a bit to rinse down the family jewels! LOL
After their desert ordeal, the cool water from the hose is ecstasy.
Warden's look says it all.
I thought that fans of Mineo would appreciate this moist shot of him directly afterwards. (Is it a buzzkill if I tell you that he's watching costar Madlyn Rhue take a more private shower of her own?)
A thoughtful reader sent these next few pics of handsome Tom Tyron in the Disney film Moon Pilot (1962.)
We don't get to see him actually take his shower, but it's nice to witness the preparation for it nonetheless.
I love his tan, hairy physique.
Next we come to Mr. Charles Bronson in The Great Escape (1963.) Believe it or not, I just saw this movie for the first time several months ago. He and his fellow prisoners are digging a tunnel in the shower room below the drain grate.
When it becomes clear that a guard is coming, Bronson suddenly strips down and hops in the shower to avoid suspicion.
The guard is nevertheless suspicious.
Like so many movie showers, privacy is rare indeed.
Mr. Bronson was at or near his physical peak at this time.
Meet Jon Voight (to you young'ns, he is Angelina Jolie's father.)
His 1973 film The All-American Boy features him in two scenes with a shower. He's a boxer being observed by several men as he washes off after a turn in the ring.
Like I say, in the movies, privacy during bathing comes at a premium! LOL
Voight is carrying on with E.J.Peaker, who many of you will recall as Minnie Fay in Hello, Dolly! (1969), though she was never like this in that movie!
If you look at the inset, you'll see the muslin modesty panel that Voight had on for this nude scene.
After they get up, the couple heads to the shower for a clean-up.
This is the end of the Jon Voight section. Ha ha!
I forgot to put Jack Nicholson from Carnal Knowledge (1971) in front of The All-American Boy (1973)... So much for chronology!
Now for a little segue into TV. This 1974 episode of Petrocelli featured Don Stroud as a boxer who is accused of murder. He heads off to the showers...
...and that's his alibi. Was he really in there soaping up when the crime took place or is he lying? We hardly care as long as we get to watch.
Stroud was a very busy actor of the '70s and was comfortable enough to pose for Playgirl in the early days of that magazine.
Here we find Mark Shera of Barnaby Jones in 1979, undercover at a religious cult wherein the male members are taking a group shower. Shera spots a watch which may be a clue to the case he's working on.
The watch belongs to cult member Grainger Hines.
Hunky Hines emerges from the shower stall to confront Shera about his examining of the watch.
Hines, who is hardly a household name, has nonetheless been working steadily for more than forty-five years up to present day. He is now seventy one. Incidentally, this scene involves Hines heading in to the shower room and ordering everyone out, then (in this version of the ep trimmed for syndication) some nitwit abruptly CUTS the rest! Of all the things to trim out for time, they cut more of this rare instance of skin in a Barnaby Jones episode...!
The Blaxploitation hybrid take-off on Shampoo (1975) was called Black Shampoo (1976) and starred John Daniels as a seductive hairstylist trying to withstand mob pressure.
Here is another glimpse of the scene above, but in color.
The little-known thriller Night Warning (1981) starred Jimmy McNichol, older brother of Kristy, as the nephew of deranged Susan Tyrrell, who sort of has her eye on him. All of him!
It's true that we've featured this shower sequence from School Ties (1992) before, but you can never have too much of a good thing and these are different shots than we featured before. Three up and coming stars were shown in it: Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser and Chris O'Donnell.
Fraser, a Jewish boy who's been hiding his religion in order to play football at an elite prep school is baited by Damon, who has discovered his secret.
The scuffle that breaks out attracts the attention of this bare-bottomed extra.
Lots of contortions to avoid giving away too much bodily detail.
Can you guess who is in this shower?
It's Willem Dafoe, cleaning off the morning after a particularly rough and dangerous encounter with Madonna in Body of Evidence (1993.)
Stephen Dorff in the erotic mystery Innocent Lies (1995.)
Madeleine Stowe is investigating the murder of The General's Daughter (1999) and enters the locker room of a military gymnasium ("Female on the floor!") Here we see these soldiers showering.
And I know you wanted a closer look.
Stowe also catches this gentleman with his towel down.
A nice surprise for me, though, in seeing this movie for the first time was spotting Brad Beyer, who I only knew from the fun TV series GCB, in which he was older than this.
Daniel Craig had a shower scene (followed by a fair amount of carefully obscured nudity) in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001.)
He doesn't know it yet, but he's being fully observed by Angelina Jolie, who's in the room.
What would a shower post be without a trip to prison? The Death and Life of Bobby Z (2007) had an encounter between UFC fighter and actor Chuck Liddell and the late Paul Walker.
This picture was originally going to serve as "The End," as I often do, but I dug up more, later examples of showers, so on we press...
This is Jonny Lee Miller from the 2008 TV series Eli Stone.
In the show, he experienced hallucinogenic visions which turn out to be prophetic.
I don't think he foresaw being suddenly joined in the shower by this young lady, however!
This is the third inadvertent connection to Angelina Jolie in this post! First her father, then her co-star and now her ex-husband! Miller was wed to her from 1996-1999.
By Underworld standards, this is quite a new film to be featured. Center of My World (2016) is a German coming of age movie in which Louis Hofmann has his attention captured by classmate Jannik Schümann.
Hofmann follows the object of his affection to the locker room and spies him undressing for a shower.
Schümann certainly doesn't seem to mind...!
Next thing you know they're enjoying the shower together, steamy in more ways than one.
The movie shows a bit more than I did here, especially of Schümann, in case you're interested.
Lastly, I thought I would feature this man. Recognize him?
This is the recently deceased Luke Perry, during his eye-opening role on the prison drama Oz.
But we'll swing back to earlier, more familiar times such as during his famous stint on Beverly Hills 90210 as rebellious hero Dylan McKay.
Mr. Perry was but one year older than us when he died from complications of a stroke, so it was a jarring incident to say the least. And that closes the curtain on this year's round of April showers!


normadesmond said...

Darling, how could you have left this photo out?

Poseidon3 said...

But I didn't leave him out. That a version of that pic was featured three years ago: Like I say, this is the ninth go 'round on this topic...

Gingerguy said...

It's reigning men and I love a theme.
Ozzie Nelson had a hot Dad bod.
Yul Brynner might not be naked but looks very sexy in that hood. What a hot guy in anything, especially a skirt (It's just about time to dig out my copy of The 10 Commandments that I watch every Easter).
I loved the Tom Tryon photos, as I am a fan. I learn so much from this blog and also the comments. There was a mention recently about a book he wrote that the movie "Fedora" was based on. Ran right out and got that on ebay and will start reading it this week. Who knew? I also never heard of "Black Shampoo" but might have to find that one. John Daniels is pretty hot.
Susan Tyrell and Jimmy McNicholl in the same movie, my mind is blown.
What happened to Brendan Fraser? 20 years ago he was all over the place and then seemed to disappear and then I saw him as Frankenstein on a Martha Stewart Halloween cooking episode. Showbiz!
I also liked GCB, didn't last long but really fun. This got me all steamed up.

Dan said...

Looks like Don Stroud missed a spot. I'd better get in there and help. Hope I don't drop the soap!

Poseidon3 said...

Gingerguy, you're right. Ozzie was in good shape (as were his trapeze-flying sons!) Yul pulled off that get-up pretty well in the movie (as few others could have), but it was disappointing that he stayed so fully dressed throughout. I do intend to delve deeper into the Susan-Jimmy movie. There's just never enough time. I often run across names that once seemed so hot and then have since cooled, such as Brendan. Remember he had that big hit "The Mummy," too! I sometimes wonder what happened to people like Skeet Ulrich, Richard Grieco, Craig Sheffer, D.B Sweeney and others...

Dan, you can hope, but I bet you will....!! LOL