Thursday, November 22, 2018

It's Turkey-Lurkey Time

Happy Thanksgiving from Poseidon and some of his amazing friends!

Lucille Ball during the making of Valley of the Sun (1942.)
Miss Shirley Temple, stuffing the bird.
Virginia Dale, on the hunt.
Kathryn Grant (Crosby), having second thoughts?
Ann Sheridan prepared to dig in (something the rail-thin chain-smoker never did in real life!)
Ann Miller, making a quick cut.
Janis Paige, with the bird in the bag.
Gloria DeHaven, unsure if the turkey will stop at the snack and start in on her!
Donna Reed, all gussied up and showing her own fine feathers.
Miss Joan Crawford, brandishing one serious knife!
Marilyn Monroe, driving the turkey up a tree.
Doris Day, with a heavily-ornamented bird.
Hmmm, there's a rooster in the hen house, so to speak! Mr. Charles Farrell.
Sally Field has such a puny bird (a Cornish hen?) that she has to put her finger in someone's pie.
Ann-Margret, serving up flame-roasted?
And we go out with a bang Bing! A color shot of der Bingle and his holiday turkey. We hope your holiday is a blast if you celebrate Thanksgiving!


Martin said...

I love this post, Poseidon! Especially Marilyn and Joan!

A said...

Thanks, Poseidon. The photo of Joan brandishing the knife is weird. Do the fingers on her right hand look fake?

Gingerguy said...

Happy Thanksgiving leftovers Poseidon. It is amazing how much personality Ann Miller can project into anything. The rest seem like dutiful PR poses, she looks like she's going to tap that turkey to the table. Great shot of Lucy who I FINALLY think of as a a movie star and not just tv. It took watching "Lured" last weekend on TCM to do it. I gobbled up the Gidget pic!

Poseidon3 said...

Thanks, Martin! Glad you liked it.

A, I think it's the angle and the intense way she's gripping that big ol' fork...! But look at the ring on her RIGHT hand!

Gingerguy, I loved Ann Miller... Was she some incredible actress? No. (Though I do like her in the non-singing/dancing "The Opposite Sex.") But she had personality PLUS and so much talent. She certainly made the best out of what she had. Whenever I'm feeling low, I watch her singing that song from "Pippin" at the Tonys! Infectious enthusiasm. --->