Thursday, July 12, 2018

Pop Quiz: Celebrity Name Chain

I know that most of you run from these Pop Quizzes as if they were a gym bag filled with pipe bombs left in the aisle of a coliseum, but perhaps a few of you will enjoy this one! The object is to identify the people in the photos, then link their names together in a chain. (Sort of like the "Before and After" category on Wheel of Fortune if you're a "Wheel Watcher.") For example, the one here is a shot of Bob Hope and Hope Lange, thus the answer would be "Bob Hope Lange." I made sure the spellings are the same, too, for the crossover word. Some of these are easier than others, though if you can pick out one of the people, you're already half-way to the answer! If you're feeling generous, you might even congratulate me on making some of the photos in question complimentary to one another in some way although the people may not be related or have worked together at all (or even in the same general era.) Have fun, and if you're good boys and girls there may be a few extra pics within the answers!













Bonus (a three-fer!)

Answers below......

"Susan Howard Keel"
Howard Keel and Susan Howard did work together on the hot prime-time soap Dallas.

"Ava Gardner McKay"
I think Ava Gardner would love to have sunk her teeth into some Gardner McKay, as would most of the free world...

"Anne Shirley MacLaine"

"Joan Leslie Nielsen"
Leslie Nielsen holds a special place in our hearts as Captain of the S.S. Poseidon in The Poseidon Adventure (1972.)

"Leslie Howard Duff"

"Dane Clark Gable"
Clark Gable was "The King" of Hollywood. These shirtless pics are from his hit films Mutiny on the Bounty (1935), Mogambo (1953) and It Happened One Night (1934, for which he won an Oscar.) To me, he was never more handsome than in Red Dust (1932), though.

"Cary Grant Withers" 
(If you don't know, 1930s & '40s actor Grant Withers was the first husband of 17 year-old, hot-to-trot Loretta Young, but it was annulled rather soon after.)

"Mala Powers Boothe" 
(I tried to pretend that the connection with these pics is that his is from The Emerald Forest, 1985, and she's wearing emeralds! Ha! But I don't think they are...)

"Susan St. James Spader"

"Jill St. John Bromfield"
It's simply not possible to ever get too much John Bromfield while he was in his prime. That he was on this day, boating with our dear, late Tab Hunter.

"Barbara Shelley Winters"
Shelley Winters crafted one of the most enduring (and immersive!) characterizations to ever affect a seven year-old boy, "Belle Rosen" in The Poseidon Adventure. We still aren't completely over it!

"Christopher Lee Grant"
Christopher Lee and Lee Grant played sparring marrieds in one of my favorite movies, Airport '77 (1977.) Had this occurred in real life, she'd have been either Lee Lee or Lee Grant-Lee!

"David Brian Keith Andes!"
Hey, in his day Keith Andes was no slouch either, even in his alien makeup (and scanty costume) as a guest on Star Trek.


Gingerguy said...

what a fun idea. I only got three, #9, #11, #12. I was thinking the connection was that Lee and Christopher both did horror, to my shame I forgot about "Airport 77" which she is fabulous in (but I don't have to sell you on that movie). That Gardner McKay is a hot hunk, I never knew I had a fetish for pipe smoking ship Captains until I saw that photo. Is Grant Withers related to Jane? maybe by the same publicity department. Hollywood game night at your house would be a riot Poseidon.

Poseidon3 said...

Oh, I hope I wasn't confusing and causing extra work. What I meant by the pics being connected in some way may only be the pose, the color scheme or the props (like a chair.) And considering I only got really diligent about it around #5, maybe not even that! Thanks...!! Oh. I don't think Grant was any relation to Jane. He was the Grant who came to mind (WHY??), but now I think I ought to have used Grant Williams (of "The Incredibly Shrinking Man"!) I figured you would know most of the people in this! :-o

Gingerguy said...

I LOVE that I got Barbara Shelley. The Shelley Winters Poseidon picture almost made me choke on my lunch I was laughing so hard, that expression is priceless.

Forever1267 said...

I only got three, too. 4, 5, and 12.

I thought 10 was Tina Louise, but was sure that wasn't Louie Jourdan, and nothing else was working. (And also, WOW to him and Gardner McKay!!!)

Susan Howard! I should have recognized her! Name out of the 70's TV Movie past!

This was fun!

Shawn McGuire said...

How very creative. I’ve thought of this idea in my head once but never put it down on paper. And I admit I didn’t get any of them. I recognized Ava Gardner, Leslie Nielsen and Christopher Lee, but couldn’t come up with the names of anyone else, though most of them are familiar faces. I have terrible terrible name recognition. But it was fun to try. Thank you for putting it all together so cleverly.

Skippy Devereaux said...

Great game--got them all, some easier than others, but the only one to really stump me, but I got it finally, was #9. I thought it was pictures of Kristy McNichol and her brother Jimmy. Finally, my brain figured out who the actor was.

Poseidon3 said...

Forever1267, again, I must apologize for making these so hard. I forget that not everyone is as crazily obsessed with the old stars as I am. LOL I actually thought this might be too easy but for 3 or 4 of the names! Susan Howard has been on my radar lately because I bought the ENTIRE series "Petrocelli" in which she is defense attorney Barry Newman's caring wife/secretary. My mother always loved her on that show and I wanted to see what the fuss was about (and also check out the many guest stars/suspects!) She was indeed good on it.

Shawn, I wish I hadn't made it so tough on you. If/when I do it again, I'll try to be a little less obscure with the people. :-) Thanks for commenting that you liked it nonetheless.

Yay, Skippy! Good for you. :-)

Rick said...

Hi Poseidon,

As a longtime reader, I've been remiss in not commenting and saying a big "Thank You!" for your great blog. I love it.

I especially like your approach to homo-sexualizing men of the big screen and small: more's the pity we've had to wait (up to a hundred years)for it to happen. Quite often I see a long-forgotten fella here and just have to acknowledge that he indeed played a part in developing my sexuality...from a very young age. Maybe not role models per se, but an attractive man is an attractive man regardless of "right" reasons or "wrong".

Keep up the great work!

Rick - The Aberrant Homosexualist

Poseidon3 said...

Thank you very much, Rick! So glad you enjoy the site. All I ever did is try to create a place that I would like to go, never dreaming that there would be more "weirdos" like me out there who also appreciated the same things as I have my whole life! Ha ha!! It's gratifying to know I'm not alone in some of my movie/TV/celebrity obsessions. Take care.

Poseidon3 said...

David Kenilworth - I'm not going to post your comment simply because I LOVE that one and am going to use it in another round of this quiz for sure!! Thanks! :-)

David Kenilworth said...

"David Kenilworth - I'm not going to post your comment simply because I LOVE that one and am going to use it in another round of this quiz for sure!! Thanks! :-)"

I am honored!!! I love the blog BTW. Your "Double Parker" resonates so with me who is an eternal fan of "The Woman of 1000 Faces". Little known fact: she was Aaron Spelling's first choice to play Alexis Carrington*. But after the way she was dressed down in Bracken's World, I suppose she was allergic to another series.

And speaking of Dynasty, I think you should do an expose on the new CW Dynasty which started slow but ended (literally) the first season HOT!


Quiggy said...

I missed all but one. But I got ½ of each coupling. It was just the other half I couldn't place. And a couple of them I never heard of.

joel65913 said...

I did pretty well. I got all except Mala Powers. I know who she is I just didn't recognize that picture of her. Doubly frustrating because I knew Powers Booth right away and just could not place her.

I thought Susan Howard was a decent actress too but was disappointed when she went full on religious nut and starting praying for our salvation of the 700 Club on a regular basis.

Yes to Gable being at his absolute peak of attractiveness in Red Dust. His moustache was such a part of his mystique but I thought he looked better without it.

I just finished reading a book called "You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet" by James Bawden and Ron Miller which is a collection of interviews they conducted over the years. It was a fantastic read but the reason I bring it up is that it contained an interview with Anne Shirley!! I was so excited I jumped ahead and read it first. At the point the interview took place she had been retired for about 30 years and hadn't done any press since that point but was very forthcoming with her views. She came across as direct and down to earth.

There's also an interview with Joan Leslie in the book. Very interesting as well.

Ken Anderson said...

Very clever! Got off to a bad start by not being able to identify the woman in number 1., then it was smooth sailing until I hit a snag with the scathingly brilliant David Brian Keith Andes.
A real film enthusiast's challenge, a unique and fun post, and you DID do a marvelous job twinning up those photos! Solidifies my suspicion that I'd be terrible on a quiz show.

Poseidon3 said...

David, I recall reading that paragraph in the book you linked and it stuck with me for ages, but then later there was a lot of speculation about it and I think even photos of the woman under the veil and it was not Parker! Disappointed me... I loved the notion that it might be she under there also because she and Joan Collins have peculiar movie connections. They were in "Warning Shot" and "Sunburn" together yet shared no scenes and perhaps never even so much as met one another! Oh. and I'm so sorry, but I could only stand 20 minutes of the new "Dynasty" before turning it off and I hope to never see it again...

Thank you, Quiggy. I apologize again that it was so challenging...! Sadistic of me. ;-)

Joel, what's funny is that I picked that photo of Mala Powers because I thought it showed her face the most! A more apt selection - of course it comes to me now - would have been Stefanie Powers.... Oh, I too was not pleased with Susan Howard and her televangelist connection. There were a few like her who did that - who I otherwise liked - and it left a bad taste in my mouth: Pat Boone, Efrem Zimbalist Jr, Debra Paget...
Neat about Miss Anne Shirley and the interview! Joan Leslie was a lovely person.

Hi Ken!! It sounds like you did quite well with this! I disagree that you'd be bad on a quiz show if you got most of these toughies! I'd be horrible on such a show because they'd mostly be featuring recent stars, who I know far less about, including their names and faces! By the way, you can google Keith Andes nude and see a pic of him modeling in the altogether (though it's an awkward, bent pose.)

David Kenilworth said...

Re. New Dynasty, I shared your distaste but it DID get better.

Maybe this will convince you: Christl and Alex catfight while Steven and Sammy Jo get married. Watch all the way through:

And Elizabeth Gilles is an honor to the heritage of Fallon:

Did you get my roster of name links (below)? Here is a "four-fer":

Richard Thomas Jane Russell Crowe

Carol Channing Tatum
Melissa George Clooney
James Darren McGavin
Larry David Selby
Kathryn Leigh Scott Bakula
Anne Francis Ford Coppola
Mary Martin Milner
Elizabeth Allen Ludden
Linda Harrison Ford
Burgess Meredith MacRae
Kirstie Alley MacGraw (a stretch, but hey; call it a genius association)
Elizabeth Montgomery Clift
Adrian Paul Newman
Alice Pearce Brosnan (another one for the lateral thinkers)
Marlo Thomas Gibson
Joan Bennett Cerf
Dina Merrill Streep (another one for the lateral thinkers)
Grace Kelly Rutherford
Jane Russell Crowe
John Spencer Tracy
Eleanor Parker Stevenson
Katharine Ross MacGowan
Sam Elliott Gould
Dennis Cole Porter
Sid Caesar Romero (another fudge)
Danny Kaye Ballard
Richard Thomas Jane Wyman (a three-fer)
Charles Lane Davies (for the TOTAL classicists)
Steely Dan Rather
Jeanne Cooper Huckabee
Sally Jesse Rafael de la Fuente
John James McKay (Dynasty tie-in here)
Jackie Joseph Campanella
Vickie Lawrence Olivier (Danny Kaye tie-in)
Lysette Anthony Perkins
Julia Louis (-Dreyfus) Edmonds
Sarah Rue McClanahan