Monday, July 3, 2017

Fourth of July Picnic Baskets

I had to dissuade myself from calling this one "Yankee Noodle Dandy!" Ha ha!  Yes, friends. It's time for another collection of bulge photos. I've amassed a pretty hefty number of them since we last visited this hot topic a year and a half ago. There's a huge variety of people and pics here and, in the interest of time, I'm going to have to mostly refrain from my usual method of posting them in either general chronological order or in distinct groupings. If I try to do that, the post won't go up until August the crazy way things have been going around here! So you'll just have to consider it a "grab bag" and wonder which subject is up next in the rotation. (There are nearly 100 photos this time, some montages!) Our cover boy this time is singer Andy Gibb in some snug leather pants. Have a bang this July 4th!
Tony Randall vibrates away some unwanted flab (where?! I see slab, but no flab...)
The always delectable Dack Rambo bursts forth in some clingy trousers.
Burt Lancaster was dressed (left!) in his uniform for From Here to Eternity, the role in which we found him to be the most irresistible ever.
Gardner McKay was hot for a while on Adventures in Paradise, though he often looked like he could use a heavily caffeinated cup of coffee. But they may have gotten the "paradise" part right!
Vince Edwards, prior to playing Ben Casey, was chiefly known for roles in movies that showed off his burly, muscular physique, including Island Women among others.
When it comes to Scott Brady in Untamed Frontier, well, let's just say that the frontier wasn't the only thing untamed (as you'll see.)
Keep your eyes peeled for this one on TCM or other channels!
Mr. B was a pistol-packer. And a brief glance at the still photos from his career show that he seems to be an unsung actor of more variety and depth (and looks) than he's been given credit for.
Those who only know the craggy (and often cranky) Sterling Hayden might be surprised to know that for a time he was considered by many to be Hollywood's most beautiful man.
Look, it's Dick Nick Adams (with Deborah Walley) in The Young Lovers.
Lean and lanky Hugh O'Brian.
Boxer and sometimes actor Jerry Quarry, weighing in on the topic at hand.
Young Marshall Thompson during the filming of Gallant Bess.
Speaking of Thompson, he had the balls (yes, I went there! Ha ha!) to costar in a sitcom called Angel, opposite Belgian actress Annie Fargue.  Comic situations arose from her cultural and language confusions after having moved with him to America from France.
Cliff Robertson (center) might be coming to attention in this shot from The Devil's Brigade?
Singing actor Harve Presnell (of The Unsinkable Molly Brown and Paint Your Wagon.)
French superstar Jean-Paul Belmondo
Bodybuilding actor William Smith during his days on Laredo.
Mr. Travolta, showing off his love of aviation (and then some...)
Nick Nolte during The Deep.
Gil Gerard as Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.  That's Vera Miles on the right. (And Gil Jr. to the right as well - his left! - LOL)
Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker during Simon & Simon. No wonder Mrs. McRaney (Delta Burke) is content to remain home most of these days!
Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams.
Now entering the Chad Everett wing of this display.
Hanging chad indeed.
Everett and his Medical Center scrubs were the stuff of dreams to many a 1960 and '70s gay boy.
We like his fashion sense off screen, too!
This is Henry Capps from the TV-movie western The Proud and the Damned. We don't always go in for long underwear, but he does make a case for it here!
Here's what he looks like up close.
The same movie features Peter Ford (son of Glenn Ford and Eleanor Powell), who looks to have inherited some of his father's "talent." He's lurking in the darkened background of these otherwise revealing shots, so I provided a face pic to go with.
Here we find John Beck (and his stick) in Three in the Attic.
He was a real cutie in his day and ought to have enjoyed a bigger career than he did.
One of Michael Biehn's earliest parts came in the TV-movie Fire in the Sky (seen here with Cindy Eilbacher.)
Time was, nearly every young man wore jeans like this versus the baggier styles that came in later.
Ahhh the '70s.
In Confessions of a Pop Performer, Robin Askwith finds himself stripped down to these red briefs...
...and is the unknowing object of prying eyes looking through a two-way mirror. Askwith is nude or nearly so throughout all four of the Confessions of movies.
Hmmmm... If we'd realized that there was a scene like this in The Power (with Michael Rennie, George Hamilton and their scantily-clad friend), we might have watched it when it used to air on TNT all the time!
I know some of you will hate me for these next shots, but I'm something of a completist and when I see it, I have to share it! Mickey Rooney, preening in the mirror for Pulp.
Louis B. Mayer was probably rolling in his grave over this display!
Hey, it was good enough for Ava Gardner and the seven wives who came after her! LOL
Ole! We now move on to The Bullfighter and the Lady, a movie that starred (blond!) Robert Stack, though he's not shown in these snaps. We see costar Gilbert Roland (at right wearing the darker fabric over his arm) and, on topic, the bullfighter standing between Roland and his friend.
The movie contained several real bullfighters, who are noted for their extremely fitted pants.
Roland, whose slacks are far looser (probably by order of the censor!) nonetheless put on a little show of their own.
John Heard seems to be putting up a tent during Chilly Scenes of Winter (opposite Mary Beth Hurt.)
As kids we all flocked to see Zapped! with Scott Baio (with Felice Schachter.)
As adults, we catch things we might have missed the first time.
You might recall Martin Hewitt from his showy role in Endless Love. He later popped up in Killer Party with some deliciously distressed jeans, though the cameraman made it difficult to get a good look at them most of the time.
Our favorite segment of the spaghetti western Man of the East (starring Terence Hill) comes when he dons these clingy tights and does some outdoor calisthenics.
Clark Gable shows us on which side his bread is buttered in his final film, The Misfits (with Marilyn Monroe.)
During a lengthy military induction sequence, Alice's Restaurant features a bonanza of young men parading through the hallways and inspection rooms.
These shots of Gene Hackman (from Night Moves) are intended to be seen through the window of a welder's helmet and are in fairly long shot.
It is nonetheless clear that Hackman has some moves of his own. (Like most bulge shots, this scene is better viewed in action than still photos, but we do what we can with what we've got.)
Dennis Quaid sports some form-fitting jeans in the movie Dreamscape.
In the movie Stunts, Ray Sharkey is caught having a romantic encounter in the back of his truck.
He emerges from under the covers in some rather startling briefs! And the bed is discovered to be a waterbed (as could only have happened in the '70s...!)
Catalina Caper featured dethroned Disney star Tommy Kirk and his tall, blond sidekick Brian Cutler.
For much of the running time, Cutler sports this lovingly adherent pair of blue swim trunks.
They certainly make the rather silly shenanigans of the plot more palatable to sit through.
We do miss these type of 1960s bathing suits. Cutler later sported darker blond hair along with a mustache as the male lead on the Saturday morning series "Isis."
Also seen in the same movie (in the center) is Michael Blodgett, who seemed to always be shucking his clothes in the 1960s and '70s.
This cutie patootie is a young actor named Rian Garrick, who only enjoyed an unfairly brief period of employability in the late-'50s and mid-'60s. The movie is Edge of Eternity.
At one point, his thoroughly soused character falls into a swimming pool and his helped out by sheriff Cornel Wilde.
Even Wilde seems to be as fixated as we are on Garrick's clingy wet pants as he steps out of the water!
One of the perks of watching Sally Field's TV series Gidget is the scenes on the beach, featuring hunky young men in those inimitable trunks of the day.
Though this falls into Mickey Rooney territory, I could hardly believe my eyes one day while on the treadmill as guest star Herb Voland arrived at Field's towel with a tray of food, squatted down and allowed the lining of his abbreviated swimsuit to peer out to the camera's all-seeing eye!
More in line with our audiences' tastes was guest star Martin Milner, emerging from the surf in a flimsy pair of white shorts. (My apologies for the blurriness of these images. If I can ever upgrade them, I will.)
Milner appeared in episode 3 as Kahuna. (No clue why he wasn't called "The Big" Kahuna.)
In his younger days, Milner frequently did scenes in limited clothing (such as The Private Lives of Adam and Eve.)
Over the winter, we went through a spate of watching every available episode of Ghost Story (aka Circle of Fear) and this one with John Ireland was (as is often the case with him) an eye opener.
Not to be outdone, though, was Rory Calhoun, who costarred in an episode with Janet Leigh.
Ol' Rory hangs low to an almost science fiction level, which could be why Janet starts an affair with him in the episode.
This is character actor Ed Lauter in a shot from his guest appearance on The Oregon Trail.
Robert Urich of Vega$ could often be counted on for some tight jeans.
There was a bit of a bugle battle in this scene taking place in a gym...
..though Urich handily wins.
I remember this era of denim well and can even recall people lying down to zip his or her jeans up!
No bulge in this particular photo (from the Lindsay Wagner TV-movie The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan), but I wanted you to get a head-on glimpse of Marc Singer since my other shots of him are in profile.
At an outdoor reception, he sports some revealing britches.
It does make Wagner's trip back in time a tad more pleasurable.
The crotchery on display here belongs to James Darren on The Time Tunnel.
The young hero is being restrained (and his pants are being strained!)
Years later on Fantasy Island, albeit in less constraining trousers, Darren was still showing his stuff (fellow guest Paul Burke is on the right.)
We've reported here many times on the pleasures of Fantasy Island, but you haven't seen anything yet!
First, though, we're going to clean up some other remaining photos, such as this one of Ryan O'Neal in the sequel to Love Story, Oliver's Story. O'Neal doesn't seem to be wearing underwear at any point in this movie (or if he is, it's featherweight.)
Again, it's hard to capture in motion, but in this extended jogging scene (with Candice Bergen), O'Neal has some attention-getting friction going on in his pants.
Later, we have what could be corona showing through his khakis...
Another person (unlikely as it may seem!) to show corona was the Geico caveman during one of those in an unending series of ads.
This sort of image is typically absent from today's advertising and it's surprising that it made its way to the airwaves (do we still have airwaves? LOL)
The undisputed king of bulges in today's world, though, is Mad Men's John Hamm
Matthew Fox (of Lost) makes a run for it.
Now back to Fantasy Island as we round third, headed for home. Hmmm, actually since this is Joe Namath, I should have chosen a football reference over a baseball one...
This isn't the great quality pic of Broadway Joe on the show, but if you get the chance to see it in motion sometime, all will be made clear.
The big finish, in any case, comes courtesy of another guest star, Dennis Cole, who could very frequently be counted on for VPL on 1970s television.
Seen here with fellow guest Marcia Strassman, he's serving up carnival corndog without the breading!
As the couple's date progresses, he continues to reveal his (un)hidden talents.
Only Dennis could make a mere walk across the street into a fantasy more prominent than any of the ones featured on the show...
We'll say it again, we do miss the '70s...
So with that, Roddy McDowall and I bid you adieu until next time!


Roberta Steve said...

Poseidon, I think the young man whose name you can't remember but whose crotch you can't forget is Brandon De Wilde.

Poseidon3 said...

No, that's a decent guess, but not Brandon. This is - I believe - an older (or earlier born) person. Thanks!! (BTW, Brandon was hung bigger than the horse in this photo!!!!) :-)

petercox97 said...

i will politely disagree. burt lancaster is at his most irresistible ever in the swimmer which should be more aptly entitled the birthday suit. john beck didn't do too bad. for two seasons, he was hunky sam curtis in flamingo road and for at least three seasons he played almost exactly the same character except this time he was a tad bit richer and called mark graison on dallas. he even managed a few drunken cringeworthy moments on the nbc soap passions. i'm ambivalent about nick adams. it's counterintuitive that i should like him in the rebel especially since as a participant behind the scenes he purposefully submerges the fact that the crux of the war between the north and the south was the enslavement of people of color. even more distressing, for all the native american and mexican characters johnny yuma lended a hand, in two seasons he never encountered an african-american worthy of his notice. even the rifleman managed three african-american characters, two of them portrayed by sammy davis. however, nick's shameless pursuit of elvis' swagger and swivel hips strikes me as so overtly homoerotic that i grant him a conditional pass. plus, i found him fascinating on a couple of episodes of burke's law.

when it comes to bulging bulges on television, sexy demond wilson's trouser snake on sanford and son and adorable haywood nelson's teenaged frankfurter on what's happening are never mentioned. did i mention stoney jackson's second skin jeans on any program back in the 80s. yes, the stoney jackson who was the only man of color besides prince and oddly arsenio hall who wore eyeliner in the late 80s. this also isn't the appropriate thread for it, but no one ever mentions how subversive it was for a straight man like sanford and son's lamont sanford to almost perpetually be in the company of his hispanic best friend julio fuentes considering the fact that lamont's homophobic father always points out that on their many long trips to el segundo and tijuana that lamont and julio are never girl chasing. they just enjoy each other's company immensely.

Jason Zappolo said...

The young man whose name you can't remember is Marshall Thompson.

Poseidon3 said...

YES, Jason!! So grateful to you. I knew someone out there would know.... The photo is from 1946's Gallant Bess. I'll update it. I spent, I know, about two hours trying to do searches, jog my memory, look up horse movies.... all to no avail. So you've really helped my feeble brain today!! Thanks.

Poseidon3 said...

Petercox, I LOVE "The Swimmer" and thought about noting it along with FHTE (it's the film that's remained on my DVR the longest of any. I can't seem to delete it because I often go back to it just to behold Burt!) How can anyone not love a movie where the fit, handsome leading man NEVER wears more than a skin-tight pair of trunks (and sometimes not even those) for the entire running time?! But I can't help that 15 years earlier, he wore a similar suit in FHTE and created sparks on the beach as well as paraded around in a towel. And, more importantly, when Deborah Kerr opens that door and he's there in the rain with his army hat on... well. It's just the living end as far as I'm concerned. I actually tend to avoid making posts like this entirely white-bread, but for whatever odd, unintentional reason, this one wound up that way (much of it depends on what I catch while watching TV and movies.) But as a regular reader, I hope you know that I try to feature a variety of people beyond what I myself am and am most used to. Thanks for your insights and reflections. (And, yes, I have seen some "Sanford and Son" recently while on the YMCA treadmills and Demond Wilson's jeans were like that painted body art, denim style! LOL)

petercox97 said...

please, i think you do god's work. yours is among the three or four sites that i visit daily and of those three or four, yours is always the most fun and most feels like home. truly the only post that i didn't enjoy and it's probably the first that i haven't enjoyed in years was the one on joan rivers a while back. she's just not my cup of tea. i know that there are many who aver that she was an ally, but i always found her brand of humor right up there with dave chappelle who i avoid also like the plague. i almost said, black plague, but i didn't want some other reader to think i was invoking some built in privilege to make a slur. lol. my musings about demond wlson and haywood nelson were mostly the salt in sugar to paraphrase shug from the color purple.

what i really wish from here to eternity had been able to feature and of course i understand why there were precluded from doing so was to depict more candidly how many g.i's of the era for financial reasons depended on the kindness of well-heeled male strangers and often traded their military honed assets to get by.

Gingerguy said...

Hope you had a great 4th, love the bulge editions!
Tony Randall had a big one according to Debbie Reynolds in her last book "Make em laugh" he apparently was not shy in his trailer either. She ran in terror, which makes me wonder even more.
Sterling Hayden totally deserved that moniker, he was gorgeous. Definitely more of a character actor. I mean to read his crazy autobio someday.
Any time you have a picture of Gilbert Roland it makes my day. That is impressive equipment, he can gore me anytime (too much?).
Scott Baio's manhood was recently in question in the news. After the death of Erin Moran he made some comments considered insensitive by her family. They responded with class, disparaging the size of his little chachi. He was defended by his wife who took it even lower.
Dennis Quaid was refreshing in his youth as he never seemed shy about exploiting his physicality. It made us notice, that's for sure. This was a real firecracker, thanks Poseidon.

Leo Parton said...

Kevin Zegers of Air Bud (various, some bumps but cute as maple tree). There is Christopher Collet, First Born (1984) Bump. . There is Kid Vengeance (1977) Leif Garrett. Remember Jimmy McNichol Blinded by the Light (1980tv)BUMP Jimmy McNichol ‘A+’ Champions A Love Story (tv)(1979) Jimmy McNichol both in he be bumps nice and bumps real in Silence Of The Heart (1984). Chad Lowe 'A+' bum hump and front bump puppy ... he be ssssexy. Later no care to see any movie with him. They all make decisions. ex sex other wising. Some of us we oldies remember them as sexies. ass front and centers or otherwise remember, And some of us love them as such and still do. Some of us still do love them. For one, some wish. hopeless but love.

Leo Parton said...

Make mistakes. Normal foe this mind / half brain Kevin Zegers of Air Bud (various, some bumps I'm later but he is as cute as a maple tree especially in the lizaed movie, no bump). There is Christopher Collet, First Born (1984) Bump. omfg. There is Kid Vengeance (1977) Leif Garrett. Remember Jimmy McNichol Blinded by the Light (1980tv)BUMP Jimmy McNichol ‘A+’ Champions A Love Story (tv)(1979) Jimmy McNichol both in he be bumps nice and bumps real. there is Chad Lowe in tv series Spencer (tv)(1985) plus movie Silence Of The Heart (1984), Chad Lowe 'A+'' bum hump and front bump puppy ... he sssexy. Later no care to see any movie with him. They all make decisions. ex sex other wising. Some of us we oldies remember them as sexies. ass front and centers or otherwise remember, And some of us love them as such and still do. Some of us still do love them. For one, some wish. hopeless but love.

Poseidon3 said...

petercox, I mentioned it here at the time, but one of my summer pool reads a year or two ago was FHTE and I was looking forward to reading the salacious parts that were considered too risque for the movie. I liked that there were some gay goings on, but reading the book felt like an eternity to me. Lord! It's been so long since I've seen it, but I wonder if the expanded TV miniseries version made any allusions, direct or subtly, to the homosex in and around Pearl Harbor? Since it was like 1979, I tend to doubt it.

Ginge, I used to have an alleged nude photo of Tony Randall until my laptop was burglarized. It may be out there on the net someplace. From the looks of this undie pic, I think the nude pic was real. I had NO IDEA (because I don't follow showbiz gossip the way I once did by purchasing The National Enquirer, Star Magazine and one legitimate news source: People Weekly. LOL) about Scott Baio and the battle over his manhood until I looked it up after your comment! Unbelievable!! I get so sick of these silly brouhahas, though. A whole newspaper could be filled by the apologies that everyone on earth demands each day for comments made by another. Not every remark is worthy of a federal case.

Dave in Alamitos Beach said...

The 70s were amazing for sure. I went through it and no one seemed to really think it was anything unusual at the time.

I still haven't gotten over the viewing on PBS of all things of Marc Singer in Taming Of The Shrew. He wore more clothes than Beastmaster, but what there was was mighty, er, snug.

Poseidon3 said...

Oh, yes, Dave! We featured Marc (and his painted-on tights) way back in 2012 during a prior post on the subject. See if this set of pics rings any bells... :-)

Queso Azul said...

Just dropped by your blog and my eyes got full of lust. Such a great turn ons to whoever you displayed here. Eye candy.
Baskets rule !!

Skippy Devereaux said...

In reference to the photos of Tommy Kirk in "Catalina Caper"---Del Moore is not the bleach blonde guy. Trust me on this one...Del Moore was middle-aged at this point in time and would be dead in a few years at the age of 54. Are you sure that blonde man is not Brian Cutler? Just wondering. But, Del Moore, not him.

Poseidon3 said...

Oh, Jesus, Skippy... On this one I have to claim a) it had been almost a year since I viewed the movie and b) I was so busy (and also lazy, I guess!) that I didn't reinvestigate further beyond the two top-billed actors to realize who was who. I'll fix immediately. Thank you! I am also quite reeling from the fact that the blonde hunk in this movie later went on to share the series "Isis" with Joanna Cameron. I NEVER would have connected the two. My apologies for the snafu.

Forever1267 said...

Andy Gibb and Kevin Costner, two of my would-be husbands! Thank you for all of your hard work.

You know, if you need a research assistant, I could send my resume!

Poseidon3 said...

Well, it seems I could sometimes use a proof-reader or an editor more! LOL Glad you liked these, Forever1267. And a couple of the photos herein did come about thanks to suggestions from some of my loyal readers, so you're welcome to share your own finds with me for a future post. (Just know that often times I get requests for pics that are already up on a previous grouping.) Thanks!