Friday, July 7, 2017

Fun Finds: Tippi Hedren Interview

Just sharing something I came upon one night while trapped in a truly one-horse town in which the sidewalks roll up at 9:00pm. Stationed in this burg with no place to go and nothing to do, my friend and I wandered into a newsstand sort place with an assortment of oddball publications. This one caught my eye because the cover was shared by Tippi Hedren (in a fun, feathery shot that I would like to have seen more of.) The cover date is June/July 2015. I must say that I have never again seen this magazine anywhere since, but I also very rarely look at magazines anymore since the prices of them began to climb to obscene levels a few years back. (I did, though, recently subscribe to Entertainment Weekly again for the first time in decades because there was a deal at $0.30/issue and that I could not pass up! I was a charter subscriber to that magazine until I quit them in a huff over their renewing me without consultation one time, thus billing a credit card I had paid off on purpose. But, anyway, that cranky "Mr. Wilson" sort of story need not be gotten into here!  LOL)

When I picked up this mag, which is a positivity-leaning periodical with a focus on health & disability, I was fiercely devoted to "The Tipster" and couldn't wait to read the interview (which is published in a very welcome manner... in order, without having to turn to this or that page, and in an easy-to-read style, dotted with original pictures from her animal preserve.) I still adore her, but with the caveat that I really did not enjoy her autobiography very much. It started off all right, but quickly devolved into an endless description of her sometimes heroic, sometimes foolish, life among the big cats when the cats I was really interested in reading about were people like Sean Connery, Marlon Brando, Christopher George and John Saxon, among others... Also, the last time I saw her, it looked like Melanie Griffith took her to her own (horrible) cosmetic surgeon for a mother-daughter special. But anyway, here is the interview for those who wish to read it (you may need to open these pages in a new tab or window, depending on how you're viewing this site?)

Also in this issue was an article having to do with The Special Olympics. (I used to volunteer with these games back in the late-1980s, but I'm ashamed to say that I didn't exert myself as hard as I should have when pushing my assigned participant Norvy around the track because of what it was doing to my then-shellacked, then-big hair! Nope... not shallow at all....!)
I guess I'm still more than a little shallow because you know I wasn't going to let this cute brother in a Speedo go unheralded, especially during what is still sort of 4th of July weekend!  Make it a fun one!


Gingerguy said...

This was a labor of love all around, her life is a lot less wacky than I thought it was. I still will probably never watch "Roar" but I remember reading about that endlessly in the 70's I have also never heard of Ability mag but it was really intelligent and well written. I have been scared off of anything like this since I picked up a Bette Midler interview in Lady's Home Journal that was so stupid I felt sorry for Bette. What studio was she in where she got hit with that much water, where they filmed "Titanic"?
She looks a little plumped up but not bad, an interesting family. So all completely different types it's amazing they are related. Tippi has literally devoted her life to animals and it sounds like she lives it every day, very very impressive. So is the itsy bitsy polka dot bikini.

Poseidon3 said...

Gingerguy, I saw "Roar" for the first time about a year or so ago. In some ways it was interesting/fascinating and then in others it came off as amateurish and dull. I was fine with checking it off my list of movies to see, but can't imagine rewatching it at any point. As for interviewers, I get SO ANNOYED when older stars are interviewed by people who have no clue who they are or where they fit in the show business landscape (and haven't put in the research to figure it out.) Makes me want to volunteer as a geezer interviewer so that I can ask what needs to be asked (and not gloss over potentially fascinating tidbits that get dropped without exploration.) Tippi still looked good in these pics. It was a recent interview in which I was aghast...

petercox, I've never heard of that magazine, but it sounds fascinating (and what a shame it was defunct so soon!) PMT was a great looking man with unusual features and coloring. I never, ever watched "Miami Vice," though. No idea why except NBC was usually my last place to head on the TV dial. I was an ABC baby, then CBS. This was, of course, in the dark ages before we had 100s of channels (most of which seem to feature more informercials than anything! Especially late at night. LOL)