Thursday, July 14, 2016

Keeping You Post(er)ed

Big time computer troubles at the moment. My laptop is in diagnosis! So as to maintain your attention for a bit as we breathe through all this annoyance, I am keeping you posted - let's make that "postered"- with some (random as hell!) pin-ups from the French-Canadian celebrity magazine Lundi. For many years, they made a practice of offering full-page (or in some cases, centerfold) photos of stars from all walks of TV and the movies. You may be surprised to see how some of these people looked at the time their portraits appeared. As time goes by, we sometimes forget the way current stars once looked, for better or worse, though classic stars often remain captured in amber. It has to be said that many times these pictures are of questionable quality to begin with, due to either photography, printing or color. I've done my best to clean 'em up. Meanwhile, PRAY that I get my laptop back soon with all its contents.
This was probably Sly's best phase looks-wise, tan and fit, but not too huge (or craggy!)
Elizabeth is bewitchingly natural, but for some fairly heavy lashes.
This translates (roughly) to "The Heirs of the Dream." Is that what Knots Landing was called or is this another project of his?!
From a 1979 TV-movie called Women in White which, believe it or not was about a group of 1920s male college students who each love a woman who dresses in white. When she dies, they hide the body, but fifty years later they begin being picked off one at a time!
There simply was no comparison at all between Catherine and her sudden replacement Karen Cellini. They ought to have killed off Amanda in the La Mirage fire, especially since she was soon written out anyway with nary a backward glance!
I can only guess that this is from the miniseries Scruples? We all just loved Lindsay in the '70s and '80s!
"I'm Elizabeth Taylor and this is my cleavage."
Queen of the miniseries, Jane Seymour.
Again, at or near his prime as Conan the Barbarian. Fun costume!
This is an unusual shot of Miss Jackie when one is used to her hair being big and full. She did love those animal prints!
I know Morgan was on Dallas, but I scarcely remember her decked out in cowboy get-up!
Sweet Holy Mother of God...
For people of a certain generation, Johnny was the LAST WORD in late night chit-chat and entertainment.
Hmmm... the glasses. Not sure I'm feeling them.
Pierce was practically a baby on Remington Steele (okay... twenty-nine.)
Ed was on "The Hill Street Brigade" according to this. (I never watched it, or Hill St. Blues, though I did always like Mr. Marinaro.)
No matter how many times it happens, I'm always startled to see Mrs. Ingalls out of Prairie drag.
Wow, this is an early shot of J.R. Larry looks pretty young here compared to later seasons (not to mention the redux!)
I never think of fitness or working out without my mind landing on Dynasty's Pamela Bellwood.
Who can forget In Living Color's Men on Books discussing Daniel Defoe and his famed novel Robinson Crusoe, which featured his man Friday. One of the reviewers said, "If he's anything like that l'il Willem Dafoe, I'll be his Friday, Saturday AND Sunday!"
Who'd have ever dreamed that this young star on the rise would one day be the host of Match Game?!
No, Debbie was not starring in "The Dinah Shore Story..." Do you know without looking which TV series Ms. Reynolds was starring in when this snap was taken? It was very short-lived because the shows it aped (The Love Boat and Fantasy Island) were both still on the air and doing fine thankyouverymuch!
Brad Davis was such a dynamic actor and he was taken from us far too soon at age forty-one. It goes without saying how much I liked him in Midnight Express (1978), but raise your hand if you ever saw Querelle (1982)?!!
Hmmm... this red tank gives me a Wonder Girl vibe (and looks better than the get-up she wore when she played Lynda Carter's little sis on Wonder Woman.)
It took both Mae West's and Lucille Ball's lens filters to capture this portrait.
This was how murky it was before I cleaned it up enough to see who was sitting in a room that was filled with leftover 4th of July smoke bombs!
Some of us recall Mr. Curtis before he adopted one of Rip Taylor's discarded toupees and wore it around for the final chapter or two of his life. He doesn't look happy here, but he does look more real than he did with all that thick phony hair. They say age is hard on curvy sexpots, but it's no easy ride for the hot young hunks either and Tony was a very beautiful young man.
I don't know where I was when Jessica's hair was this long. Here's a gal who really came into her own with age, collecting award after award (and legions of new fans.)
This is a very elegant and flattering shot of Mr. Forsythe. What a head of hair he had (and kept!)
Tough cookie grape-meister Miss Jane Wyman of Falcon Crest.
I spent way too much time looking at this scarf and trying to figure out how she got it tied under her hair before deciding that she wrapped it around her head and then put a wig over it! Hot Stuff.
Lee Remick had really grown as an actress since her starlet days and surely would have given many further terrific performances had cancer not claimed her at only age fifty-five.
This is Michael making the transition from TV crime show star to serious moviemaker. I never think of his hair being this dark (or his skin this pale.)
Unmasked! From Beauty and the Beast. (Perlman was the beast... Ha!)
Nurse Bobbi has gone all Finola Hughes form Staying Alive in this picture!
She had her faults and foibles, but we hate to think of Ms. Gabor suffering a wide variety of ailments at age ninety-nine. (It's one thing when you're still as hearty and sharp as Olivia de Havilland, who just turned one-hundred!)
We didn't seem to see a great deal of Claudia at this stage in her life.
Yes, Susan did put in almost a dozen appearances on Dallas in 1981, but she was far more blonde and painted up (and thinner even!) than this.
Did any of us think this little guy (who started on TV in 1981) would continue on to such a successful and considerable career? I know I didn't. And I think he's even gotten more handsome with age, too.
Oh, I did a double-take at this pre-Beaches portrait of Miss Barbara. As the song goes, "There'll be some changes made..."
NO ONE could touch Farrah Fawcett as the sex symbol of the mid-'70s, but Susan Anton gave her a brief run for her money (and provided Rue McClanahan with a funny punchline or two during The Golden Girls.)
Fred is sporting an interesting shirt closer here. I guess it keeps his ascot tucked in and any gray chest hair from springing out?  LOL
When I was a child, every adult woman I knew was wild for Al Pacino. I never ever got it, but he does look pretty good here.
I don't think I'd ever seen this sultry shot of Miss Pamela.
I presume by now after looking at all of these you are close to being as dazed as Mia is in this telling portrait.  That's it for now, kids!  P.S. If you don't feel like looking it up, Debbie Reynolds' 1981 series was Aloha Paradise, cancelled after seven episodes.


petercox97 said...

how could you confuse in living color's men on film with madtv? of course all is forgiven because you have a shot of brad davis. i did see querelle, but his best tv spots were in the miniseries sybil and roots.

pamela sue martin. god i loved her fallon. dynasty truly did not do the carrington girls or steven justice. they were so willy-nilly in their recasts. adam carrington and jeff colby should have run away together. whenever they were fighting and grappling all over each other, i used to wish they would just take a shower together and get it out of their system. ultimately, jeff threw adam over to star rolling around with the gorgeous maxell caulfield on the colbys.

Poseidon3 said...

How? Because I'm turning into a half-senile old geezer! LOL I'm turning 49 next month. No clue how I transposed those two shows, but I've been under some truly oppressive stress lately and am lucky to form complete sentences at this point. I've fixed it. And thanks! Oh, and I vividly remember all the physical tussling on Dynasty and The Colbys. My favorites, though, were one in which Adam and Steven went at it in the home gym and - most memorable of all - one in which Steven and Bart Falmont (in snug shorts) tore into one another forever and at the end fell on the floor, turned to one another and realized that they actually had attraction to one another! (And in TVLand, they're together to this day. LOL) The fight used to be on youtube, but not any more... You can see a bit of it here, though!

Gingerguy said...

John and Olivia from "Two of a kind"? Over the years I have watched a lot of his bombs but skipped that far. The one I couldn't finish due to boredom was "Staying Alive" so I missed the appearance of Jackie Zeman! I used to bring down the house calling her "Jackie Semen" in my living room after High School (captive audiences are the best). Agreed on Catherine Oxenburg,in real life she bizarrely married Robert Evans, but on tv she slept with Dex Dexter (oh Mummy!)I was very jealous. I lived for "Scruples" with Lindsey Wagner. I had read the book in 8th grade and it was my blueprint for life as I aspired to be a slutty shopaholic. I rewatched it recently and it's still a hoot. I love the Jackie Collins picture. What a great looking family, she always looked like she was enjoying herself. Ugh! Pamela Bellwood. Such a pouty Peggy, my favorite scene in Dynasty is when she lost her mind and threw a doll off a roof. I was hoping her character would be institutionalized and disappear...I would have guessed "Paradise Island" on the Debbie Reynolds show. I never saw it and only became familiar with it in the underworld. "Querelle" OMG! I found it on VHS for $1, what the hell is that? Like a Pierre et Gilles dirty movie. Very sexy but can't make heads or tails of it. Debra Winger was in "Thank God It's Friday" so maybe it's that period in the poster. Speaking of Miss Donna Summer, that is a very wacky picture. And yes Susan Anton had her day in the sun. She did a Summer replacement show (remember those?...snore...The Starland Vocal Band even had one)with Mel Tillis where they did short jokes and made fun of his stuttering. Every once in a while I look for "GoldenGirl" on youtube. I remember the commercials for that feature film, she was like a 'roided up Olympic Athlete. Best of luck with your IT issues Poseidon but this sure was a fun posting for a man of my age (51) you are still a youngster :)

Roberta Steve said...

Poseidon, I'll keep it short, as I too am having technical difficulties. These photos brought back an entire decade of my life (1970s) when I was a slave to the TV. How I ever learned to read and write I don't know. The thing that struck me the most is how natural stars looked then, before the era of molding, sculpting, weaving, freezing and lifting. It's funny to see actors/actresses with unbleached teeth and no breast implants. Too bad we live in the age of homogenized glamour! We had faces then!

Rick Gould said...

Tony Curtis was notoriously vain! Watching his interviews with TCM's Robert Osborne are pretty hard to take. In one of his several memoirs, he actually referred to Brando, Elvis, and himself as the big three male icons of the '50s!

petercox97 said...

god, goldengirl: i wish they would release that on dvd. maybe susan would do the commentary. i was an unapologetic fan of susan anton. she had such a sense of humor about herself. i don't know why she wasn't a bigger star. the only thing i've found on youtube makes fun of goldengirl and i don't know why. if rocky could be taken seriously, i don't know why susan gets a bad rap because she's in a spandex leotard. the movie isn't half bad except they gave her repulsive james coburn as a leading man. he's about as passionate as a drunken sailor on shore leave. as for the theme song that she sings at various times throughout the movie, the only theme song that makes me dizzier with delight is the valley of the dolls.

R.A.M.'67 said...

Wow! A cool collection of posters ranging from the good (Johnny Carson) to stuff best described as "last known photo" (Mia Farrow).

In the category "Best Dressed", I vote for Ron Perlman.

Poseidon3 said...

Lord... I am back! Computergate is over and I am now the proud owner of a new laptop, not something I had any intention of purchasing at the moment, but life goes on. So I'm still in the process of figuring out some of the details, but will be posting again soon.

Gingerguy, my younger stepsister ADORED John Travolta (and, in truth ONJ, too) and so I had to go with or take her to all of his movies back in the day. I was secretly happy when she dragged me to the epically-awful "Staying Alive" but less so when we went to "Two of a Kind." Oddly, I don't know if either of them ever looked better in their lives than they did in this film, but it is RANCID. I once had a coworker/quasi-girlfriend who said that, as a child, she thought that all movies were inherently good. She didn't realize there were BAD ones until she went to see "Hercules," starring Lou Ferrigno. I think "Two of a Kind" was a similar experience for me. I was acutely aware during it that this was screen excrement, even with attractive stars. LOL As always, I loved reading your other remarks ("Jackie Semen!!") I can't recall reading Scruples, but I unquestionably recall sifting through Fear of Flying and Princess Daisy! Egads! I never saw "Goldengirl" - I seem to recall there being an issue because it was Olympic-themed and then we didn't compete?? Or something like that. I only knew Susan from a show called "Cliffhangers" and then from her relationship with Dudley Moore (which was quite a visual...)

Roberta, you are so right!! Sure there were some copycats back then, but today it's like there is one or maybe two templates for how a person should (has to?) look and they just seem to augment themselves into that at any cost! Zzzzzzz Someone out there has been raking in the dough with extensions, implants, zoom bleaching, spray-tanning and Botox!

Rick, it's been a long time, but I do recall Tony's ginormous ego. He was a definite matinee idol, but never in the league of Elvis, much less Brando! Because he was so pretty - and he was - he did have trouble proving himself. He can thank Burt Lancaster for giving him a good chance or two at that. And when he seemed to finally break out of his "Yonda lies duh castle of my fadduh!" popcorn image, he squandered it with a hefty dollop of destructive behavior.

Petercox, I already mentioned my (non)recollections of "Goldengirl" but I'd love to see it now! No one can deny that Susan was a statuesque looker! And she always seemed to have personality and heart, not just some dim, blonde bulb. I also am not too high on James Coburn, at least not as a romantic lead!! Ick... His face always put me in the mind of the statues on Easter Island and his lank figure just made it all weirder. But now I need to find and hear the "Goldengirl" theme song!

R.A.M.'67, HILARIOUS about Mia... She just looks so out of it in that picture!!! It reminds me of the final shot of Katharine Ross in "The Stepford Wives."

Knuckles Girlyskirt said...

I've lived in Quebec (Canada) my entire life...and "Lundi" was always available at every grocery checkout counter in the province. I never bought a single issue, because it was pretty much a cheezy magazine, not worth the cover price. This posting has now made me regret that I didn't stock up on issues when I had the chance.

Also, I loved Cliffhangers, particularly "Stop Susan Williams" (starring Miss Anton)...Susan also appeared in a hilarious scene in The Julie Brown Show pilot, which sadly never went further than the pilot episode. It is on YouTube and definitely worth checking out for that scene alone

Dave in Alamitos Beach said...

I vaguely recall a Susan Anton variety show of some kind. I can picture her singing (pretty well as I recall) next to some "wacky" guy. It was sort of like a poor man's Sonny & Cher. Did I just dream it?

I remember seeing a poster of Sylvester Stallone where he was wearing a green tank top and flexing in some way and thinking that I was feeling something I couldn't really identify. :-) This poster looks to be from the same general era.

And I'm sorry but Al Pacino has (well had) THAT face. Yum.

PS can anyone track down the video of Sondra Locke as Rosemary Clooney? I'd love to see that someday.

Poseidon3 said...

Knuckles, I had no idea you were in Canada! "Take off, eh!" LOL You learn something new every day. I have similar feelings about the piles of National Enquirer and Star magazines that we tossed out and, though they were trashy, sometimes they contained some neat color publicity photos. I will have to check out Susan on The Julie Brown Show. Thanks!

Dave, is this it??

BTW, from what I can gather, Susan Anton had a 4-episode series of specials called "Presenting Susan Anton" in 1979. I don't know which, if any guest stars or supporting players might have done a skit with her like that.