Saturday, February 27, 2016

Well, We've Gone to the Dogs Again...

Yep, though we've trod this path before here and here, we've since dug up even more canine treasures to share, so we're off and running once more with some pics of celebrities and pooches (some in a costarring capacity, mostly pets.) By the way, if you are interested in more about doggie actors, check out this old post. Thanks to today's cover girl, Cyd Charisse, who has her hands full of puppies! Now let's open the doggie door to the rest of our friends.
John Gilbert is in the doghouse in this shot, but if you look closely, it's also a cathouse!
Hunky Buster Crabbe seems to have met his match in this sizable pal!
Screen lover Charles Boyer receives a bit of affection from a furry friend.
Ringlet-haired Shirley Temple has an extra special Christmas treat this time out.
Here we find Shirley at home several years later with a Pekinese pet.
Yvonne de Carlo is in danger of losing control of her German Shepherd during this adventuresome outing!
Pretty Joan Leslie strikes a pose with a fluffy friend.
Dawn Addams finds consolation in her canine costar for The Moon is Blue (1953.)
Clark "The King" Gable and one of his hunting buddies.
Richard Egan relaxes with a faithful friend.
Hugh O'Brian and his assistant have their eye on a prize catch.
Marilyn Monroe frolics with a teensy toy.
Janet Leigh seems happy to be covered in fur.
Piper Laurie shares her leisurely day by the pool with a paw-shaking pooch.
Humpy Steve Cochran offers his treasured canine a lift in the basket of his bicycle!
Cochran loved this doggie so much he was willing to take second-billing on their dressing room door!
A kindly canine helps Bette Davis to unwind near the beach.
Questions about concerning Greer Garson, a camera, a poodle and some testicular-looking hanging fruit! LOL
Jane Russell gets up close and personal with her beloved companion.
James Dean tempts fate by resting under a ladder as a canine companion looks on.
Marlon Brando manages to hold onto both his wiener (dog) and his morning coffee simultaneously.
Dog lover and animal activist Doris Day is playing a song for her buddy on a transistor radio. ("How Much is that Doggie in the Window," perhaps?)
A rather stately Grace Kelly strikes a pose with her poised pal.
Rock Hudson has really gone to the dogs in this shot!
Yul Brynner wants his companion to take note of something or someone.
Lee Marvin seems to be taking part in (and winning!) a owner-pet lookalike contest in this photo.
Kirk Douglas never struck me as the poodle type, but here they are together... It's a big one!
Jane Fonda is roughing it with her alert attendant.
Actress-turned-animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot is inspected by this curious canine.
Geraldine Chaplin has what might be a matching coat for her shopping cohort.
Jayne Mansfield seemed always to have a dog around, though I rarely think of her with a bulldog.
This is more akin to what I expect of Jayne, a teeny little chihuahua.
Toby Michaels has an armload of animal during Love in a Goldfish Bowl (1961.)
Connie Stevens cradles a Yorkie for a photo op.
I am obsessed with the precious pooch who's being looked over by Billy Mumy.
Barbara Feldon and Dona Adams, the spies of Get Smart (1965-1970), strike a kooky pose with their canine companion.
We previously published a color version of this loo-loo (in a different pose) of June Allyson during publicity for They Only Kill Their Masters (1972.) That deranged, glazed smile seems to really be worrying the precious angel she's holding!
Barbara Rush stretches out alongside a furry fellow.
You might not readily recognize this blonde young'n (whose dog is barely visible in this picture!), but it is none other than Jan-Michael Vincent!
Not sure who's getting the most exercise in this shot: the dog, actor-turned-President Ronald Reagan or Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher!

Soliel Moon Frye gets a helping hand from a canine costar in Punky Brewster (1984-1988.)
Ah, we may be into another owner-pet lookalike contest with William Conrad of Jake and the Fatman (1987-1992.)
Paul Gross (of Due South, 1994-1999) has a real beaut posing with him here.
Soap star Deidre Hall isn't likely to get lost in the wilderness with her two aged allies (or that magenta jumpsuit!)
Another soap star, Winsor Harmon of The Bold and the Beautiful (1996-2015), manages to steal focus from the dog with his chiseled torso.
Rather than end chronologically, I thought I'd finish out our dog run with some beefcake on the side. This is actor Tom Neal (and if you want to see a story every bit as dramatic as any Hollywood movie, look up his life!)
I love this shot of Randolph Scott and some lucky dog...
Errol Flynn always loved dogs (probably more than people!)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. enjoys a day at the beach with a frisky friend.
Who ever knew that Larry Parks had guns like this under all those 1940s suits?! This is a still from 1944's Sergeant Mike, which may be well worth checking out.
Who could ask for a cuter swimming coach than Bonanza's (1959-1973) Michael Landon?
And we'll close with Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, in happy times, sharing a laugh with their poodle. Curtis's trunks make us long for the upcoming summer weather!


Roberta Steve said...

Poseidon, I am a dog lover so this post really struck a cord. Have to say, however, that what also struck a cord was how immaculately groomed the classis stars of Hollywood were. I know their photos were staged by publicity departments, but still, before the era of retouching and Photoshop they look terrific while also looking real. That,to me, is so unlike today's stars. When I see photos of the actors/actresses today they seem styled, made up, plastic surgerized, and retouched within an inch of their lives, even when they're photographed supposedly casual.

As cute as the dogs in the photos are, I was distracted by the fashions in a few photos. Love Grace Kelly's elegant look. Bette Davis' Beach ensemble looks surprisingly contemporary. (Bette in shorts!). Doris Day's sportswear reminds me of Ralph Lauren's Americana look, and, Jane Fonda's suede thigh high boots, oh my! Heaven.

The one look I covet the most, though, is Shirley Temple's. The sweater. The pants. Those shoes!!! I could see that look coming down a runway today. And wasn't Shirley lovely when she grew up.

The men look good too, and will definitely look up Tom Neal. One observation: Hugh O'Brian looks a little wan in his photo, not his usual rugged self. I didn't recognize him at first.

Thanks again. It so brightens my day when I see a new post from you!

PS Since discovering your blog last year, I've been inspired to start my own blog. It's reflections on growing up in Pittsburgh and called Steel Town Girl. I want to thank you for inspiring me! Love ya!

normadesmond said...


can you imagine a celeb putting a vanity plate on their car like that today?

(the least you could've done is include a shot of ava gardner & her corgi)

Anonymous said...

How refreshing it is to look at Tom Neal in a candid moment far from his noir image, and showing some skin to boot!

Poseidon3 said...

Roberta, I'm glad you enjoyed this (and clearly paid quite a bit of attention to each of the photos!) I've seen stories on TV about the way magazine covers & spreads are tweaked and photoshopped to the absolute nth degree and it's ridiculous. No wonder so few people (young girls, in particular) feel as if they measure up. I know that old time glamour portraits were also airbrushed and touched up, but the casual shots in magazine layouts usually weren't (or at least not to such an extent.) I'm happy that my site perks up your day(s) and congratulations on forging your own blog. I always say one can never truly understand the work that goes into one unless they've tried it. Best of luck to you!

Armando, it would be neat to see a movie based on Tom Neal and Barbara Payton (not to mention Franchot Tone), but who could be the one to root for?! :-)

Gingerguy said...

I love dogs!thank you so much Poseidon. Super cute, that dog with Billy Mummy is adorable. Not be a bitch (it's a theme) but I don't even think a dog groomer could have helped Jayne Mansfield with that hair, OMG.

Poseidon3 said...

I dunno... I've seen some youtube videos that took some seriously matted and damaged pooches and had then skipping out of the grooming parlor looking good as new! LOL Maybe Jayne didn't live near a Paws 'n Claws or Melody Manor.