Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sweat(er)ing to the Oldies

It's snowy here. Time to break out the sweaters and what better way to do it than with a collection of handsome vintage fellas from the world of show biz! Hopefully, you'll brush up against one of your favorites in this collection (which contains several of my own beloved men - some of whom have tributes here. Just click on his name if it's highlighted.) Thanks to our cover boy today, a ready-to-skate Rory Calhoun.

One of the silver screen's most enduring icons (though more for his sheik or tango-dance garb than for his appearances wearing a sweater.)
Silent screen (and talkie) heartthrob George O'Brien, who we utterly adore.
The beautiful, zestful Errol Flynn, who demonstrated casual elegance in virtually all of his 1930s clothing.
Young Robert Taylor in the days before his looks turned harder and more rugged.
Nattily-dressed Scott Brady.
Healthy and handsome Gene Kelly (going commando under his light sweater.)
Tennis anyone? Peter Lawford is serving up a bold-patterned, sporty sweater.
Jack Lord, before his wave of hair was fully-perfected, in a melon-colored sweater.
Handsome Guy Madison has a death-grip on this piece of fence (and, if you believe the rumors, sometimes had a good grip on pal Rory Calhoun, too!)
Rock Hudson is rocking the sweater vest versus one with sleeves, but I let him in today's club anyway.
Gorgeous Tab Hunter models a ski sweater (which would also be appropriate for ice-skating, at which he was quite proficient.)
Surly James Dean offers a darker side to today's topic.
Young Steve McQueen has a pensive moment.
I wonder what's caught Hugh O'Brian's attention as he models a canary-yellow cardigan.
Robert Vaughn is a little bit rusty in his heavy knit.
A rare shot of western star Clint Walker in a contemporary sweater. Editor's Note: This photo was added after the post was up for several days, but finding it soon after I had to include it for posterity!

James Garner models a classic look: the solid color sweater over a white turtleneck.

George Segal is bundled up in a thick cardigan.
The complicated Jack Cassidy gives us a piercing pose.
Cutie-patootie Robert Conrad looks as if he might have snagged his sleeve a bit on the rough crate they've given him to pose upon!
Pretty boy Troy Donahue was fond of wearing cardigans and sweaters in his 1960s films.
Chad Everett looks lean in this unusual shot.
Warren Beatty in the early days of his long career.
Pat Boone sports a classic-style v-neck sweater.
George Peppard doesn't even have his sweater on, but how could I resist that beaming smile?
Rugged Rod Taylor softens things up a bit with a cashmere pullover.
The darkly-handsome and brooding Ray Danton.
Fabian Forte causes us to choose between those pretty eyes and that considerable hint of chest hair.
On the subject of eyes, it's hard to beat the beautiful ones of Rick Nelson.
We wrap this up with a 1980s star whose chiseled good looks harkened back to the pretty-boy days of the late-50s & early-60s, the beautiful Jon-Erik Hexum.


Gingerguy said...

I got a little sweaty looking at this wild and woolly collection Poseidon. Rory Calhoun was really gorgeous, now I think of him from that crazy 80's "Angel" movie. I don't normally have hots for Gene Kelly (though I always love his dancing)but in that picture I can see how he could easily play the louse onstage in "Pal Joey". I guess the 60's were the biggest years for beefcake plus sweater. I recently saw an episode of "Honey West" with Ray Danton and that man was fine!

roberta steve said...

Whoa, let me cat h my breath. It's gettig hot in here! Poseidon, I am on vacation in Aruba, and the last thing on my mind is sweaters...until now. The fellows you've picked are all gorgeous of course, in any kind of clothing or not. But the one that really jumps out is George O'Brien. I thought that was a contemporary photo of some new up and coming actor I didn't know. I clicked on your link and was stunned to read that he was a silent movie star. Man, he would be a star all over again today;his looks really transcend time. If I may say, if Bruce Willis and Kevin Costner had a love child (with good hair) it would be George. Thank you for introducing him to me!

Just a small thing to bring to your attention, darling Poseidoñ, I think you meant to type good "looks" in the caption under Jon Erik Hexum. It reads as good "luck" which we all know sadly that Mr. Hexum did not have.

Now back to the beach to dream about George O'Brien!

joel65913 said...

A marvelous collection Poseidon! So many fine looking men to choose from.

Love that picture of Rory Calhoun, the colors are perfect. I'll been having a bit of a Calhoun film festival of late, many of his films are on YouTube so I've been taking advantage. He was never a great actor in the Olivier/Spencer Tracy vein but he was certainly a pleasant presence...and after watching many of his films it seems he had a stipulation in every contract that his pants MUST fit snugly. And for that we can all be thankful.

angelman66 said...

Thank you for the winter wonderland of beefcake on this chilly morning!
I have always thought sweaters were very sexy, and this bevy of handsome men sure proves it.

That George O'Brien is gorgeous...had never heard of him before I will be looking him up.

What a nice way to warm up into the day, Poseidon, thanks again!

Poseidon3 said...

Hey, my friends! Thanks for your comments on this post.

Gingerguy, for me, Rory was very handsome, but in time became way too skinny and didn't age particularly well. (I recall a particularly ghastly episode of celebrity "Family Feud.") I did love this photo of him. I completely agree about Gene Kelly, too. I usually don't find him all that sexy, but then out of the blue a certain look or dance will wake me up to his hunk potential. I love this particular shot of him. And, yes, Ray Danton was grrrrrr.

Roberta, I'm glad you enjoyed George O'Brien as much as I do! There is even MORE of him at this link:

You have to wait to the end of the post, but it is indeed worth it, trust me. And, yes, I have fixed the (screw you autocorrect!) typo on Mr. Jon-Erik's caption. Poor guy had no luck at all on the day of his senseless death...

Joel, I'm going to have to do some stringent research on Rory's old movies! Ha. I have a season of his TV show "The Texan" on dvd and even in grainy black & white and with him in black pants always, his talent shows through.....

Angelman, thank you for reading and commenting! I'm glad that you too appreciate George O'Brien and recommend that you also visit the link above. He was really something and OUGHT to have been a megastar if for no other reason than his hunky face and brawny body.