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Yes, we are back with more male stars taking a moment to scrub off the harsh realities of life with a dip in the bathtub (or some similar setting.) We've had this topic bubble up before here, here and here, but now we've amassed a few more examples, so it's time to draw upon them again! Thanks to our cover boy this time out, Jeff Bridges in Hearts of the West (1975.)
In a scenario you'll see more than once in this post, Martin Milner can't seem to achieve any privacy during his bath in this scene from an unidentified film.
Here is Milner years later taking a dip in a lake during a 1965 guest appearance on Laredo.
Miss Susie Slagle's (1946) was a heart-tugger about med school students rooming in Lillian Gish's boarding house, but Billy De Wolfe provided comic relief as one of the residents (who, as seen here, has plenty of company during his bathtime!)
Robert Tayler is lent a hand for his back in 1951's epic Quo Vadis.
We love Maurice Evans' bathtub in the 1952 film Androcles and the Lion.
Before becoming a household name in I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball was a movie actress in many now-obscure films like Valley of the Sun (1942), a western in which she had the terrific fortune of interrupting James Craig during a dip in a barrel. (As you can see, though, he has pants on...)
While we're out west, let's take a gander at Ward Bond and Jon Hall bobbing in the water as Dana Andrews (in uniform) looks on in Kit Carson (1940.)
Robert Mitchum took a remarkable number of baths in his movies and this shot is from El Dorado (1966.)
Henry Fonda washes off some prairie dust in Welcome to Hard Times (1967.)
You know... my grade school rented The Light in the Forest (1958) for us to watch, way back in the mid-'70s and that's the last time I ever saw it. Having seen this shot of Fess Parker watching James MacArthur take a bath, maybe it's time I took another look!!
James Garner does double-duty, shaving and bathing in Skin Game (1971.)
Now kicking off a mini world tour, we find Red Buttons getting some bath time assistance (not to mention an Oscar!) in Sayonara (1957)
In Italy, Gian Maria Volante gets a hand from Irene Papas in Christ Stopped at Eboli (1979.)
Barry Evans gets plenty of attention from Moyra Fraser in the British sex romp Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (1968.)
Rod Steiger as Napoleon can't get much peace in Waterloo (1970.)
The Russian-set drama Fury (1973) finds Oliver Reed sharing a cozy tub with Claudia Cardinale.
As noted earlier, Robert Mitchum took quite a few on-screen baths, so we round out our mini-world tour with a series of shots from The Angry Hills (1959), a WWII drama set in Greece.

I included this last one of Mr. M freshly out of the tub and in a towel because it better shows off his forty-two year-old chest.
In Wild in the Streets (1968), Christopher Jones luxuriates in a deluxe bathtub.
Here's a closer look.
In Bloody Mama (1970), Shelley Winters likes to add the personal touch with her boys on bath day. Here, Robert Walden is being scrubbed down.
And here Walden is scalded with hot water from his brother Clint Kimbrough.
Next up, Robert De Niro (yes, that Robert De Niro!) is washed up by Mama Winters.
In this, one of my favorite bathtub scenes, all of the men were nude on set and with a little freeze-framing one can make out Kimbrough's and De Niro's private parts.
Here we see a rear view of Albert Popwell about to enter a soothing bath in Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (1975.)
Popwell and his brother Caro Kenyatta are prisoners of the evil crime boss Stella Stevens, but she allows them to enjoy the on-site facilities during their stay.
After some hesitation, Kenyatta gives into temptation and joins the fun.
I have never seen an episode of M*A*S*H, but I might be tempted to at least watch part of this one, in which three of the castmates (McLean Stevenson, Alan Alda and Wayne Rogers) take a communal bath.
Exotic-looking actor Judson Scott takes the plunge during his short-lived series The Phoenix (1981-1982.)
If you've never seen the 1981 rendition of Lady Chatterley's Lover, you owe it to yourself to check it out. In it, she (Sylvia Kristel) spies her gardener Nicholas Clay (a hunk for the ages!) giving himself a standing bath outside his cottage. :::sigh:::
Steve Martin suds up in The Jerk (1979)?
River Phoenix has a reflective moment in My Own Private Idaho (1991.)
A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys.
Handsome John Hamm relaxes with the paper in this magazine spread.
The 1985 romp Private Resort has provided a lot of fodder for my posts on towels, underwear and so on and here it is again in the post about bath time! Hector Elizondo has too much soap in his eyes to know that he's got accidental company in his bubble bath.
Rob Morrow, who is on the run after a bizarre encounter with a female guest of the resort, is in the tub, too!
Elizondo finds out (the hard way?) that his bathtub companion is not his wife.
We do love our Martin Kove and were perfectly willing to watch Steele Justice (1987), at the suggestion of a friend of Poseidon's Underworld, to see his bathing scene.
Like so many in this post, he is joined by company. Is real life like this or is it a cinematic conceit?!
The humpy Mr. Kove is a true joy to behold in his skin-baring scene.
We come to a close with a rather unusual sequence from The Waltons. In the episode "The Heritage," a therapudic hot spring provides relaxation and rejuvenation to Grandpa Walton (Will Geer) and John Boy (Richard Thomas.)
The two are quite cozily intertwined as they take their dip, but are interrupted by some passersby who wind up wanting to buy the place for its water.
I'm not aware of any other Waltons episode that showed this much skin (even if Will Geer isn't at the top of my list of cast members I want to see shucked down!)
I end with this, though, because it has a funny postscript. This scene, obviously done on a soundstage, would normally have the actors in some sort of moleskin undies or patches or something, but they were apparently nude or, at least, ditched whatever they'd been wearing because at the end of this brief blooper reel, they are singing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" to the crew and flip around to moon everyone! Geers gonads have to be edited out with a white dot!
We hope you enjoyed this trip to the bathtub and can luxuriate in your own, like Liberace, the first chance you get.


Knuckles Girlyskirt said...

I've never been a big Robert Mitchum fan...but he certainly looks good in a tub. Still, if I had to share dirty bathwater with someone in this posting, it would have to be Oliver Reed. I've always found him sexy in a sleazy kind of way. Now, for some strange reason, I'm in the mood to watch "Women in Love" again...See what you've done to me!

F. Nomen said...

How have you never seen a single episode of M*A*S*H?

Gingerguy said...

Tiny bubbles! fabulous pics of Mitchum, what a sexy man he was. I was just watching "Angel Face" this weekend so nice to see this today. I didn't know Henry Fonda had a hairy back, yikes! You also reminded me of "Wild In The Streets" which I haven't seen in about 25 years, good, crazy Shelley in that. I have always been curious about Liberace's bathroom. Thanks for letting me know that is his good taste didn't leave out the bathroom.

joel65913 said...

What a fine collection of soakers. That Mitchum was a sexy devil in his laconic careless way.

I haven't seen Light in the Forest for probably as long as you and now seeing that picture and remembering James MacArthur's almost constant near nakedness in it I'm asking myself why that is!!

I well remember that scene in the mess of a movie that Bloody Mama is. For me it was always Don Stroud that was the eye catcher but it was fun to see DeNiro in something so unbridled from early in his career.

Speaking of memorable scenes the Nicholas Clay scrubdown in Lady Chatterley is madly erotic, he was a very beautiful man.

And lastly I suffered, it is painfully bad!, through Private Resort just because of the adorable Rob Morrow and that extended scene of him running through the hotel hallways with just a towel clutched in front of him.

Poseidon3 said...

Hey, y'all! Greetings from the fifth circle of hell. I cannot climb out of the workload hole that I'm in at work, no matter how much I plug along. Taking a moment now to respond you your always-welcome comments.

Knuckles, I never counted Robert Mitchum as a big favorite, but the more I see of his earlier work, the more I like. In fact, I was watching a movie on TCM while at the gym on a treadmill and it was one of his earliest things: Girl Rush (1944) - He was 27 years old and beautiful! Of course, I love Ollie, too. As a musketeer (my favorite one, in fact), he is in a special category here.

F. Nomen... when I was a kid, watching M*A*S*H would have been the furthest thing from my mind. I was only into things with glamour or at least pretty surroundings. As I grew up (and further outward in my tastes), I still never developed an interest in it. For me, the sound of Alan Alda's voice is nearly unbearable, but even worse, if I hear the opening strains of that theme song, I hurtle myself towards the TV or the remote as fast as humanly possible! I know it's supposed to be great, meaningful, innovative and all that, but somehow I just never got on board. Any clip I ever saw just left me cold, too. I just can. not. watch. that. show. :-O (PS - I've also never seen even one episode of Friends and one and only one E/R - the one with Clooney saving a kid in a storm drain!)

Gingerguy, I saw Angel Face not too long ago as well! I wanted to check out Barbara O'Neil (Scarlett's mom) in it. It was an fairly interesting movie as many of Otto Preminger's are. Did you happen to see the Michael Douglas made-for-cable movie on Liberace? They supposedly recreated Lee's bathroom as closely as they could for MD and Matt Damon to bathe in! ;-)

Joel, I'll be checking out Light in the Forest the next time it comes my way, for sure! And in Bloody Mama, Don Stroud is my favorite, too!! I don't like the wig they have on him in this first scene, but he loses it soon enough. I wish he'd have been getting a bath here. He does have a later bath in a porcelain tub with Shelley, again, doing the honors, but you can't see anything in the cloudy, soapy water. That movie is crazy, but the tie-in novel for it was downright horrifying! It's been years, but I remember feeling, "Eeeeeww" while reading it. Private Resort has provided me with video evidence for use in posts about underwear, towels, tubs... Bulges are there, too! So I can't complain about it. LOL I love those tawdry old 1980s sex romps like Spring Break, Hardbodies, etc... they usually accidentally include beefcake along with all the t & a.

Thanks, everyone!

normadesmond said...

when mr. geer asked the director what his motivation was, the director pointed to john boy's bazooka.
i'm sure mr. thomas told will he could look, but must not touch.