Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I've Got a Clint in My Eye Today!

We have a lot of trouble doing without Clint Walker in our lives and so periodically collect photos of him in his 6'6" hairy-chested splendor. Between his chiseled face with ice blue eyes and his brawny torso, we often have trouble deciding exactly where to look when he's on-screen! So here is a selection of recently curated pictures that will give you a chance to look him over for yourself.

Cute as he is, this early, skinny version of CW is not my favorite. I typically like a little man with my man.
He's still got that handsome face, but it's so lean.
Maybe I just have a daddy fixation or something, but I like him a bit more fleshed out.
Here's a rather rare glimpse of him in contemporary clothes.
A gal could hardly do better than to make her cinematic debut in the arms of Clint Walker (check that paw he's laying on her shoulder!) Laraine Stephens portrayed his love in flashback during None But the Brave (1965.)
I like it when his hair falls down over one eye, too. More on that in a moment.
Look out for his big ol' knife!
Mr. W. dwarfs even the horses... it's only natural that he dwarfs the average mortal like this set painter!
His gargantuan physique can hold its own against any landscape or terrain.
Otherwise manly costars (such as, in this instance, James Caan) shrink in his presence.
Look how he towers over Burt Reynolds in Sam Whiskey (1973.) Not all leading men are comfortable working alongside someone so physically imposing.
He has to look down to see eye-to-eye with a stallion!
Behold physical perfection!
And so yummy in color.
The one way I might be convinced to come outside and help chop the wood. His affectionate Night of the Grizzly (1966) costars are Martha Hyer and Victoria Meyerink (and who can blame 'em?!)
And Clint was no dummy. See... He can pour water out of a boot even without the instructions written on the heel!
Here, Leticia Roman (Hollywood's luckiest actress in the history of cinema) helps Clint with his bath in Gold of the Seven Saints (1961), which was a black & white movie.
I like this redo a bit better!
For this bit of fun, costar Roger Moore got in on the action...
...but just like before, I like this redo better!
In color, his eyes light up the screen. Yellowstone Kelly (1959.)
From the same movie, he's seen here in the midst of a brawl. Love his messy hair.
Again, those eyes! That hair! (That chin!) And you can't even hear the voice, which is my favorite on earth...
Several of Clint's movies feature sleeping scenes (ostensibly in the raw?)
In Yellowstone Kelly, his roomie Edd Byrnes has trouble sleeping. (So would I!)
I really don't think seeing Clint wake up would help matters!
What a man... I hope you enjoyed these glimpses of him!


VanceMan said...

A wonderful afternoon treat! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Did he have any children? I hope he passed on those amazing genes!

Gingerguy said...

Oh baby!

A said...

Made my day!

Poseidon3 said...

Y'all are men of few words when it comes to the comments for this post, but the words are affirmative! Ha! Dave, I am ashamed to say that I had no clue about whether Clint Walker had any children, but I finally looked it up and saw that he did have one daughter, Valerie Walker, who had a keen interest in aviation and went on to be a (rare at the time) female pilot for Delta. Accomplished and attractive as she is/was, I would love to have seen a son sired by Mr. W. :-)

Unknown said...

Well 50% of Clint's genes are in Valerie Walker, so here's hoping SHE passed them along to some (potentially) very lucky grandson.

Corriea said...

02 23 2019 11 42p Poseidon Clint Walker Touches the Sky
I Recall Clint Walker in Three ABC Movies of the Week
''Yuma'' 03/02/1971 ''HARDCASE'' 02/01/1972
''The Bounty Man'' 10/31/1972.
I Would Have Liked to Have Seen Clint Walker
in Another Western TV Series!

Unknown said...

All man! Thank you Mr Walker for entertaining us through the years. Live on in our hearts!

Poseidon3 said...

Unknown, glad you liked this! It's practically a mission of mine to make sure people know about the divine Mr. Walker...!

Peter78730 said...

He lived in the northern California town of Grass Valley, where I lived 2000-2005, but I cannot recall seeing him. And believe me, I would remember an encounter like that! The only man who could come close to matching Clint Walker in looks and physique was Jon-Erik Hexum.

Poseidon3 said...

I agree with you, Peter78730, on all counts, but Clint's looks did change a fair degree as he got older. (Lord knows the same goes for me!) In his day, he was incredible to behold.

DB said...

Thank you so much! The hunkiest hunk! Miss him! Gorgeous man!