Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter (and Other!) Bonnets

Yes, it's another photo-oriented post. I am besieged with rehearsal and preparations for my latest (and last for a long while!) show, which opens May 1st. I still have many fun things in the chute, but for the moment I give you these shots of various famous ladies in hats. We visited this subject once before, but I've since amassed another collection in the two years since that. My own favorites are the HUGE, floppy ones. Which do you prefer? Have a great holiday and I'll be back asap!
Stay with us, Emma. The shoot is almost over!
I thought this was a stunning portrait of Carole.
My reason for living...
If one is going by this shot, Miss M. was NOT a hat person!
Ahhh... Now we're talking!
??? A lost costume from Death on the Nile?
This is proof that few prime-time soap divas could wear hats as well as Joan "Alexis" Collins of Dynasty. Fortunately, Ms. Gray was rarely placed in one on Dallas
Hats off to all of you, ladies!


Knuckles Girlyskirt said...

For a fraction of a second, I thought it was Hermione Badley in that fez. How wrong I was!

Great shot of Ann-Margret (a personal fave) in her fur hat. Of course, she could make a live otter on her head look sexy.

NotFelixUnger said...

I adore the last picture of Joan Fontaine. It looks like she's heading somewhere and about to say, "Goodbye." From the looks of the backdrop it looks like she's going up (not down!) Good for her!

Olivia better watch out!

Ken Anderson said...

Candice Bergen is my favorite in this collection, but the Emma Samms pic and caption are a hoot!

Gingerguy said...

I am struck by the gorgeous picture of Ava Gardner, you can gild a lily, she looks amazing. The Bette Davis is a puzzler, I know she did Asian in "Madame Sin"(!!!!) so what the heck is that?

joel65913 said...

Interesting collection of various chapeaux. As with most collections we have some winners and some big losers and a draw or two.

Clara Bow's little Dutch girl cap is fetching and right in line with her It Girl image. Is it gold lame'? That would be too perfect!

Maybe if Maureen O'Hara's picture had been in color her matching gloves and hat would work but as it they make me quesy.

That thing on Katharine Hepburn's head almost looks like she's wearing a table! Awful and she's wearing slacks with it! If they were going for a Mexican senorita look she should at least be wearing a skirt. I don't think it would have helped much anyway.

Both Ava Gardner's and Carole Landis's pictures are striking. Ava's because of the composition of colors and Carole's because it's just a big old splash of color but they should have left that blue ribbon out, it separates her head from her body. Another marvel of color and composition is Candice Bergen's snap, the little piece of gauze around the stem of the umbrella is a nice touch.

I'm sure it's just the angle but Norma Shearer is a dead ringer for Susan Hayward in that picture.

Jane Powell looks like she's wearing Granny's clothes.

Aargh that first picture of Marilyn Monroe!! The hat, the hair, the unbecoming position of the scarf. She looks like she auditioning for the before version of Eliza Doolittle! However it's all saved by her other picture. She looks sensational in that broad brimmed wonder and the flower is great. From the look of her eyebrows and general appearance I'd guess they were taken around the same time which considering how spectacular the one is and awful the other shows the importance of lighting and wardrobe.

I can't even mock Bette's comic outfit, it's just too easy. I don't know what she did to piss off either the costumer or the photographer but it must have been a dilly.

Garbo looks splendid, I'm sure I've seen her wearing that ensemble in a film I can't remember which though. Somewhere around the Camille years, maybe Anna Karenina.

I burst out laughing when I got to the picture of Dorothy Malone. It's some sort of Horatio Hornblower hat run amok! Wonderful and dreadful all at once.

Which brings us to the sisters de Havilland. Olivia is the very picture of refined riding aristocracy and Joan the brittle

Look forward to whatever you have next for us. Good luck with the show.

Poseidon3 said...

Hey everyone! I'm glad you got a kick out of these photos. I love that photo of Joan Fontaine, too, and wanted to give her the last spot, even if some of the other hats are more elaborate. Joel, Dorothy Malone's hat is hysterical, but her expression is, too! She seems to be thinking, "Are they serious?!" Of course, we all know that she could rock the right hat thanks to her Academy Award winning turn in "Written on the Wind" where she wore that big, black one in court (a sort of inspiration/prototype for Alexis Carrington and her dramatic courtroom entrance on "Dynasty.")