Thursday, April 17, 2014

Let's Go on an Easter Leg Hunt

That's right! Not Easter eggs, but Easter legs. We're changing up the standard sort of posts revolving around this holiday and serving famous ladies in cheesecake poses that strut their sticks. There are plenty of the usual suspects, but also a few gals who may not have been known for this sort of thing as a rule. See if you have a favorite! (Thanks to the incomparable Ann Miller for being our cover girl this time out!)

Miss Jean Harlow doing an exercise out by the pool.
Claudette Colbert (as was her frequent desire) is shown from the left side!
A rather rare participant in this sort of thing, Miss Joan Blondell.
Another unusual example, Carole Lombard, exotically garbed and showing some leg. (She's almost Dietrich-like here.)
...but this is the actual Marlene Dietrich.
Here's Miss Joan Crawford again in her earlier days.
Dancer-turned-actress Rita Hayworth.
Lovely Linda Darnell.
That iconic shot of Betty Grable...
Ha! I was just seeing if you were still with me. This is '80s dancer-actress Sandahl Bergman aping the legendary pin-up pose of Grable's.

Here we see the original, a pose that caught the eyes and heart of so many WWII servicemen, but which was done the way it was because Grable was pregnant at the time it was snapped!
Here's Grable in a frontal stance (and showing off a wasp waist!)
Long-limbed dancer and eventual leading lady Cyd Charisse.
Stand back, pardner... Jane Russell means business in this shot.
Many people think graham is a good compliment to cheesecake.  How about Gloria Grahame?
Janet Leigh is sporting an hourglass figure.
Good-time gal Joan Shawlee is looking fine!
Another too-seldom sung performer is delightfully brassy Barbara Nichols.
B-movie queen Marie Windsor is flipping out in a dolphin-inspired swimsuit.
Ruth Roman is roamin' the beach.
British sex-bomb Diana Dors strikes a sultry pose.
Mamie Van Doren sports the kind of graduation robe that keeps the boys' minds off their studies.
The tightly-packed Terry Moore offers up some island flair.
The immortal Marilyn Monroe brings up the rear!
Screen legend Ava Gardner is wearing an exotic get-up here.
Vera-Ellen comes up roses.
Dancer Barrie Chase has gone blonde for this appearance.
A pre-Poseidon Shelley Winters shows off her curves.
Ever-fabulous Mitzi Gaynor has got it going ON!
Liliane Montevecchi brings on the drama.
Miss Joan Collins gives it the showgirl routine.
Swingin' Sophia Loren
Now we know what was under Morticia Addams' long, black gown thanks to Carolyn Jones.
Good girl Shirley Jones gives us some gam.
Another cinematic goodie-two-shoes, the pert Miss Sandra Dee.
Child actress Sherry Jackson appears to be nearly all grown up.
Ann-Margret's got it all wrapped up!
Angie Dickinson strikes a similar pose in this photo.
Edith Head thought Shirley Maclaine's legs were the best in town and enjoyed showing them off in her designs.
I know we saw Cyd Charisse once already, but how on earth could I decline to use this amazing photo?
You can tell that Nancy Kwan enjoys being a girl.
Dancer Juliet Prowse made a series of Legg's pantyhose commercials back in the day.
Miss Kim Novak is rarin' and roarin' to go.
Sexy as she was, I'm not sure that Carroll Baker's legs are any too shapely (not that I claim to be an expert on the female form!)
Likewise, whatever Linda Cristal is offering, I'm not sure it's primo in the leg department.
And, again, I don't know that Yvette Mimieux is tearing it up when it comes to gams.
Oh, how we adore you, Nancy Sinatra, but hmmmm....
However, ladies and gentlemen, I now give you the fantabulous Stella Stevens! I worship the way she looks here.
Are you Bewitched by Elizabeth Montgomery's pose in this shot?
Yvonne Craig seems to be showing off some dangerous curves.
Sharon Tate presents us with her lean, beautiful body.
If you give Pamela Tiffin a good nudge, she'll probably wake up for you!
Dancerrific actress Joey Heatherton is wearing quite an abbreviated gingham dress here. Check out the position of that left ankle!
I don't know that this angle is the best one for admiring Raquel Welch's assets...
This is more like it. Love that Pucci mini-dress and her hair!
Now, lest you think that Lola Falana is superhuman (well, actually, she might be!), she is sitting on a hard-to-see ledge here. (Note the way her fringe is resting on it?)
Also on the fringe is Broadway legend Chita Rivera.
And, as in most cases, taking it to a whole new level is Diana Ross.
Holding her own, however, is Miss Tina Turner.
Suzanne Somers' legs seem to be calling out for her Thigh-Master.
How can you not love the non-deliberately tacky '80s, when something like this shot of Cheryl Ladd was intended to be "hot?"
And what is Easter, with eggs or legs, without a bunny? Here, we give you a svelte Kirstie Alley.
We hop, er, I mean hope that you enjoyed this guided tour through some Easter legs. As we bid you goodbye for now, keep in mind that there are some lines you just don't cross, as demonstrated by Joan Crawford in Torch Song (1956)!


NotFelixUnger said...

Stella Stevens, Elizabeth Montgomery and Yvonne Craig in a row is kind of odd. Was that planned? I say that because they are my three favorites and love their movie and TV turns with a passion.

Van Doren (to me at least) has always been an odd duck but especially lately as she's slightly porno crazed -and she is OLD. She did a movie (Born Reckless) which I love if only to see Jeff Richards in all his glory. Otherwise she was probably the poorest of the Marilyn ripoffs.

Thanks for another great collection!

joel65913 said...

Of course my beloved Linda Darnell and her mile high hair are my favorite.

Most of the others are wonderous, the less said about Nancy Sinatra and Cheryl Ladd's get-ups the better, but my other favorites are:

I do adore Barbara Nichols and love Mitzi's horn of plenty roses.

Carolyn Jones' gold lame swimsuit is ultra glam and her hair is a teased wonder.

Ann-Margret and Angie's dueling stoles are a nice compliment.

Pamela Tiffin's shot is interestingly laid out and once again the hair is a marvel.

Even though I'm familiar with her early work and her time in the glamour girl rally it is always a bit surprising seeing young Shelley Winters giving off that oomph.

Kudos for selecting that first snap of Ann Miller, while not obviously an Easter pic the colors and the flowers all bespeak Spring and by extension Easter.

Hope you have a great holiday!!

Poseidon3 said...

NFU, there is a quasi-chronological order to these pictures (not strict), but Stella was placed where she is as an antidote to the prior ladies' less-than-superior legs and then since we were in the '60 by then, I put Liz and Yvonne - two TV icons of that time - together. Glad you liked them! BTW, I am on the fence about Mamie (I don't mind her early days, but am not fond of the recent incarnation), but she does have her loyal fans.

Joel, I always love reading your thoughtful and reflective remarks. I agree with you about Shelley! My first exposure to her was as an eight year-old watching her in "The Poseidon Adventure" so it's always been a shock to see her in her sexpot days. And I was ELATED to find that pic of Ann Miller. Glad you picked up on its vague holiday connotations. :-)

Knuckles Girlyskirt said...

Can't stop looking at that super-cheesy shot of Cheryl Ladd (dare I say it) at her cheapest!

Wish I had it hanging on a wall somewhere.