Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tis Time for the Wearin' o' the Green!

Hello, my loves and a very happy St. Patrick's Day to you!  To mark the occasion, I've serving up some portraits and candid shots of various stars who made green (in its many shades) their color of choice for the given occasion.  Was there ever anyone, anywhere who put on more green at once than Loretta Young, shown here in the gown she wore to accept her Best Actress Oscar??  Mercy!  Best of luck to you all!  And now, let the parade begin:

Who is this sarong-clad young miss??
Why that's a very young Mitzi Gaynor, of course.

Here's an uncharacteristically blonde Linda Darnell sporting a green get-up.
Taking time out of the pool to pose in a green outfit is Esther Williams.
Italian star Alida Valli has on what some folks refer to as "baby poop green," but we'll call it pea soup.
Susan Hayward poses in a green and black confection.
Cool as an after-dinner mint is Miss Olivia de Havilland.
Elizabeth Taylor could pull off practically any color and green is no exception.
Marilyn Monroe looks a little dreamy in this outdoor shot.
Dig the divine Miss Suzy Parker, barefoot in chiffon.
Doris Day wears the green, along with a typically sunny smile.
How about the strangely Christ-like (in this shot) Jane Powell?
French Star Mylene Demongeot, who returned to French films after a long absence with much fanfare, poses in a clingy green dress.
Star of Italian films Sylva Koscina makes a splash in her green bikini.
Angie Dickinson does the town in a green satin evening coat (with then-husband Burt Bacharach toddling beside her.)
Why it's swinging '60s cinema icon Julie Christie in a pale green sweater.
Another big star of the '60s and beyond was Jane Fonda, here in her famous Barbarella guise.
I'm not sure who thought this was a good pose for Raquel Welch.
Here is the bedazzled Marisa Berenson in a green gown.
Jaclyn Smith keeps it simple and satiny with her green dress.
Do we recognize this green-clad, mop-top with a head full of red hair?
That's Swoosie Kurtz!

Similarly duded out in green is Jessica Lange.
Royalty has been known to get in on the green act, too.  Here's Princess Diana...
...and here's the daughter-in-law she never got to meet, Kate Middleton.
Gladys Knight has so much fabric going on, she apparently can't remain upright!
It might be catching, because Penelope Cruz is reclining in green here, too.
Few who ever saw it could forget this plunging (to say the least) dress that Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys.
Anjelica Huston picked up her Oscar in one-shouldered green number.
Glenn Close's designer and stylist might have been hoping for a repeat of Loretta Young's and Huston's good Oscar fortune when they decked her out in this considerable ensemble for the Academy Awards.
Brangelina (who my grandma insists on calling "Bradgoleenya") are seen at the Cannes Film Festival with mama-to-be in green.
CZJ can usually handle a lot of fabric, as she does here in this voluminous green gown.
Songbird and actress Mandy Moore struts a beaded green gown in this shot.
Beyonce Knowles goes for a more snug, shiny type of dress here.
Another white-hot vocalist and songwriter, Lady Gaga, is practically florescent green here.
Scarlett Johansson has a green lace overlay on her black evening gown.
Former child-actress and perennial hot mess Lindsay Lohan steps out in a green dress.
Lohan's sometime competitor in the "what the hell?" stakes, Britney Spears, makes a very bad impression in her tacky, trashy (and stained?) outfit.
To cleanse the palate, I give you "the greatest singer in the world" (to quote a hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch), reed-thin Celine Dion.
I got a kick out of this amusing series of shots of Marcia Cross, working it in a green dress for the camera. 
If you don't know who Isla Fisher is, she's the actress and longtime girlfriend-turned-wife who gets to endure Sasha Baron Cohen on a daily basis.
As we reach the end of this green-garbed tribute, I guess it's just "Curtains!" for this post. Have a great day and I'll be back soon!


NotFelixUnger said...

I'll take the Susan Hayward green and black confection any day of the week!

Happy St. Patty! Show some love and give an Irish fella a kiss ya'all.

joel65913 said...

Most of the ladies look wonderful with the redheads Susan and Suzy carrying the color best and of course Elizabeth Taylor who you are right could carry off almost anything in her youth.

As for those who don't succeed so well, some colors aren't meant for some people.

Alida Valli looks fine overall but you're right about the shade, maybe it looked better in person. What the hell was Loretta Young thinking? It looks like several bolts of material are trying to swallow her!

I adore Swoosie Kurtz but egads if the ill fitting dress wasn't bad enough that hair which she has since taken control of is a horror.

I wasn't sure about Mandy Moore's dress at first but at second glance it's not rather interesting and she looks so much like Diane Lane in that picture.

Now for the trifecta of shame. Lohan's is perhaps the saddest because the way she's posing she seems to think she looks good in that ghastly concoction. Spears is just hopeless with no regard nor pride in her appearance. And then there is Lopez who seems to revel in looking like a dockside floozy at every opportunity.

Thank goodness the classy Glenn Close, CZJ and Miss Jolie are carrying the torch of style into modern times.

Ken Anderson said...

More fun than the photos are your sometimes hilarious captions (Raquel Welch, Lindsay Lohan, and Jane Powell being my favorites).
Happy belated St. Pat's Day!

Narciso Duran said...

...And doesn't CZJ look swell; of course I have a soft spot, a real soft spot, for Miss Jane Powell, and have always held her in Christlike awe, so this lovely photo confirms it, green or no green... and then there's Lyndsay Lohan, a shameful display of bad taste and slovenliness - to paraphrase, more like a "perianal hot mess." Hope you all had a lovely day; I slept in late this morning after spending a long evening reading past Poseidon posts. Wonderful, wonderful.

Mike said...

Excellent site!
Inadvertently found while searching Google Images for Maila Nurmi & Carolyn Jones. That shot of Liz Taylor is new to us & considered to be extraordinary! Thank you very much!

Poseidon3 said...

Joel, your assessment of J-Lo as a "dockside floozy" cracked me up! I have a feeling that this particular dress was all about making an international bid for attention, and it worked!

Lindsay's look here is wretched, but made even more so by my nagging suspicion that she has nothing on under it. HA!

Thanks all. I hope you had a fun weekend!