Friday, August 3, 2018

Glad Tidings - Vol I

An immortal question from the startlingly lecherous pilot Peter Graves to his young visitor in Airplane! (1980.) (Could it be there was actually a time we made light of things like this?!)
Our own answer to the question is, "Sometimes." The 1950s and '60s brought an absolute tidal wave of gladiator movies to the screen, a vast number of them from Italy, often with horrid English dubbing, but with considerable production values. Often there would be one U.S. star involved in order to assist with box office take in America. In this case - Slave of Rome (1961) - it was handsome Guy Madison, with Rossana Podestà (title figure in Helen of Troy, 1956) and a rather yummy Giacomo Rossi-Stuart (as Williams' right-hand man as he fends off a horde of Gauls.) For this post, which may become a series, we let the pictures do the talking rather than any text. (You don't truly care about the plot, do you?)

The End!


Gingerguy said...

I have watched quite a few of these, very high on camp, one even had Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay. Love the outfits, hate the shoes. I have a thing about men in sandals, lol. Probably a leftover hippie aversion from the early 1970's. It is a deal breaker on and off screen. I remember being strangely excited about the modern one with Russell Crowe, which was sexy but a little too gory.

Poseidon3 said...

I have a good friend with a serious foot aversion and he cannot bear pics I would post on FB of being on my lounger at the pool with my feet showing (even if I do have good legs!) So it caused me to be more creative with my "selfies" - so to speak! LOL I love my sandals (and even sometimes wear the dreaded flip-flops!), but if people do so who have particularly gnarly feet, toes, toenails, etc... I can see why it would be a turn-off. I recall from my childhood, a (handsome) friend of my dad wearing black sandals with gold rings/closures on them and I think it sent me in the opposite direction that you went! Ha ha! I did like "Gladiator" and thought - as you say - it was very bloody, but then when I watched "Spartacus: Blood & Sand" on TV it was even more so!!! I usually look to the side for a second when I know something is coming. The beefcake generally makes it worth the trouble. :-) Thanks!