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Fun Finds: Modern Screen Magazine, November 1965

You wouldn't believe what surface-dwelling minutiae has occupied a hefty chunk of our time as of late... Your friendly webmaster Poseidon is planning a Yard Sale this coming Saturday! I've been burrowing through the house, slapping a price tag on practically anything I no longer want or need and have been making signs and otherwise organizing for the big day (which is going to be a city-wide event.) So in the meantime I give you another of my infamous Fun Finds, this one a movie rag from one of my favorite time periods, scored at an antique mall for the unbelievable price of $2.00! Hopefully, I'll make that back (and then some!) on Saturday. Ha ha!
First up is this movie review section which will give you a cross-section of the films that were released in the same general time frame of one another. (Also of interest is the bobbed model for Nestle hair colorant. Not to be confused with Nestlé, this company's name was pronounced like the verb "nestle.")
More movie reviews, but also a makeup and beauty Q&A column, so that you can achieve your best 1965 look.
I went ahead and skipped to page 88 so that we could round out all the film reviews. I found The Hallelujah Trail (1965) to be a cumbersome, long, unfunny bore, but I disagree that cutting out Burt Lancaster's bath time is the answer!
The famed Louella Parsons was still kicking it (albeit with the aid of Dorothy Manners) in 1965. In fact, this was Parsons' next to last credited column in Modern Screen as she retired in December of 1965 (and reportedly Manners had been doing most all the writing for a year prior anyway.) Jane Fonda's first marriage was the top story this time out.
The movie (not referred to by name) in this blurb on Warren Beatty was That Funny Feeling (1965.) It was initially to be directed by Gene Kelly with Beatty as the star, but ended up with Richard Thorpe behind the camera and Sandra Dee's husband Bobby Darin as (the second-billed) costar.
Needless to say, Natalie Wood did not end up marrying fiance Ladislow Blatnick. Divorced from Robert Wagner in 1962, she wed British producer Richard Gregson in 1969, though they were divorced as well by 1972. That same year she re-wed Wagner.
I LOVE the fun, glitzy photos on this page. At a premiere party for the all-star drama Ship of Fools (1965), we get glimpses of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Miss Rita Hayworth.
The glamour continues on the next page as we find Tommy Sands escorting a young Barbara Luna while hunky Doug McClure (Luna's ex-husband!) squires Sands' soon-to-be-ex Nancy Sinatra. Television legends Lucille Ball and Milton Berle are also on hand, as are Stuart Whitman and the darkly attractive Wende Wagner, who'd costarred with Whitman in 1964's Rio Conchos.
Get a load of the sleek, pert Candice Bergen, just about to make a splash in The Group (1966.) Her high-profile debut was greeted with some degree of confusion, though, when her role in the film turned out to be surprisingly small (perhaps trimmed, thanks to its then-daring Lesbian aspect.) We adore Diane McBain, but this was the year that her film career took a slide that became irrevocable as she worked more and more on TV and in lower-budget movies.
The movie referenced in the caption for Elke Sommer "Any Tom" was later changed to Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! (1966) and starred Bob Hope and Phyllis Diller in addition to Sommer.
The line from Steel Magnolias (1989) goes, "When it comes to sufferin', she's right up there with Elizabeth Taylor!" However, Patricia Neal was no slouch in that department either. Having barely survived a tumultuous affair with Gary Cooper in the 1940s, she later had a string of tragedies beginning in 1961 with one child being struck in his carriage by a taxi, resulting in severe injuries and eight brain operations, followed by the death of her seven year-old daughter the following year from measles encephalitis. Then while working on 7 Women (1966), she suffered a succession of strokes while she was pregnant, fell into a coma and later required intensive recovery treatments! So, this was indeed a miracle baby. When she finally did learn to talk, walk and memorize again, her husband left her, though she did resume her career with success.
This article, more than most, seems wholly fabricated and all about nothing. It makes it seem like there are all sorts of rumors surrounding Annette Funicello regarding her behavior.
In reality, she was having a bit of morning sickness (she wed Jack Gilardi in January of 1965 and had their first of three children that October) and, thus, was experiencing a little discomfort during the shooting of How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965.) Her career in those teen-oriented flicks tapered off completely by 1967 and she concentrated on motherhood (though she divorced in 1983, marrying a second time and final time in 1986.)
We were THRILLED to have this article on The King Family (really The King Cousins), but have to laugh that the text says they "use too little make-up!" Whaaa??
We've harbored a bit of a crush on cousin Ric (with the guitar) ever since getting our hands on some DVDs of their never-ending series of holiday specials.
We dearly love Ric's white trunks and would have loved a better look at them. Consequently, our mind wanders over what could be dangling from the right leg of them during his guitar playing and how they appear to be gaping open a little during his turn on the surfboard!
Tina is another favorite and, despite the clan's fresh-scrubbed reputation, does show off a healthy heap of cleavage in her two-piece.
This is David Janssen of The Fugitive and his wife Ellie.
The article is just more made-up piffle about how she has to deal with things written about him (probably some by Modern Screen and many more by the other tabloids) while enjoying the fruits of his acting labor. Incidentally, the text cuts off while looking like Richard Diamond, Private Detective "wasn't" a smash. The sentence actually continued on page 77 to say, "wasn't any slouch either." Janssen and Ellie divorced in 1968 after a decade of marriage and he rewed (to Dani Crane) in 1975, which lasted until his premature death in 1980 of a heart attack at age forty-eight.
I enjoyed this portrait of Miss Doris Day.
In the article, she bemoans the fact that so many fan mags use attention-grabbing headlines (that often people in line at the grocery mentally-absorb without ever reading the fluffy, unrelated story found within) that paint an unfair picture. And she was absolutely right. One of the episodes of That Show which I watched recently had one guest, a magazine writer, freely admitting to fellow guest columnist Earl Wilson that she would take one small seed from a story of his and fabricate an entire article out of it, complete with fake conversations, and then generate a grabber of a headline to go with it.
I LOVE Mia Farrow's hairdo in this series of photos (and on the cover, which is a slightly more elaborate version.)
The man in question for this article, the man who allegedly taught Mia Farrow how to love the three decades older Frank Sinatra? Her FATHER John Farrow!  LOL I bet Ol' Blue Eyes just loved his one...
Another actress whose hair I often loved (with its thick, curly locks) is looking a bit weary here.
Dorothy Malone married Ginger Rogers' ex-husband Jacques Bergerac in 1959, had two daughters with him, then divorced him in 1964. A nasty custody battle resulted in her obtaining primary possession of the girls, though she nearly died soon after of a gallery of afflictions including pulmonary embolism, blood clots in her lungs and pneumonia! A second marriage in 1969 was annulled after a few months and a third one barely made it to two years. She's been single ever since and is currently ninety-three!
This article, about Ryan O'Neal and his actress wife Joanna Moore (parents of Tatum O'Neal) discusses the important religion played in their lives while the lean years before O'Neal's series Peyton Place loomed heavily.
I don't know where all this religion was (or went!) when the squabbling couple divorced in 1967 over (among other things) Moore's drug and alcohol dependency. He immediately wed Peyton costar Leigh Taylor-Young and they proceeded to a successful custody hearing of Tatum and her younger brother Griffin when Moore was arrested for drunk driving in 1970.
I didn't know that David Hedison (of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) and Barbara Parkins had once been a couple. Tim O'Connor and his wife Mary are listed in a few spots as having divorced in 1974, yet other places have them still wed! The big news is that he is ninety-three and she is ninety-one, whether they're married or not.
Chris Connelly and Pat Morrow didn't end up wed (he married Cindy Carol in 1969 and she married Rosalind Russell's son Lance in 1975), but Ed Nelson and his wife had a very successful union. Marrying in 1951, they stayed together until his death in 2014, sixty-three years later!
It seems so unusual to see Dyan Cannon dressed in such staid clothing. After her divorce from Cary Grant, she always seemed to be in very mod '60s get-ups that showed a lot more bod.
The couple's fairly brief union (1965-1968) resulted in Grant's (and her) only child, Jennifer Grant, who maintained a moderate acting career as a young adult. Fans of Grant must have been agog when he became a father for the first time at age sixty-two (beating fifty-six year-old George Clooney by quite a bit, but not Tony Randall who was in his late-seventies when he fathered two children!)
Quite a worried shot of Debbie Reynolds...
...meant to coincide with an old story of hers from the dawn of her career in the late-1940s when she had been prescribed the use of a sunlamp to help cure a bad cold. The automatic shut-off didn't happen and she was blinded by UV rays for 36 hours!
Fans of The Beatles ought to enjoy this series of pics from their heady days as a top musical act. (LOL at Leonard Bernstein and daughter plugging their ears at a concert!) John Lennon and Cindy divorced in 1968.
George Harrison wound up marrying Pattie Boyd in 1966, but they separated in 1974 and divorced three years later. Ringo had married Maureen in 1965, but they were divorced in 1975 (both unfaithful, she'd had an affair with Starr's band-mate Harrison!) Starr more successfully wed Barbara Bach in 1980. Paul McCartney never wed Jane Asher, but in 1969 he wed Linda Eastman, his future Wings collaborator.
Patty Duke is the subject of this article over an apparent romance with... wait for it...
Troy Donahue! I sure never knew about this (if it even happened), but Patty married for the first time in 1965 to a man other than Troy. And Troy married for the second (of four) time in 1966. None of his marriages stretched beyond a couple of years.
Sean Connery and his marriage to Australian actress Diane Cilento is profiled here.
Whatever the arrangement, the union had petered out by 1973. She wed again in 1985 to playwright Anthony Shaffer and that lasted till his death in 2001 and Sean wed Micheline in 1975, to whom he's still married today at age eighty-six.
Carroll Baker was at or near the peak of her productivity and popularity at this particular time...
However, it was not long after this that the wheels came off. She became identified with blonde, buxom types of roles, engaged in a legal battle with her studio and saw her marriage fall apart. In time, she remarried and also rebounded career-wise, but never again to the heights she'd once experienced.
Jacqueline Kennedy (later Onassis) was a constant subject for tabloid magazines and so much of the content was mindless, unsubstantiated babble.
The angle of this article is that young Mia Farrow could learn grace, etiquette, composure and so forth from Kennedy in order to measure up better as a possible wife to Frank Sinatra. As it was, their marriage only lasted from 1966-1968, though it seemed pretty doomed from the start.
Glamorous Gila Golan, a 1961 Miss Israel, was hot off the hit movie Ship of Fools (1965) and went on to other movies such as Our Man Flint (1966) and Valley of Gwangi (1969) before departing the biz for marriage and three children.
Her life got off to a calamitous start as she was left abandoned in Poland during The Holocaust and taken in by a Roman Catholic family. (Sources vary as to whether she was three years old or an infant in a bundle.) She's still alive today at seventy-six, though long retired from performing.
Robert Vaughn was currently enjoying the success of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which ran from 1964-1968.
Though he and Joyce Jameson did enjoy a long relationship, it didn't end in marriage. He wed in 1974 to a woman who remained his wife until his death last November. Sadly, Jameson, who suffered from depression and chronic insomnia, committed suicide in 1987 at age fifty-four.
We may never know the exact circumstances of this quickie marriage. It's a fact that Edwards and Kersh wed, the divorced after the briefest of unions.
She had his child. Then a year later, while guest-starring on Batman, she met Burt Ward and soon married him in 1967, though they too were divorced by 1969. Kersh had once been the key fascination of producer Martin Ransohoff, who planned to give her a star build-up, but before that happened, he met Sharon Tate and turned his efforts towards her instead.
The happy little family unit shown here unfortunately didn't last beyond 1969.
This was Alain Delon's only marriage, though he had several lengthy relationships (and two additional children, much later.) The text states that the couple were expecting another baby, but unfortunately that never came to pass in this instance.
Our last little feature is a hair-do how-to with Marianna Hill. At the time known for much television work, she was also breaking into movies like The New Interns (1964) and Red Line 7000 (1965.) The movie noted in the caption would ultimately be called Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966.) Hill later worked in Medium Cool (1969), High Plains Drifter (1973) and The Godfather, Part II (1974) and is still with us today at seventy-five. This particular magazine seemed to have a bigger dose of colorful or interesting ads than many, so I will end with shots of those!
Check those razor-like eyebrows! Blue eyeshadow later became the target of derision for a whole generation. Ha ha!
This is SO 1960s slick. Love it.
I am obsessed with slim, sleek skirt lines like this! I don't care how cheap they were or what they were made of. I also cannot get enough of the gal on the left's makeup!


Gingerguy said...

Good luck on your yard sale. I bet you have fun stuff. I will miss the best one in my neighborhood (I got a Lawrence Welk magazine for $2 once) due to travel. Glad you made time for this because 1965 was the year I was born, so this magazine is of special interest to me. Beginning with the movie review- "Darling" was quite a fave in my youth. Julie Christy is gorgeous in that movie and the decadence is quite appealing, though she doesn't end up very happy. Just pretty.
Love "Pretty Talk"! shameless product plugging but done with style. Knowing how to fix a floppy flip is practical stuff.
For my money Candice Bergen was one of the most gorgeous people of the 1960's. She straddled the line between youthquake and good taste gracefully.
I can't see Elke Sommer and not think of Zsa Zsa(calling Ryan Murphy). Those Bob Hope movies were always on tv when I was a kid. Pretty harmless farce usually.
The King Cousins! I was all over this. Just watched the Mother's Day special and I can attest that they wore ALOT of makeup. Those girls were also no strangers to peroxide.
Also love Mia's look. This is a few years before the career defining pixie cut, which she actually shed in the early 70's, but it's kind of how I always remember her.
Dorothy Malone suffered as much as Patricia Neal!
Ryan O'Neal has had a sad family life, so much addiction and tragedy. I have a hard time reconciling this religious article with what came later. I did recently see "Paper Moon" for the first time and Father and daughter are both terrific in it though.
Pattie Boyd is pretty and kind of a legendary rock girlfriend. I think she also dated Eric Clapton later.
Gila Golen is stunning. Another Israeli bombshell from that time, Daliah Lavi, just passed away this week. Also the new Wonder Woman Gal Gidot comes from that country. Must be something in the water.
Finally, loving the ads at the end. I study bouffant hairdos like architecture so love that they gave you a diagram of curlers.

Andrea Leighton said...

Great post as usual, Poseidon. I live for these old rags! I especially love the "candids" of stars at premieres, etc. It's refreshing to see celebrities not professionally styled within an inch of their life like they are today.

The Mia Farrow/Frank Sinatra union still leaves me confused while also giving me the heebie jeebies! I read (parts of) Farrow's autobio and it's pretty clear she was a naive and almost child like young woman despite having grown up in/around Hollywood. Lord knows she and Frank weren't having deep intellectual talks! I always think of what Ava Gardner said of their marriage, "I always knew Frank would end up in bed with boy." Ava could really throw some shade. Love it!

The Ryan O'Neal and Joanna Moore story is a hoot! I can't imagine anyone, even in the glorious 60s, thinking that O'Neal or Moore was religious in any way! I'd love to have been a fly on the wall for that story pitch meeting! I'm pretty sure the O'Neal/Moore union was of the shotgun variety and O'Neal was notorious cad/all around asshole even before he was famous! I do like Moore though. She was throughly messed up, but was such a joy as an actress. Quite the looker too. I always wondered why she didn't become a regular on The Andy Griffith Show as his nurse girlfriend Peggy.

Patty Duke and Troy Donahue?!? Good lord, that can't have happened! I can only imagine this story came about because he guest starred on an episode of The Patty Duke Show during the third and final season. I love me some La Duke, but Troy is like cold boiled potatoes. I just can't get into any movie or show he's in. He always looks slightly terrified and bored and about ten seconds away from walking off the set to take a power nap. Patty would have eaten him alive!

Alain Deleon, now that's an interesting (i.e. Hot mess!) man. Nico, the German model turned singer turned raging heroin addict, claimed he fathered her son. He denied it but his parents believed her and raised the boy off and on for obvious reasons. I think he eventually stopped talking to his parents as a result and still denies he's the father. Mess!

Anyway, good luck with your yard sale. I wish I lived nearby. I'd buy all your old magazines for sure! Have a good weekend!

Rick Gould said...

What fun, Poseidon!

But I can't believe there was a movie magazine issue out in 1965 that didn't have SOME mention of Liz Taylor! That especially makes this issue a rare find : )

Cheers, Rick

Narciso Duran said...

Hello! I haven't posted in many a moon, but I have been a regular reader… I just love these movie magazine re-caps. These magazines were everywhere when I was a kid -- our living room, at relative's houses, the beauty parlors I was dragged to when I was quite small…

Many years later, when I was a page designer and copy editor at a newspaper, I learned to appreciate their professionalism -- the photos, the layouts, the headlines, the first paragraph, all of which were designed to grab a reader and to hold that reader until the very last page. I miss such magazines.

Today's supermarket tabloids fill that void marvelously (I'm a huge fan of them -- something for everybody in each issue…), and I often used them as visual models when designing local tabloid inserts for my newspaper employer: Did the material for an upcoming art and wine festival need a grabby layout? Let's consult The Enquirer and use their pages as a visual guide.

Poseidon3 said...

Gingerguy, I had some okay stuff, but I'm too much of a kitsch hoarder to let go of anything too interesting! ;-) I have a true (and intimate!) story to tell you about Pretty Talk. One time, as a rather bullied, unhappy child, I was rooting through the bathroom closet and saw an old, old jar of Pretty Face cream of my mom's. I slathered it on, hoping it might make me less ugly!! LOL Maybe it was expired.... I also think Candice Bergan was eye-popping at that time, despite a slightly squared-off, almost manly face. She worked what she had very well. You are the one who broke the news to me of Daliah Lavi's passing... That's a shame. She was amazing!

Hello Andrea! Thanks so much for your in-depth comments! I always think of Frank demanding that Mia return from "Rosemary's Baby" to work on his movie and she's over there painting flowers on the walls of her dressing room!! So disparate in their belief systems... Joanna Moore put forth just vulnerability and appeal on screen. So sad the way she ended up. O'Neal (adorable looking as he was) just never seemed to miss a chance to be a jerk...!! I didn't know that Troy was on Patty's show! That explains it for sure! Glad you offered up some more backstory on that and other things.

Rick, you are so right!! I wonder what LizDick was up to that month...?!

Narciso, wonderful to hear from you again. I was denied these slightly better magazines, though my mother was a faithful reader of The National Enquirer. And whatever they printed was treated as the gospel truth! Egads!! I can recall that mag being ALL black & white and then turning to partial color. Then it started to run a sort of hunk of the week photo in the center gossip section, often in a Speedo, but at least shirtless, and I lived for that! ha ha!