Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Top o' the Marnin' t'Ya!

This is less a post than just a quick St. Patrick's Day greeting. As we were born in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, we can't just let the day float by without some sort of green-hued acknowledgement! Miss Maureen O'Hara (recent Honorary Oscar recipient, glory be!) is on hand along with a smattering of other gals to wish you the best today! I'll be back soon with more merriment. Ta!

Here's a bit of early Ann Sheridan, with a sizable shamrock hat.

Miss Maureen O'Sullivan, famous for playing Jane to Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan.
Do you recognize this lass, who did have a bit of Irish mixed in with Scottish, French and English heritage? You definitely know her and may even love her!
Carole Landis has found an appropriate (though not terribly comfortable looking) spot to celebrate the occasion.
Martha Vickers has landed in the clover (or one big piece of it, anyway!)
Nothing short of bursting through the shamrock paper was going to keep Ava Gardner from saying hello.
Festive Cara Williams is bedecked with holiday accessories.
Barbara Sharma, Ruth Buzzi and Lily Tomlin are all laughs.
And, finally, a burst of color with June Haver (aka. Mrs. Fred MacMurray.)
And if you haven't determined the identity of our mystery gal above, it is none other than a young Lucille Ball!  We hope you're wearing green or you're liable to get pinched (maybe you wanted it that way?!) Have a terrific day and we'll be back soon.


Gingerguy said...

Happy St. Patrick's Poseidon. I love all the campy pictures. That is my kind of holiday. TCM had "Darby O'Gill and The Little People" on this week and I remembered seeing it as an 11 year old. There was a close up of Sean Connery and I realized in that movie seat I was not like other little boys.

Poseidon3 said...

Well, as usual, we're in accord. I also saw "Darby O'Gill" as a kid (though I somehow always got it confused in my head with the later "The Gnome Mobile!") and at the time, the dark, hirsute Connery made me strangely uncomfortable, yet enticed. I watched it again Sunday on TCM for the first time since and he was just unbelievably gorgeous and appealing!! HUNK for the ages, though I wish he'd had a shirtless woodchopping scene. LOL BTW, the movie's poster shows Janet Munro & him in a wagon surrounded on all sides by leprechauns and that NEVER occurs in the movie.... False advertising!

Gingerguy said...

Right on, he is even more handsome in that then as James Bond, those lips! OMG the "Gnomemobile" with the Mary Poppins kids is super weird. I just found "The Three Lives Of Tommasina" with those same kids again for $1 last week. Very strange one with dead cats reincarnated. "Darby" is the best of the three without a doubt,p.s. glad I didn't have to clariy that I saw it as a rerelease, I was not 11 years old in 1959.

Michael O'Sullivan said...

I'm Irish too! and Happy St Patricks to you. I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" that delicious photo of Maureen O'Hara - not seen that before!

Poseidon3 said...

Not at all, Michael. Have at it, and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

Gingerguy, I also had to have seen Darby in a rerelease, I was born in '67, child! ;-) I only SEEM even older than that... LOL Seeing Darby again makes me want to finally break down and watch Sean's movie with Lana Turner from the same general time period called "Another Time, Another Place." (Sadly in black & white.)

Anonymous said...

Only two days ago I was reading some articles about Ann Sheridan. Thanks for posting her picture. That's a crazy hat!
Happy St. Valentine's day.