Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Momentous Loquations

Ahhh... Well, I'm attempting my first post since the big break-in/burglary and happened to have some photos here at work that demonstrate a certain level of surprise interactions between famous people you might not automatically connect with one another.  Baby steps.  We have to start somewhere.  :-)  If you so desire, many of the folks' names may be clicked on for their own individual tributes here in The Underworld.

How about "The Fab Four," The Beatles, getting a domino-like right hook from Muhammad Ali?
Rock music icons Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger (of The Rolling Stones - surely I didn't really feel the need to point that out, but I did!) enjoy a chat and a smoke together.
Do you typically utter Charlie Chaplin and legendary physicist Albert Einstein in the same sentence?
Miss Jane Seymour took her stage name from one of Henry VIII's many queens and here she hobnobs with the lead singer from Queen, Freddie Mercury.
Speaking of queens, you never know who you may be standing next to when you are introduced to a royal one.  I mean, do you place Dick Van Dyke and Sean Connery (whose then-wife Diane Cilento is between them) in the same place, mentally?  Here, they are shown greeting Queen Elizabeth II.
Also speaking of queens, here we see Liberace rubbing elbows with iconic stage and screen envelope-pusher Mae West.
This next foursome is so random it boggles the mind.  Mr. Connery again, but this time with Robert Conrad, Katharine Ross and Leslie Nielsen!
And if you liked that one, how about Margeaux Hemingway, Elliott Gould, Shelley Winters and Sid Caesar?!
Here, we have Joan Collins (sporting my all-time favorite hairstyle on her EVER!) with husband Anthony Newley, Sammy Davis Jr, Carol Channing and (Australian actor) Cyril Ritchard, who is best known in the U.S. for playing Captain Hook in Mary Martin's stage and 1960 televised version of Peter Pan. This was snapped directly after a performance of Newley's production of The Roar of the Greasepaint - The Smell of the Crowd.
This photo was brought to my attention courtesy of Narciso Duran, a faithful Underworld follower, and it simply had to be added into the mix!  Miss Joan Crawford going beak to beak with Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Harlan Sanders!  Two more polar-opposite people would be hard to imagine.  I think poor Joan passed away when KFC was still serving those little dry, square, flavorless rolls with their chicken and not the biscuits they include now!  (By the way: How many pieces of original recipe do we think it would take to fill up Miss C's hat?!)
Sonny & Cher, in their early days, get a boost of support from Liza Minnelli (who looks more like her mother Judy Garland here to me than perhaps at any other time!  Agree?)
It looks like the premiere of one of George Burns' Oh, God! movies is responsible for putting Bruce Jenner (and his then-wife Linda Thompson) in proximity to Loni Anderson.  I presume it's Oh, God, Book II (1980) since Jenner had a different wife at the time of the first film in 1977 and he and Thompson were divorced by the time of the third one in 1984!
On the subject of George Burns, we find him here backstage with Carol Channing and Betty White as they visit with Joel Grey during one of his many stage runs of Cabaret.
What occasion do we think put Grey's Cabaret (1972) costar Liza Minnelli in the bosom of Raquel Welch?
Do you think Charlie Daniels (of The Charlie Daniels Band) likes meatloaf?  Do you think he likes Meat Loaf?  It looks like it here!
I wonder if Michael Jackson had anything to do with Diana Ross winding up shoulder-to-nipple with Brooke Shields.
There are also quite a few physical differences (nearly everything!) between Miss Ross and that curvaceous Tennessee singing legend Dolly Parton.
Patti LaBelle is actually holding hands with and offering congratulations to Cyndi Lauper here on her #1 song, but at first glance it seems like she's holding up a dagger and is about to strike!
It's most likely an awards show that put Superman's (1978) Margot Kidder and Star Trek/T.J. Hooker's William Shatner this close together.
They never shared the screen together as performers, but here we glimpse major movie actor-directors Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood.  I wonder if Paul was going 'commando' under his zip-up, but, then again, I wonder about all sorts of insane things...
What's the bigger question?  Why are Eddie Fisher and Pia Zadora together here or why are they surrounded by men with cameras??
Do you picture Dynasty's Catherine Oxenberg hanging out with Cher??  Incidentally, only one of these ladies is sporting her own eye color in this shot, thanks to some colored lenses.
It seems oddball, but the long and the short of it is that Mickey Rooney and Scott Baio really did make a TV-movie together called Senior Trip in 1981.  (Regarding the long and the short of it, I think we may be able to spot some of Scott Jr. in this picture, too!)
What perfect storm deposited Knots Landing's Donna Mills, Jacqueline Bisset and my beloved Gregory Harrison into the same locale??
The bizarre-ity continues as we check out this trio of stars.  Chita Rivera, Mark Hamill (of Star Wars, 1977, and its sequels, and his young son) and magician Doug Henning.  What this picture really does that surprises me tremendously is point out a heretofore unrealized resemblance between Chita and Doug!!!!  If he's shave his 'stache, pluck his brows and apply some false eyelashes and lipstick, they could be sisters!
What do you find more eye-popping?  That Steve McQueen and John Wayne are breathing the same air at some sort of festivity or that they are embracing and either about to dance or perhaps even smooch?!
I close with this shot of Carol Channing, all dolled up in a crazy Santa suit concoction, dropping in on Loretta Young (whose second-to-last acting role was in the TV-movie Christmas Eve, 1986), most likely at a charity event of some kind.


Unknown said...

Excellent collection, and glad to see you're rising to the occasion so soon after your "trauma."

Unknown said...

and I really dig that image of Donna, Jacqueline and Gregory. Wow.....

Knuckles Girlyskirt said...

First of all, welcome back!

1- The Joan Collins hairdo reminds me of a similar one my aunt had when I was a kid.

2- In that same photo, I absolutely love Carol's look. But is that a clutch bag or Samsonite luggage?

3- Paul and Clint make such a cute couple.

joel65913 said...

Welcome back! Glad you are able to post so soon after the theft.Great collection.

That hat or more specifically floral basket Jane Seymour is wearing leaves me speechless.

Dick and Sean are an odd but interesting matchup. That's a nice picture of Diane Cilento, I've always liked her she had a very distinctive quality although she was never a big star it's always nice when she shows up in a film.

Joan Collins' hair is an awesome creation and just the type we all know you love. Carol's wig almost looks like her own in that picture instead of the obvious clown pieces she usually favors.

Agreed Liza does look more like Judy than usual, it's the absence of those damn bangs she loves so much. Talk about somebody finding a style they like and sticking to it for decades!

I'm not usually a big fan of beards but that one on Paul Newman is working for him. Of course he's Paul Newman so there really wasn't much he could do to ugly himself up. Both he and Clint look very good in that photo.

This is not meant to be a slap at Donna Mills, who I like and is an attractive woman, but the difference between her highly made up mask and Jacqueline Bisset's natural beauty is striking although Jackie's hairstyle is doing her no favors. Oh and Gregory Harrison, SIGH!

Again glad you were able to get back to posting so soon, look forward to more always fun and interesting ones in the future.

Narciso said...

These are great! For your own private collection Poseidon, and for a follow-up post, if you can seek out the photo of Joan Crawford and Colonel Harlan Sanders ("You may keep the doll AND the biscuit") and the delightful shot of Fred Astaire meeting Elvis Presley, they are worthwhile.

Charming. All of these people were charming and I adore them all. And thanks for yet another photo of Gregory Harrison. Yum, yum.

Sarge said...

Fabulous! I'm glad to see you're back, thanks you made my day...Cheers!!! said...

Good for you with blogging on the fly post-break stuff!

Gregory Harrison in his youth reminds me a bit of new hottie Matthew Bomer.

Also loved that latter day shot of Loretta Young, who proved an aging diva didn't have to look passe, she looks current and chic in that shot!

Speaking of surreal couples, I came across an actual pic of Cher and Elvis, who were often superimposed together as a "secret romance" on '70s movie rags!

TJB said...

My god, this is like the all star disaster movie cast of my dreams!

TJB said...

Random thoughts: that meeting with Jane Seymour dressed as Glinda the Good Witch may have been the only time Freddie Mercury ever thought to he was underdressed for the occasion.

The union of Mae and Lee seems right and natural.

Was that shot of Liza and Raquel taken at some secret meeting to coordinate their plans to close Victor/Victoria on Broadway?

The thought of Sir Sean and Robert Conrad in the same zip code, let alone next to each other, calls for the smelling salts. Especially since you know that Sir Sean would make Robert Conrad his bitch.

A said...

Thanks for the post!
I did think that was Judy with Sonny and Cher.

Glad to see you back.

Poseidon3 said...

Thank you so much, friends, for your positive, amusing and recollective comments! I can't wait until firing on all cylinders again. My new camera arrived today and the laptop is allegedly to arrive Tuesday, so hopefully it won't be long, though there will be bugs to work out, I'm sure.

Knuckles, I would have been in awe of your aunt. LOVE that sort of "hair."

And Joel, I adore Jacqueline Bisset, but so rarely like the way her hair is styled. I always enjoyed Diane Cilento in "Hombre" with Paul Newman. She seemed like a person with good character.

Ooohh, TJB... I like your depiction of Sean Connery and li'l Robert Conrad! Ha! LOL about Liza and Raquie shutting down V/V!

Poseidon3 said...

Oh, and Narciso, that picture of JC and KFC was just too tasty to omit, so I've gone and added it in!! Thanks for the heads up.

NotFelixUnger said...

God, I'm so late to the party... Welcome back!

Bruce Jenner is in my favorite of the pictures. I've always had a thing for him. "Had" being the operative word. He scares me now. (If he gets pulled one more time, I swear there will be pubic hair on his chin.) Notice how his wife is staring at Loni? What's up with that?

Steve McQ and John Wayne slow dancing are the next on the list. It's kinda hot.

Finally, the Carol Channing and Loretta Young picture is fantastic. Two of my favorites. I've always loved CC but Loretta is one of my new-found faves as I very slowly (and I do mean, "slowly") approach middle age. ;-) I'm working my way through her body of work and she is pretty spectacular.