Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wishing You the Very Best VD!

No, silly, not venereal disease!  Valentine's Day.  I thought maybe I'd exhausted the supply of campy, Valentine-themed publicity photos in my post about this time last year, but I managed to scrape up a few more.  In cases where I know the subject, I've noted it above the picture.  A few of them, like the lass shown here, are people I do not know...  A very happy Valentine's Day to you all!

We all know Miss Marliyn Monroe, of course:
Sultry Miss Yvonne de Carlo:
I'm afraid I don't know this former starlet:
Nor can I name this curvy, young lady:
This is Martha Vickers:
Here we see the lovely Joan Leslie:
An early shot of Jean Arthur:
Teen songbird and popular actress Deanna Durbin:
The indefatigable Miss Debbie Reynolds:
Another young lady I can't identify:
And the last of my "unknowns":
Miss Rita Hayworth near the dawn of her acting career:
Make Room for Daddy's Rusty Hamer, who has broken into his chocolates already!:
Wednesday and Pugsley Addams (Lisa Loring and Ken Weatherwax) of The Addams Family:
Hee Haw's Barbi Benton and Junior Samples:
Two Harts, Jonathan and Jennifer (Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers) of Hart to Hart:
Brenda and Dylan (Shannon Doherty and Luke Perry) of Beverly Hills 90210:
Sarah Paulson (lately of American Horror Story: Asylum) seems to have plenty of candy hearts to go around:
And finally Karen Steele offers up the same sentiment I extend to all my Underworld friends and visitors!:

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NotFelixUnger said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I call dibs on Clint Walker [circa 1960] as my valentine this year.