Monday, November 26, 2012

A Message in a Bottle from The Underworld

Hello, my devoted followers.  Did you think I had forsaken you lately?  This month is an all-time low when it comes to the frequency of posting!  I assure you I am still in the blogging game, I've just been caught up in a tidal wave of activity, some good and some bad.

Not only did the Thanksgiving holiday bring a busy four-day weekend of family commitments, but I've been attending many theatrical productions (one of which required me to write a nine-page critique!), several parties and have begun my seasonal part-time job at night.  Then at work I was flooded with all kinds of extra duties because of some unscheduled absences.  If all this wasn't enough, I've also had a next-door neighbor die, the husband of a co-worker die, the child of my best friend in the hospital near death and the wife of another good friend leave him for one of his "frenemies."  So there's been plenty of hand-holding and so on.  Peyton Place was never this full of tragedy and angst!

But I will be back ASAP with more Underworld merriment, I promise!


Michael O'Sullivan said...
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Michael O'Sullivan said...

Dear Poseidon, we love you dearly and will wait for things to quieten down for you. What a lot of drama you have had and all that work. I feel for you ....
I am now off to view MAGIC MIKE with those "extended dance sequences" - as the dvd just arrived today.

Best wishes.

A said...

Hi Poseidon:

The Morning After just came on the radio and I had to check your site.

Whoa, what a life you have going on! Sorry for all your difficulties.

We do miss you, and wish you well. Take care.

dcolp said...

I am sorry to hear about the bad things that are going on. I am praying for your best friend's child to recover. Please keep us posted. At least you have some good activities in your life now too.

NotFelixUnger said...

Gosh, and here I was thinking you were off on a Broadway tour rubbing elbows (and only elbows) with gorgeous male celebrities wearing very tight fitting jeans.

To tell the truth I've had months (and whole years) like that. Stay strong. Take comfort knowing that this only happens to really good hearted and kind people. No one else would have the responsibilities or the emotional burden thrust upon them!

If it is not too un-PC to say, I will pray for you and your friends. I've been doing a lot of that lately -praying. I'm into the "Touched by an Angel" marathon I'm having in my house pre-Christmas and my heart doth overflow. (My heart will return to slightly bitchy come January though, no need to fear.)

Big hugs to you from Hollywood Beach, Florida.

artist george said...

I love your posts . Hurry back soon

Poseidon3 said...

Thank you so, so much for all your kind comments and thoughts aimed towards me! I appreciate it very much.

My best friend's daughter is now out of the hospital and expected to recover completely in time and other areas of my life and those close to me are lightening up some, though work today was insane I must say!

Nevertheless, I have cranked out a post that will go up momentarily! After nine posts in October (!), it was a surprise to find myself so behind in November. Thanks for your patience and continued attention!