Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm Feeling Really Crabbe-y Again!

I did a brief photo tribute to that athlete extraordinaire and movie serial hero Buster Crabbe quite a while ago, but, like many of my earliest subjects here, he didn't get quite the amount of pictorial exposure I feel that he deserves. I've decided to pay him another round of photographical tribute. Thankfully, so many photographers felt the need to capture his impressive characteristics on film. An exceedingly rare color shot is here at right.

When you read this (if you read it between April 21st and April 23rd!), I will be deep in The Great Smoky Mountains with my best friend. Thus, I will be a tad behind in my posting duties here, so I'm putting up this set of pictures of the delicious Mr. Crabbe in order to hold my visitors over until I return.

The hunky, golden Olympian-turned-actor was one beautiful specimen, in and out of clothes. He wore them well, but naturally we prefer him as au naturel as possible! Here, you will find a variety of poses from his early studio portraits to his turn as Tarzan (in which he was charming and showed plenty of lower butt cheek - I've included a rear shot as proof!) to his work as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. When he made the later serial King of the Congo in 1952, he was forty-four and still in great shape, especially for that time. In the sepia-toned shot of him in the dark sweater and white slacks, I think we may be seeing a slight VPL in front. And just who in their right mind wouldn't want to be taught to swim by him, as seen in the photos in which he is demonstrating the strokes while on his belly??

Since I won't be here to perfect the layout, most of this is just a linear photo line-up. You might enjoy flipping through these in the photo viewer, but I must tell you that some of them enlarge significantly and beautifully in a new window. He may be unfamiliar to some of you, but I adore Larry "Buster" Crabbe and hope you like him, too!


NotFelixUnger said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Why I have never paid more attention to this man I will never know.

On my way to DVD movie section again!

Donna Lethal said...


Michael O'Sullivan said...

hi Poseidon

seems the only way I can contact you is to leave a message here ... I too have been experimenting with the new format - I actually like my new "look", as it makes the blog all fresh and new for me, it was looking rather tired and dull. BUT I cannot now place 2 photos side by side, unless they are very small - so that aspect takes getting used to and trying to work around. So its learning how to move the pictures (you can now only do left or right or centre), so good luck with that !

roijoyeux said...

Hi Poseidon !!! ... I am a big fan of Buster Crabbe ever since I saw a picture of him as Kaspa the lion man on the Internet a few years ago !! I bought the DVD of that (had to find) movie and a Buster DVD set with episodes of Tarzan, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers and other movies featuring Buster, and I have lots of pictures of him on my computer but yours are really great because they are gorgeous and I never saw most of them or only as small pictures !! Thanks a lot Poseidon your blog is GREAT !!! ... for this and of course many other reasons !!!

roijoyeux said...

(you can see several posts about Buster on my blog)

Poseidon3 said...

Roijoyeux, thank you for your comments and for leading me to your Buster-filled site! He was such a looker... I enjoyed looking through your many screencaps and photos of him! Best wishes.