Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have Yourself a "Mary" Little Christmas...

Christmas is nearly upon us and that means I will be away from The Underworld for just a bit. Things are still chugging along furiously as I finish up the baking, wrapping and, more importantly, partying! My initial thought for this post was to throw out a bunch of gay men ("Mary!"), but then I decided to run with a different theme. There are a lot of Marys (the kind actually named that!) in the TV, movie, music and other celebrity world and I probably forgot some, but this is a healthy collection! See how many you know and if there are some you don't but who seem intriguing to you, look 'em up! I'm sure they would love to be excavated and thought about once more (though even I don't necessarily adore every single one of these gals myself! I just try to be a completist as much as possible...)

1 comment:

Rob said...

Mary Christmas to you too, Poseidon!
When I saw that headline, I had visions of Jaquee from 227 pouting "Oh Maaarrreee"!