Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stars of Wonder, Stars of Night...

Don't worry, my loves, I'm working on another "real" post in my typical style that ought to be ready on Monday or Tuesday. However, in the mean time and still in line with my dedication to Hollywood stars of yesterday and the day before, I thought it might be fun to share with you some shots of The Underworld Christmas tree.

As you surely have guessed by now, we worship, above all, the films, TV shows and personalities of show business past. So, naturally, Poseidon's tree has everything to do with that and less to do with the true meaning of Christmas! Ha ha!

At the very top, instead of a star or an angel, is what is considered the very top honor in the cinema. At the bottom is a tribute to the roots of the film capital and a notable piece of its terrain. In between are many, many representations of movie stars, TV stars, animated characters and anyone I cold find who's associated with this arena. All, as you can guess, are arranged from top to bottom according to where they rank in the annals of history and/or with myself! Thus, cartoon characters tend to lean to the bottom while James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and the other household names hold court at the top. I don't allow repeats, so there is but one Marilyn, one Scarlett, one Lucy, one Elvis and so on, even though there are many ornaments out there of these people.

I'm still waiting (impatiently and improbably) for ornaments of Bette, Joan and Lana and haven't yet given up hope for an open armed, twirling Maria Von Trapp. I do hope everyone found a great way to spend the holiday. Back at ya soon!

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normadesmond said...


i may have a crawford ornament i made years ago. hmm, i should try & find it....if it exists, you could surely have it.