Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter (and Other!) Bonnets

Yes, it's another photo-oriented post. I am besieged with rehearsal and preparations for my latest (and last for a long while!) show, which opens May 1st. I still have many fun things in the chute, but for the moment I give you these shots of various famous ladies in hats. We visited this subject once before, but I've since amassed another collection in the two years since that. My own favorites are the HUGE, floppy ones. Which do you prefer? Have a great holiday and I'll be back asap!
Stay with us, Emma. The shoot is almost over!
I thought this was a stunning portrait of Carole.
My reason for living...
If one is going by this shot, Miss M. was NOT a hat person!
Ahhh... Now we're talking!
??? A lost costume from Death on the Nile?
This is proof that few prime-time soap divas could wear hats as well as Joan "Alexis" Collins of Dynasty. Fortunately, Ms. Gray was rarely placed in one on Dallas
Hats off to all of you, ladies!