Sunday, November 12, 2017

The "Password" is...

...well, I'll let you see for yourself. Today's photo-essay focuses on ozone layer depletion from 1962-1965! The ladies featured here today were into some pretty serious aerosol hairspray usage and, for better or for worse, we love and adore them one and all. A few of them had 'dos that begged a glance from a secondary angle, so we've obliged accordingly. We thoroughly enjoy the ever-classy and tasteful Password, which attracted many great stars to it, and encourage you to seek out any favorites you might spot below on Thank you to one of our dearest Poseidon's Underworld friends, B.L., for helping to inspire this one!
The wondrously indefatigable Miss Betty White!
An expert Password player, Miss Carol Burnett
Gorgeous Dina Merrill
Starlet at the time, Jane Fonda
A bewigged (and pregnant with her second child) Miss Joan Collins.
Chic Janet Leigh
Fabulous Nanette Fabray
The inimitable Natalie Schafer
Smooth songbird Rosemary Clooney
Always darling Arlene Francis, strangely minus her signature heart necklace.
The extraordinary Miss Kitty Carlisle
Broadway sensation Carol Lawrence
Stage star Gretchen Wyler
Powerfully-voiced singer Eydie Gorme
Mrs. Television, Lucille Ball
Ball's perfectly coordinated pal, Vivian Vance
Two time Oscar-winner Olivia de Havilland
Oscar-winning sister of de Havilland, Joan Fontaine
Let's take another glance at that sensational swoop!
Another Academy Award winner, Ginger Rogers
Miss Angie Dickinson
Songstress Connie Francis
Florence Henderson
Broadway's Dolly Levi, Miss Carol Channing
Yes, we did need to see this concoction from another viewpoint!
Regally lovely Sally Ann Howes
Dynamic Diahann Carroll
Miss Eva Gabor
Bet ya didn't know she was hiding a not-so-little bow back there!
Carroll Baker in an uncharacteristic up 'do
Perky Paula Prentiss
Abby Dalton
Raven-haired Elizabeth Ashley
Believe it or not, Inga Swenson
Carol Lynley, with fuller hair than often seen
Barbara Rush, either wearing a fur hat or it's wearing her!
Legendary Lena Horne
Vibrant Polly Bergen
Edie Adams, going through half a can a day!
This one needed another look, too.
Miss Joan Crawford during her silver-dusted period
Marjorie Lord, helping to explain how daughter Anne Archer went off the rails
And now, the lady who kicked off this whole thing for me, Monique Van Vooren!
This is dangerously close, might outdo even, the hairstyle that Sharron Kimberly sported in Peter Sellers' The Party to great comic effect.
But she's not done! This other appearance is even greater as far as I'm concerned.
A 'do like this is not for the faint of heart. I suspect she wound up with neck muscles like those guys who can tow a semi truck with their teeth!
Until next time, keep your chin up, darlings!


VictorG said...

Thank you, Poseidon, for reminding us that stars had hair-dos then! Glorious, especially Ms. Van Vooren. Loves me some big swoopy up-dos!

normadesmond said...

This must deserve The Good Backcombing Seal of Approval!

Gingerguy said...

Simply divine. There actually was hairspray named "Ozone". My favorite brand (which you could still see in stores in the 80's) was "Sybarite-for lovers of luxury".
All of these ladies look like they put a little work into it, but Dina Merrill stands out for her iconic Palm Beach hairdo for the ages, and Diahann Carroll is just gorgeous.
Love Kitty's ostrich feathers. I have never seen Carol Lawrence with short hair, I remember her mostly for International flavor coffee commercials.
In the battle for best hair between Joan and Olivia, I would say Joan wins. It's the same asymmetric bouffant, but hers looks a little smoother.
I didn't recognize Sally Ann Howe, she is so beautiful here. I know her as much blonder in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
Monique Van Vooren is fabulous. When I first moved to NY people would tell me they saw her out and about at the theater. I also heard that Christopher Walken was a chorus boy hoofer in her cabaret act. Love this one Poseidon!

Dave in Alamitos Beach said...

Okay, I have a serious question here. How much of this is any given person's real hair? I mean I can tell that the really towering curls are fake, but what about more "diminutive" dos?

Lucy, Viv, the de Havilland sisters look real to me. But Polly Bergen, Connie Francis? What do you think?

Poseidon3 said...

Hello, y'all, and thanks for taking the hairdo tour and for commenting!

Victor, I also cannot get enough of big, swoopy, updos. If you haven't already, take a look at this older post of mine from two years ago:

Or this one from almost five years ago! --

You're sure to enjoy those. One of them - long since forgotten by me - even had Miss Van Vooren during one of the "Password" appearances from this post.

Norma, you're welcome to link this at the Hair Hall of Fame if you think anyone there might like it! Thanks.

Gingerguy, I was (and am) brand-loyal. I'm an Unscented Super Extra Hold Unscented Aqua Net user (and abuser.) I could swear at one point in the '80s or '90s the words "Hard to Hold" were also in that description, but I may be dreaming it. All I know is that from 1985 to 2015 I didn't like my hair to move a millimeter after it was the way I wanted it! LOL I've since gone with a slickered down style, but I still hose it into place. I agree with you that Joan Fontaine's 'do wins over Olivia's this round. And I was really struck by the style that Sally Ann had on this installment. Yes, she was usually blonder.

Dave, I can't really say for certain. I do think that Vivian, Joan, Olivia and even Polly are sporting their own locks. I think Lucy's looks like it could be hers, but I'm betting it's just a really good wig by this time (@1964 or so.) So many times there are additions to the hair, artfully tucked in for volume, but then also so many gals went through the agonizing trials of large rollers, endless teasing and spraying, etc... to achieve the bouffant look. Many would sleep with hairnets or bonnets on to keep it going for more than just a day at a time. I sort of suspect that Connie's is real, huge as it is, for this reason. Likewise Carol Lawrence.

AC said...

Vivian Vance looks like a sadder version of Margo Channing...:(

Dave in Alamitos Beach said...

Thanks for the reply! Oh, and they're still using "hard to hold" even today.

The Cool Cookie said...

My mother wore that Diahann Carroll until her last hair cut. Longest run in American hair fashion in the middle west.

Gregory Moore said...

Excellent caps from that legendary show. Great to revisit some fabulous dames.Fabulous, as always, Poseidon!

Poseidon3 said...

Thanks much, guys. Glad that you got a kick out of this series of pics. :-)