Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today, August 24th is the sixth birthday of Poseidon's Underworld. Hard to believe it's been toddling along all that time. Looking back at that very first post, I do think I've stuck to my goals with it pretty closely, though the style of the posts has morphed here and there over time.

Like young Miss Temple, we're ever-evolving and (hopefully) growing with each passing year.
Shirley Temple
Sometimes we're sexy,
Brigitte Bardot
Sometimes we're scary,
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark & friend.
Sometimes we could use a good, stiff drink!
Betty Ford
Sometimes we think this birthday will be the last.
Marilyn Monroe on what would be her last birthday.
Shirley Temple as a teen.
We're ever-reluctant to give up, however. A couple of weeks ago, I was sure that my new work computer system and monitor had sounded the death knell of the site, but I've managed to arrange my screen to remain mostly hidden for the time being! (And now I'm also a contortionist!  LOL)

So for now we're still plugging along, slow but steady. We're getting rather close to the site's 500th post! I hope to make it a good one. Just know that if the days between posts stretch rather far, it's only because I haven't been able to finish one, not that I haven't wanted to. THANK YOU so much to all my readers, regular and otherwise, who have supported this blog with your attention and comments. It's still ad-free, which is how I hope it will always be, though I could probably rake in some serious dough if I changed it. Till next time, Poseidon!


roberta steve said...

Poseidon, while we're celebrating the birthday of your blog (which we love!), wasn't it also recently you own birthday too? I seem to recall you once wrote that your birthday was in August (the 19th I think). If so, happy birthday to YOU. And thank you for all the hilarity, joy, nostalgia and insight you bring us!

joel65913 said...

Happy Site Birthday Poseidon!!! I'm always delighted to drop by and find a new post, I've worked my way through most but not all of the older ones, and hope that they keep coming for many a year. I'm always appreciative of all the work you put into them and how you find such endlessly fascinating topics.

As a small aside a friend of mine is having her baby today so now the two will be linked forever in my mind. I'll suggest she name him Poseidon...but I wouldn't hold out too much hope of a favorable reply!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy belated birthday!

rico said...

Congratulations on keeping this great blog going! I'd read it ads or no ads!
Cheers, and thank you...

Marc Harshbarger said...

Happy birthday to a groovy blog!

Scooter said...

Congrats on the anniversary! Unfortunately, wood is the traditional gift for the fifth. Btw, how long is five in blog years?

Poseidon3 said...

Roberta, you are a very devoted diver! Yes, my birthday was indeed August 19th. I turned 48 (kill me now.) I thought about mentioning it in the post, but didn't. I spent the day at a work convention, working from 7:30am to 9:30pm, but that's okay because not only did I get overtime pay and mileage to and from, but I was enlisted to sing a couple of songs the day before to kick the convention off. I had agreed to tell a few quick, funny anecdotes about my company and sing two songs in exchange for a $100 chip (we were at a casino resort.) After my ten-minute segment, the manager in charge of paying me handed me $200 cash! I started to say something and he said, "No. You were too good to get just a hundred..." So it was a nice birthday treat in all. Thank you!

Joel, I enjoy your thorough, insightful comments as well! You never skimp on sharing your reactions and I appreciate that considering how much time I invest in this thing! When I set out to do this blog, my biggest requirement of all was to make it the sort of place that I would want to visit myself (never dreaming that anyone else would share my point of view!) and I must confess that every once in a while I go back to old posts that I've since forgotten writing and enjoy the pictures and info all over again. I just love the old stars, movies and shows.

I appreciate all of you and your kind words and wishes! Your appreciation makes it all worthwhile.

If anyone wants to hear one of the songs I sang at the casino, here's a link to a recording I did a couple of years ago. Many of you may have already heard it, but in case not, here it is!

Gingerguy said...

Wow, 6 years. One of my biggest thrills was learning about this site from a friend. I spent days reading all the old posts-talk about a rabbit hole. It was bittersweet when I had read them all and now wait eagerly for the new ones. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you for being a big freak about this stuff just like me. And 48 is a baby, I was 50 this year and then found out you feel the same as you always did....really,really gay :).

Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday Poseidon, and many happy returns from a very big fan !!

Canuckdaddy said...

I wish you many happy returns. Keep up the very much appreciated blog.

SonofaBuck said...

Happy birthday from a devoted reader, rare commenter, and enormously appreciative pop culture junkie who finds great information, delifgt, and comfort from each post. Sincere thanks for all you do!

Poseidon3 said...

Thanks, Gingerguy! freak is a good word for my obsession with all things campy, hunky, tacky and occasionally (accidentally) good! LOL

Thanks, also, to the readers who have emerged from the misty shadows to wish me a happy birthday/anniversary! ;-) I appreciate your gestures more than you know. If the office spares me, I'll have a (comparatively) brief post today that I hope will be interesting.

Pantheon Zeus said...

Long may you rule the deep seas of nostalgic posts are always a great read and so informative. happy 48th, I am 3 mos from that myself!

Paul in Saint Paul said...

If you want the money, get the ads! They'd cheapen the look of the site, but I doubt that you'd lose your audience.

Good luck and happy birthday!

Poseidon3 said...

So of course I wasn't just busy on Friday at work, I was slam-dunked to the ground and unable to come up for air until a half-hour past my usual quittin' time... I'm still working on the post and will have it ready Monday, if not sooner. Thank you Pantheon and Paul, for your supportive compliments!

Panalex said...

Happy birthday both to you and the Underworld! May you live to be a hundred, as we say in our part of the world. Once again thanks for making time out of your impossible work schedule to share some of your obsessions with us insatiable devourers!

Poseidon3 said...

Panalex, always a pleasure to see you. Thanks!

Gingerguy, Gaynor's "A Star is Born" (as well as Constance Bennett's remake, "What Price Hollywood") will be on TCM (I think!) later tonight or early tomorrow! I stumbled upon them while looking at the on-screen guide late last night.