Monday, August 19, 2013

Birthday Packages

Today is August 19th and it happens to be the birthday of your webmaster Poseidon, Ruler of The Underworld.  It's going to be yet another crazy week with various get-togethers, a mountain of work and a two-day convention at a casino/resort about an hour away from home.  But before I dive into all that, I'm going to open up some of my birthday presents for you.  These packages are from famous or almost famous people, so I think you will enjoy them!  (Some packages are smaller than others, but we have never been discriminating here.  It's the thought that counts!)

My recent post about TV series buddies yielded a few shots appropriate for this entry.  Here, we have Miami Vice's Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas posing for a publicity photo, with Johnson's "johnson" a focal point.
Two other shots of Johnson are less-pronounced thanks to the lighting, but in case we have some taint aficionados out there...  Ha!
And many of you enjoyed seeing Riptide's Joe Penny and Perry King.  Penny for your thoughts on Joe's package here...
Here we see King springing into action.
The Dukes of Hazzard's John Schneider could often be counted on for a revealing pair of blue jeans.
His allofasudden replacement Byron Cherry was no slouch, either, but "dressed" on the opposite side of the seam.
During an episode of CHiPs, Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada went skateboarding (in some snug-fitting jeans.)
Star Trek's William Shatner makes an impression in this shot (though perhaps not on Nichelle Nichols!)
Moving on to other TV programs, Planet Earth (1974) was a failed series pilot from Gene Roddenberry that would have starred John Saxon as a man in a post-apocalyptic world having to take on not only mutants, but enslaving Amazon-like women.
In this shot, we see a trio of guys from the short-lived CBS series The Fitzpatricks (1977-1978.)  Proud papa Bert Kramer is flanked by sons Clark Brandon and Jimmy McNichol.  (Jimmy seems to be packing almost as much or more as his little sister Kristy!  Okay... that was wrong on several levels.)
I'm not exactly sure what we may or may not be seeing in this photo of Carl Betz (along with Ruth McDevitt, Vera Miles and a young Jeff Bridges) from the 1971 TV movie In Search of America but he's popular enough among various web-surfers to include here today!
Carl is in this next photo, too, but the bulge is courtesy of his costar James Wainright in the 1974 cult classic telefilm Killdozer.
Perhaps not a bulge or even a prominent package here, but I like Robert Forster enough in this picture (heralding the short-lived 1974 series of his, Nakia) to include him today.
Fans of the long-running sitcom Taxi (1978 - 1983) may fondly remember Tony Danza...
Danza went on to the even longer running show Who's the Boss (1984 - 1992) granting him a lengthy, barely interrupted stay on TV.
The 1980 TV-movie The Babysitter focused on Stephanie Zimbalist making life hell for William Shatner and Patty Duke (and their young daughter Quinn Cummings), but there was also her pretty, blonde boyfriend David Wallace.
As the movie is set around a lake, he was spotted in some abbreviated white shorts...
...but it was his jeans that seemed to tell a bigger tale.
There was really no such thing as loose jeans in the late-'70s and early -'80s.
1984 brought the hooty spectacle The Last Days of Pompeii, a lengthy, all-star miniseries.  In my post on the divine Nicholas Clay, I provided some shots of him practicing discus.  Here, his pal Duncan Regehr stops by for some Greco-Roman wrestling...
As they sprawl and roll around, Regehr's loincloth is flipped up... viewers a quick glimpse of his crotch.
In The Underworld, we worship Ted McGinley and this has become a new favorite picture of him!
Let's saddle up now for a couple of TV and movie cowpokes.  This is John Russell of Lawman.  You might have to do an Auntie Mame and open a new window to see this full size.
Laramie's John Smith ought to show up in any size picture!
The Big Valley's Peter Breck had a tendency towards moderate VPL, as shown here... outright anatomy lessons as seen in these shots.
Sometimes his appearances on the show could be quite eye-popping!
Ricky Nelson (of Rio Bravo and other movies) shows us his guns...
Rory Calhoun starred in The Texan as well as several western movies.
Here, we see Rory as a swashbuckler (with more than one sword)...
...and here he is ready for an afternoon of skating.
Let's take a look at some of Rory's fellow performers, starting with former physique model turned actor Vince Edwards, best known as Ben Casey.
Scott Brady enjoys a thoughtful moment out in the yard.
Screen legend Tyrone Power cools off during a presumably warm California afternoon.
Humpy George Nader seems to have a lot going on here, and I'm not referring to the large array of books!
Pat Boone takes a break against a nearby tree.
Continuing the randomness, a few shots from movies...  James Bond Roger Moore in a snugly tailored suit.
Actor-turned voiceover specialist Robert Corff from 1970's Roger Corman flick Gas-s-s-s.

Helmut Berger commanding Burt Lancaster's attention in 1974's Conversation Piece.
No, this isn't campy at all!  Barry Bostwick in 1982's Megaforce.
A faithful reader of this blog e-mailed me about the actor John Stockwell and his bulging performance in Christine (1983), the Stephen King thriller about a possessed car.
I have yet to see this movie, but will have to check it out the next time I have the opportunity!
1984's Lovelines, one of countless crass and idiotic teen sex comedies, featured Don Michael Paul as a student about to seduce two female students in the principal's office.
He's sporting a pretty flimsy pair of briefs as he encourages the girls to join him.
Just as they are close to getting naked....
...they are spotted through the window by the (female) principal and he pretends that there was a fire that he had to try to put out with his clothes...  Ah, the '80s...
Now a couple somewhat more contemporary pictures.  Lean Jeff Bridges along the shoreline.
Prince (or whatever he's going by these days) leaves an impression fans in the front row of his concert isn't likely to forget.
Confident Matthew McConaughey, posing for a portrait.
Mario Lopez pausing during a jog along the beach.
One of the most talked about cinema bulges among classic film fans is that of Forrest Tucker in Auntie Mame (1958.)
As he's walking Rosalind Russell back from her eventful experience at the fox hunt, his trousers seem quite full of something!
Mr. Tucker was referenced by many Hollywood cohorts as being the big man on campus.  And he does sport a busy pair of breeches.
But on very close inspection, it looks as if he's got the world's biggest balls more than anything... look at this outline.  In any case, he's been the subject of several impressed recollections.
Our last package of the day belongs to the once-heralded child star Brandon De Wilde (of Shane in 1953, among other things) who was attempting to continue a promising adult career before his terribly unfortunate accident in 1974 in which he was killed while driving a camper.  He was thirty.  Sorry to end on such a downer, but I usually try to save the best for last and some of you might feel this is the one!


Knuckles Girlyskirt said...

I always thought John Saxon was so sexy...but he's not at his best in that one piece outer-space jumpsuit. Still, it's far better than the one poor Barry Bostwick is wearing!!!

Best wishes for your birthday

NotFelixUnger said...

Happy Birthday! If you check your email you will see I remembered!

Now back to eyeing the hunks in the post again, but Vince Edwards is definitely my favorite.

BloggerJoe said...

Happy Birthday. I'm only a week behind you!

Mark said...

Hope you have a Great Birthday

joel65913 said...

First off Happy Birthday, if a bit late. Hope it was great!

As always a terrific post with some of my favorites included. I remember Planet Earth, it was rather hokey but aside from the very sexy Mr. Saxon, stripped to the waist as often as the script could manage it, the movie also had the great Diana Muldaur in the cast. I had quite a thing for Robert Forster as well but prefer him in Banyon, a series I loved everything about: the time period, the marvelous Joan Blondell and of course Forster in the lead and was sorry when it didn't last more than a handful of episodes.

Thombeau said...

Belated Birthday Blessings to thee!

John Gray said...

You saved the best till last

Ken Anderson said...

Belated birthday greetings! ...And thanks for giving US the packages. If you ever figure out a way for me to unwrap them on my computer, I'll be forever in your debt!

angelman66 said...

Happy birthday indeed, and WE get the presents...don't know which package to open first...
Many happy returns, Poseidon!

Poseidon3 said...

Hello my faithful friends and much thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a wild day trying to get all my work done while also trying to get the post up. I had lost about 30 or so good bulge pics during the burglary so after work, I still had some things to work on and add, but my new laptop was acting weird, pushing me to my limit!! But anyway... Tuesday and Wednesday I was out of town at a convention and then yesterday had a ridiculous day of work waiting for me. I'm going to try to do something for tomorrow if I can, because it is the 4th anniversary of Poseidon's Underworld! Thanks so much for your time and attention to this site and your comments, which I always read and appreciate very much. I'll be back soon with more fun!

Narciso Duran said...

Happy Birthday Poseidon, and you indirectly gave us the birthday gift -- you spared as a crotch shot of Milton Berle, who was rumored, well you know, ahem.

TJB said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!