Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is a date I know I'll never see again in my lifetime.  12/12/12!  To mark the occasion, I'm going to offer up 12 of my favorite hunks from The Underworld, dressed in as little as I can manage.  I'm even going to have this post released at 12:12pm EST on 12/12/12!  I hope I don't explode something.  Don't forget to right-click and open your favorites in a new tab or window to get the full sized splendor!  In no strict order, let's count 'em down!  (Everyone except #8 has his own little tribute here which can be reached by clicking his name.)

12Errol Flynn
10Jeffrey Hunter
9Buster Crabbe (and more!)
8.  Paul Newman
7Franco Nero
6Robert Conrad
5Lex Barker
4Guy Madison (and some more!)
3Van Williams
2Hugh O'Brian
1Clint Walker (and more of the top three!)
And I couldn't help but toss in this last shot of two of our gents having some fun at the gym.
If you've got any sense, you'll turn this pattern below into wrapping paper for your closest freinds' holiday gifts!  ha!  I'll be back soon with more musings and mutterings.


NotFelixUnger said...

Now that's a Hanukkah and Christmas present!

I've never understood the Paul Newman thing. I prefer Robert Redford myself.

So, I'll see your 12 and offer up my own 12 in order. Notice some of the names have been switched around and other replaced.

The Twelve Hunks o' Christmas and one extra for good measure...

13. Joe Zaso
12. Franco Nero
11. Robert Redford
10. Hugh O'Brian
9. Robert Conrad
8. Lee Majors
7. Ryan O'Neil
6. Scott Caan
5. Aldo Ray
4. Rock Hudson
3. Gordon Thomson
2. Gil Gerard
1. Clint Walker

Thanks for the eye candy and Happy Holidays!

Pantheon Zeus said...

Thanks for a terrific entertaining blog

Happy 12/12 Connie Francis's 74th bday too

Happy 2013

Ana Maria said...

Jeffrey Hunter. Jeffrey Hunter. Jeffrey Hunter.

But, Dear Mr. Poseidon, you should have choosen a colour photography, because Jeffrey Hunter simply had the most beautiful eyes a man ever had in this world and " a look that would make a person sell his grandmother to cannibals in order to live next door to him" (as you wrote so wisely).

Poseidon3 said...

Ana Maria, that quote cracks me up! But, yes, I did say it (and meant it! ha!) I wanted to show some chest in this post, so that's why no eyes for Jeffrey, but anyone clicking on his name is taken to a post with several stunning shots of them. ;-)

Zeus, thanks as always for reading!

NotFelix, as you're no doubt aware, I like and have featured pictures of many of your substitutions here. Lee Majors was thisclose to making my list. As for Paul Newman, I'm a blue eyes lover and he's one of the famed ones on that count. His slim, smooth physique is not my regular taste, but I do love that Roman-esque profile...

NotFelixUnger said...

Yep! I would love a post on Aldo Ray one day. "The Marrying Kind" is still in my top 20 movies after all these years of being a classic film buff. There's a scene in the movie where he sits on the edge of the bed and he realizes the marriage with "Florrie" [Judy Holliday] is over. That scene: the face, the body, the legs, the chest, grrr, pure blue-collar-working-man-heaven.

A little trivia: That movies was written by Ruth Gordon. I love the fact that she made "Florrie" as tough if not tougher than Aldo Ray's "Chet." War of the Roses is the only movie I can think of that deals with marriage in a slightly similar vein, though the endings are totally different.

Thanks again. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

Poseidon3 said...

I have The Marrying Kind on DVD and enjoyed watching it very much! It's been a while. I should check it out again. It's the only thing I've ever seen Judy Holliday in if you can believe it. I love the little Good Morning song she and the kids sing. Such a sweet movie and very touching. (I have to declare that I LOATHED every moment of War of the Roses, though!) Thanks!

linda christensen said...

Lee Majors all the way