Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Underworld Weather Bulletin

Fall may very well be upon us, but I'm here to tell you that we're in for a heat wave.  Rarely do I put forth a post this brief and to the point, but I feel compelled to for reasons you will witness in a moment.

If you've been coming here for a long time, you know that I adore 1950s actor Clint Walker.  I consider him to be, for all intents and purposes, the perfect man... the kind I would design myself if given the materials.  Long held dear by fans of hairy torsos for his colossal chest o'death, he was also tall (6' 6"), with piercing blue eyes, shiny dark hair and a low, warm voice that could melt anyone into a puddle of jelly.
He never set the world on fire with his acting (and was never nominated for any type of major award), but he was so amiable, accessible and natural that he won over legions of fans during the run of his western series Cheyenne (1955 - 1962) and his Warner Brothers movies of the mid-'50s and others from the '60s.  (I can't recommend 1958's Fort Dobbs, 1961's Gold of the Seven Saints, 1966's Night of the Grizzly or 1969's The Great Bank Robbery enough for examples of his physique.) Had Cheyenne been in color, it would be heralded around the world for the astonishing glimpses it provided of its god-like leading man.  As it stands, it's still an eye-opening testament to his staggering beauty.
His face isn't smooth and pretty (at least not when his career was at its peak), but it's strong and manly. 
He's like a wondrous monument, a testament to (surprisingly gentle) masculinity.  (I know I'm biased!  I gush a lot here at The Underworld, but rarely as much as when Clint comes up.)
I've long felt that, even though there is plenty of photographic evidence out there of Walker's incredible handsomeness, he is best appreciated in action.  Some wonderful person out there in cyberspace has put together a montage of clips from Cheyenne in which Clint Walker is shirtless in every single one.  It may be one of the greatest ways you've ever spent three minutes!  The video quality is strong and he looks amazing in practically every frame.  So brace yourself for the Clint Walker heat wave! (I find this best with the music either low or off entirely and for God's sake X out of that "Ads By Google" pop-up.)


John Gray said...

my VERY first crush!!!!!!!!!!

normadesmond said...

sure, pull me in with porn!