Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pop Quiz: The Same Name Game

Today, we're trying something new in The Underworld. It's a little mind-bender, hopefully one that's fun for our visitors.

Below are fifteen photos containing one or more celebrities from not too long ago or back in the distant past. Using one part of each of their first or last names, you should be able to meld them together into the name of a currently famous movie star. For example, if I had a picture of Anthony Newley followed by Miriam Hopkins, the answer would be Anthony Hopkins. (The answers below are mostly stars a little younger than Mr. Hopkins.) Virtually all of the spelling is the same, too, though one is not. It's interesting to see how some of the match-ups result in another person's name. Obviously, this can't be done with a Charlize Theron or Javier Bardem! The components are reasonably common.

Though the celebs are in order based on where they fall in the correct name (i.e. - the first star shown is the for first name, the last star is the last name, etc..) the person in the clue may be there so that their last name equals the answer's first name or vice-versa. (Confused yet?!) You'll get the hang of it. Connoisseurs of celebritydom will slice through this like a warm knife through butter. Others may have a time of it. It depends on how good you are at recognizing stars' faces! I tried to make some of them very hard so that its not a total breeze for my diehard movie fans, but others ought to be very easy. Good luck, and be sure to report in with your progress! Answers are at the very bottom.


#1 Sarah Brightman + Jessica Walter + Eleanor Parker = Sarah Jessica Parker.

#2 Sharon Tate + Stone Phillips = Sharon Stone.

#3 Sandra Dee + JM J Bullock = Sandra Bullock.

#4 George Brent + Rosemary Clooney = George Clooney.

#5 Ryan O'Neal + Debbie Reynolds = Ryan Reynolds.

#6 Ellen Drew + Lionel Barrymore = Drew Barrymore.

#7 Dane Clark + Carole Cook = Dane Cook.

#8 Matthew Modine = Broderick Crawford = Matthew Broderick.

#9 Colin Clive + Peter Firth = Colin Firth.

#10 Anne Jackson + Henry Hathaway = Anne Hathaway.

#11 Michael Caine + Douglas Fairbanks Jr = Michael Douglas.

#12 Daniel Massey + Michael Craig = Daniel Craig.

#13 Joan Crawford + Marty Allen = Joan Allen.

#14 Matt Munro + Mark Damon = Matt Damon.

#15 Jody McCrea + Foster Brooks = Jodie Foster.

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vinniepop said...

Fun - and challenging! Thought I would breeze through it but once I got to the second half, with more obscure actors (well, to me at least) being used, my score sank like a rock. Had a good chuckle when I saw JM J...he seems so out of place amongst the others :)