Monday, August 24, 2009

In the Beginning....

This is the first post of my first blog. It's hard to even know what sort of things will show up here, but I hope that whatever blatherings bubble to the surface are interesting to those who stop by. One thing I would like to do is draw attention to those classic (and campy) stars of film & television who have brought so much joy and entertainment into my life, but who have often been shunted to the side in the wake of the electronic age.

My favorite types of films are 1970s disaster movies, glossy melodramas, whodunit mysteries and anything (primarily epic or musical) that was intended to be great, but is actually horribly bad! I love all-star casts.

As far as TV shows, I love classic game shows, programs that feature famous guest stars - the more the better - and prime time soaps of the '80s. I go nuts over any TV show whose opening credits show the faces of the guest stars and then either show or say their names.

I guess I just love screen stars. I find it comforting to see actors I know doing work in film and television and, for the most part, have never 100% warmed up to the new generation of "stars" who dominate entertainment now. That makes me a fuddy-duddy in some ways, but I do occasionally take in new programming and product. Most of it just doesn't hold much interest for me.

So if you enjoy looking at pictures of practically forgotten stars (and don't forget to click on them for larger-size viewing!) along with my own unique take on them as to what they've meant to me or how they've pleased me, I hope you'll drop by for an occasional peek!



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