Monday, November 23, 2015

Mini Pop Quiz: Who's That Guy?

This muscle-bound man is familiar to most moviegoers, though to a good many of you, his face is unfamiliar. Folks who hail from the same geographic area as he will more than likely find it simple, as will diehard fans of the film(s) he is associated with, but for a lot of us, this is something of a stumper.

The shots of this gentleman in a skimpy leather get-up are from a 1972 horror flick called Vampire Circus. The circus is filled with shape-shifting vampires, dangerous animals, diminutive clowns and others. The guy in question is the resident strongman and flunky. His role in the movie is wordless.

His chief function, apart from occasionally knocking someone around or disposing of a body, is to look strapping and hunky in his li'l outfit, which he does rather nicely.

As I say, practically all of us have seen him in a famous role on-screen. Thing is, we never saw his face (or, as in this case as well) heard his voice! His voice was provided by another actor, one who was renowned for its quality. The physically imposing character he enacted was really a force to be reckoned with. Does that sew it up for you?

Yes, this man is David Prowse, the body behind the black helmet and costume of one Darth Vader, chief villain of Star Wars (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983.) Vader's voice, of course, came courtesy of James Earl Jones.

Here is a shot of Prowse decked out in his suit, minus the iconic helmet:
To a generation of moviegoers, Darth Vader was the epitome of a powerful, threatening menace. While it's true that Jones (and the heavy respiration of the helmet) contributed enormously to the success of the part, Prowse's build and movements also aided in putting the part across.

Somewhere along the line, the once- amiable relationship between Prowse and series creator George Lucas (seen here with beard and glasses, along with director Irvin Kirschner) disintegrated into outright animosity. It stems from allegations that Prowse revealed key plot plots to the media about the sequels despite being sworn to secrecy and/or from the fact that in the third film, the character's unmasking was played by someone other than Prowse, a Shakespearean actor named Sebastian Shaw, whose less-than-three minute scene was shot in one day under a blanket of secrecy.

As a result, Prowse has been banned since 2010 from any official Star Wars conventions. Despite Jedi (a movie budgeted at $32 million) having taken in $475 million, Prowse has never been paid residuals due to what he calls "Hollywood accounting." I thought you might like to see the man behind the mask (he's seen here as a weightlifter in a 1968 episode of the British TV series The Champions.)

The 6'6" bodybuilder, who competed as a weightlifter prior to acting on TV and in movies, had slimmed down quite a bit by the time of Star Wars, as one can see from this portrait. Now eighty years of age, he has been stricken by several physical ailments from hip replacements to arthritis to prostate cancer, but is still well-regarded by many fans for his work in the legendary movie trilogy.


  1. Besides the killer body, he has a beautiful face and hair. Thanks for giving him his due!

  2. The relationship between David Prowse and George Lucas deteriorated, but David's name will be forever associated to one of the most iconic film roles and one of the most successful movie franchises.
    I don't understand how come David has never been paid residuals; leave it to Hollywood accounting to find a way.

  3. being male, one day you'll know; prostate, not prostrate. sorry.

  4. OMG... I wasn't even planning on specifying the cancer! I did it on auto-pilot, I think, and the hilarity is that my mother unceasingly calls it "prostrate cancer" and I seethe in frustration each time. LOL Thanksgiving is coming up and I know I'll have to deal with her, so I believe her aura seeped in. Fixing it now.

  5. Wow what a babe. As I was reading before the reveal, I figured it was "Star Wars" but that he was probably Chewbacca. I love all the pictures but the wrestling singlet is the winner. He actually wouldn't have looked out of place in "Berzerk" in the circus gear. Sad story about Lucas but you just gave him a whole new fan base.

  6. Gingerguy, GREAT idea about "Berserk!" Joan would have had fun with that around. ;-)

  7. As I've only ever seen the first Star Wars, I've heard the name David Prowse over the years, but I'd never seen him until now! Leave it to you to unearth facts about his tiff with Lucas and Co, photos from his past (who knew what was behind all that costuming?) and a current update! Terrific work all around, Poseidon!

  8. Thank you, Ken! I'm glad you enjoyed this. I was a "Star Wars" kid, about ten or so when it came out. I liked the first one plenty, but "The Empire Strikes Back" easily became my favorite. Unless you despise the whole thing, you ought to give it a try sometime! I found the third one less than gratifying, but cannot deny I got a little choked up during the trailer for this latest one, seeing Harrison and Carrie back in their old guises. Still not sure when or if I'll see it, though.

  9. As a kid growing up in the UK Dave Prowse was famous as The Green Cross Code Man, star of some government-funded public information films they showed on tv and at the cinema about how to cross the road safely... He made quite an impression on me! There's a link here:

    and here:

    I don't think that's his real voice...

  10. Prowse was in just about every British movie or tv show back in the 70s when they needed a beefy guy. He played a minotaur in a Jon Pertwee episode of Doctor Who and displays his bare backside in the Up Pompeii movie and it's sequel, Up the Chastity Belt.


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